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Spectrum Devices

Spectrum Devices is a leading designer and manufacturer of high power transistors for RF and Microwave applications. Our products include Bipolar and VDMOS transistors for RF and microwave power applications. Our products exhibit excellent quality standards and are subjected to a controlled environmental test process. - high power transistors

HF Bipolar Devices, high power RF transistors, & more.

HF50-75 Aug08 HF50-75 Aug08 : HF50-75 (PDF)
SOE-500 SOE-500 (PDF)
HF50-150 Aug08 HF50-150 Aug08 : HF50-150 (PDF)
HF50-150A Aug08 HF50-150A Aug08 : HF50-150A (PDF)
SOE-500-Stud SOE-500-STUD (PDF)
HF50-200 RevA HF50-200 RevA : HF50-200 (PDF)
HF50-220 Aug08 HF50-220 Aug08 : HF50-220 (PDF)
HF50-250 Aug08 HF50-250 Aug08 : HF50-250 (PDF)
SOE-550 SOE-550 (PDF)
HF28-25 Aug08 HF28-25 Aug08 : HF28-25 (PDF)
SOE-380 SOE-380 (PDF)
HF28-25A Aug08 HF28-25A Aug08 : HF28-25A (PDF)
SOE-380-Stud SOE-380-Stud (PDF)
HF28-35 Aug08 HF28-35 Aug08 : HF28-35 (PDF)
HF28-75 Aug08 HF28-75 Aug08 : HF28-75 (PDF)
HF28-125 Aug08 HF28-125 Aug08 : HF28-125 (PDF)
HF28-220 Aug08 HF28-220 Aug08 : HF28-220 (PDF)
HF12-12 Aug08 HF12-12 Aug08 : HF12-12 (PDF)
HF12-20 Aug08 HF12-20 Aug08 : HF12-20 (PDF)
HF12-75 Aug08 HF12-75 Aug08 : HF12-75 (PDF)
HF12-100 Aug08 HF12-100 Aug08 : HF12-100 (PDF)
HF12-125 Jul08 HF12-125 Jul08 : HF12-125 (PDF)
HF50-150 Aug08 - Technical Support HF50-150 Aug08 : HF50-150 (PDF)
HF50-150 Sch - HF50-150 sch - Technical Support HF50-150 Sch : Technical Support (PDF)
HF50-150A Aug08 - Technical Support HF50-150A Aug08 : HF50-150A (PDF)
HF50-220 Aug08 - Technical Support HF50-220 Aug08 : HF50-220 (PDF)
HF50-220 Sch - HF50-220 sch - Technical Support HF50-220 Sch : Technical Support (PDF)
HF50-250 Aug08 - Technical Support HF50-250 Aug08 : HF50-250 (PDF)
HF50-250 Sch - HF50-250 sch - Technical Support HF50-250 Sch : Technical Support (PDF)
HF50-appnote 500W Rev2 - Schematic - Technical Support HF50-appnote 500W Rev2 : Schematic (PDF)
Parts List - Technical Support HF50-appnote 500W Partslist Rev2 : Parts List (PDF)

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