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Specialty Polymers and Services

SP&S supplies some of the leading specialty materials used in the aerospace, automotive and electronic industries. - specialty materials supplier

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Packaging - Link Packaging : link (PDF)
Abbreviations - Common Abbreviations For Polymers And Plastics - Technical Abbreviations : Common Abbreviations for Polymers and Plastics (PDF)
Primers - Processing & Troubleshooting Guide For Polyurethane Adhesive, Coatings And Casting Compounds - Technical Primers : Processing & Troubleshooting Guide for Polyurethane Adhesive, Coatings and Casting Compounds (PDF)
PUHandling - Polyurathane Handling - Technical PUHandling : Polyurathane Handling (PDF)
Overview - Hübers Overview : Hübers (PDF)
Compact-System - Hübers Compact-System : Hübers (PDF)
Micro-System - Hübers Micro-System : Hübers (PDF)
E1121-System - Hübers E1121-System : Hübers (PDF)
Silicone-Processing-System - Hübers Silicone-Processing-System : Hübers (PDF)
Arathane-5750-AB-LV - Link Casting Compounds Arathane-5750-AB-LV : link Casting Compounds (PDF)
Arathane-5753-AB-LV - Link Casting Compounds Arathane-5753-AB-LV : link Casting Compounds (PDF)
Ren-Tooling - Link Casting Compounds Ren-Tooling : link Casting Compounds (PDF)
Ren-Cast - Link Casting Compounds Ren-Cast : link Casting Compounds (PDF)
Arathane-5750-AB-LV - Link Conformal Coatings Arathane-5750-AB-LV : link Conformal Coatings (PDF)
Arathane-5753-AB-LV - Link Conformal Coatings Arathane-5753-AB-LV : link Conformal Coatings (PDF)
Solithane-113 - Link Conformal Coatings Solithane-113 : link Conformal Coatings (PDF)
Arathane-5750-AB-LV - Link Encapsulates Arathane-5750-AB-LV : link Encapsulates (PDF)
Arathane-5753-AB-LV - Link Encapsulates Arathane-5753-AB-LV : link Encapsulates (PDF)
EpoPro-8704A:HW9029 - Link Encapsulates EpoPro-8704A:HW9029 : link Encapsulates (PDF)
EpoPro-8704-A:B - Link Encapsulates EpoPro-8704-A:B : link Encapsulates (PDF)
Hydrophobic-Araldite - Link Encapsulates Hydrophobic-Araldite : link Encapsulates (PDF)
Casting-Heavy-Electrical - Link Encapsulates Casting-Heavy-Electrical : link Encapsulates (PDF)
Casting-Light-Electric - Link Encapsulates Casting-Light-Electric : link Encapsulates (PDF)
Solithane-113 - Link Encapsulates Solithane-113 : link Encapsulates (PDF)
Araldite-2021-AB - Link Adhesives Araldite-2021-AB : link Adhesives (PDF)
Araldite-2022-AB - Link Adhesives Araldite-2022-AB : link Adhesives (PDF)
Arathane-5750-AB-LV - Link Adhesives Arathane-5750-AB-LV : link Adhesives (PDF)
Arathane-5753-AB-LV - Link Adhesives Arathane-5753-AB-LV : link Adhesives (PDF)
Arathane-7762 - Link Adhesives Arathane-7762 : link Adhesives (PDF)
Arathane-7769 - Link Adhesives Arathane-7769 : link Adhesives (PDF)
Aerospace-Parts - Link Adhesives Aerospace-Parts : link Adhesives (PDF)
Araldite-2000-Plus-Metals - Link Adhesives Araldite-2000-Plus-Metals : link Adhesives (PDF)
Araldite-2000-Plus-Plastics - Link Adhesives Araldite-2000-Plus-Plastics : link Adhesives (PDF)
Packaging - Link - Specialty Polymers And Services, Inc. Packaging : link (PDF)
EpoPro-261A:B:C - Link Foams And Syntactics EpoPro-261A:B:C : link Foams and Syntactics (PDF)
EpoPro-8715A:B - Link Foams And Syntactics EpoPro-8715A:B : link Foams and Syntactics (PDF)
Link Laminating Resins Aerospace-Parts-Manufacturing-and-Repair : link Laminating Resins (PDF)
Link Laminating Resins Aerospace-Tooling-Design-and-Prototypes : link Laminating Resins (PDF)
Link Laminating Resins CoPoxy-Wood-Laminating-Systems : link Laminating Resins (PDF)
Link Laminating Resins Composite-Polymer-Design-Bromine-Free-Flame-Retardant-Resin-Systems : link Laminating Resins (PDF)
Link Laminating Resins Composite-Polymer-Design-Composite-Marine-Laminating-Systems : link Laminating Resins (PDF)
Link Laminating Resins Composite-Polymer-Design-Infusion-Guide : link Laminating Resins (PDF)
Arathane-5750-AB-LV - Link Molding Materials Arathane-5750-AB-LV : link Molding Materials (PDF)
Arathane-5753-AB-LV - Link Molding Materials Arathane-5753-AB-LV : link Molding Materials (PDF)
Ren-Cast - Link Molding Materials Ren-Cast : link Molding Materials (PDF)
Link Tooling Resins Aerospace-Tooling-Design-and-Prototypes : link Tooling Resins (PDF)
Endurance-Tooling-Brochure - Link Tooling Resins Endurance-Tooling-Brochure : link Tooling Resins (PDF)
Ren-Tooling - Link Tooling Resins Ren-Tooling : link Tooling Resins (PDF)
Ren-Cast - Link Tooling Resins Ren-Cast : link Tooling Resins (PDF)
Arathane-7762 - Link Thermally Arathane-7762 : link Thermally (PDF)
Arathane-7769 - Link Thermally Arathane-7769 : link Thermally (PDF)
EpoPro-8704A:HW9029 - Link Thermally EpoPro-8704A:HW9029 : link Thermally (PDF)
EpoPro-8704-A:B - Link Thermally EpoPro-8704-A:B : link Thermally (PDF)
Ultralane-781A:C - Link Thermally Ultralane-781A:C : link Thermally (PDF)
DW-0131---DW-0137 - Link Colorant DW-0131---DW-0137 : link Colorant (PDF)

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