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Soanar is a value added integrator and supplier of industrial electronic and electrical technologies.We are specialised, but are flexible enough to be able to address your specific needs. We get it.Our headquarters are in Sydney and we have branches throughout Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore and Thailand. We have earned our reputation through servicing our customers throughout the region since 1963. - Supplier of Industrial Electronic

Test & Tools, Multimeters, , Digital Multimeters, Clampmeters, Analog Multimeters, Environmental Meters, Test leads, Thermometers, , Non-Contact, Contact, Thermometer accessories, Measurement, , Scientific/Laboratory, Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Sound meters, Light meters, Gas detectors, Water/PH meters, Moisture meters, Non-contact testers, Contact testers, General testers, Car testers, Soldering, , Soldering irons, Soldering accessories, Gas torches & Blowers, Hand Tools, , Anti-static tools & Accessories, Crimpers, Cutters, Magnifiers, Magnets, Drill & Socket sets, Pliers & Accessories, PCB Tools, Screwdrivers, Strippers, Tool kits, Measuring tools, Vices, Inspection cameras, Hobby Tools, Other tools, Power tools, , Power Drills, Power Screwdrivers, Glue guns, Tool Accessories, , Ultrasonic Cleaners, Storage Cases, Laboratory Lighting, Panel Meters, Boxes & Cases, Service Aids, , Breadboards, Solvents & Other Aids, Adhesives, Tape, Cleaners, Aerosols, Glue, Books, , Computer Books, General Books, Project Books, Reference Material, Fasteners, , Screws, Spacers & Standoffs, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Misc Fasteners, Interconnect, AV Cables, , HDMI cables, Composite, S-Video, Scart, BNC etc, TOSLINK Optical, Coaxial, Display port, Component, Misc AV Cables, General Cable, , Alarm/intercom/CCTV, Speaker Cable, DC Power Cable, AC Mains Cable, IEC Cable, VGA cable, Figure 8 & Composite, Microphone, RF/Antenna, Solar Cable, Communication cable, Data Cable, IDC, Telephone cable, Fibre Optic, General Purpose, Screened Audio & Video Cable, Television, Cable Accessories, , Heatshrink, Conduit tubes, Cable Ties, glands, grommets, Velcro Ties, Cable Tie Mounts, Cable Connectors, Cable Clamps/Clips, Cable Tools, AV Connectors, , RCA, BNC, 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 6.5mm, HDMI, XLR/Canon Type, Din/S-Video, Speakon/Neutrik, TV & Coaxial, TOSLINK, Microphone series, Communication Connectors, , F-Type, UHF, FME, SMA, TNC, N-Type, RJ11/12 Plugs, Telephone, Computer Connectors, , RJ45, PS2, USB & Firewire, D-Connectors, Other computer conns, Power Connectors, , DC Power, IEC Connectors, Banana, Binding posts, Heavy duty, Misc Power connectors, Multi-pin, , Metric/Imperial Locking Headers, M8 and m12, IDC Headers, Din, LTW Circular, C16-1 Series, Other Connectors, , Dean, Gold Plated, Keystone Jacks, Wallplates & inserts, Misc Connectors, Alligator, Harsh Environment, Terminal Blocks Headers, Quick Connect, Automotive Connectors, , Car antenna, Cigarette Lighter, Multi-way, Waterproof, Special Application, Battery, Wallplates & Keystone Inserts, , Audio/Video Wallplates, Telephone Wallplates, Blank & Other Wallplates, Audio/Video Keystone Inserts, Telephone Keystone Inserts, Misc Keystone Inserts, Components & Switches, Resistors, , Metal Film, Carbon Film, Wire-wound, Trimpots, Other resistors, LDR, Packs & Bulk, LEDs, , 10mm, 5mm, 3mm, Infrared, BAR, Chrome Bezel, Clips, CREE, Bi/Tri LEDs, SMD, LCD/LED Modules, LCD/LED Displays, Superflux, Optocoupler, LED Accessories, Switches, , Toggle, Tactile, Pushbutton, Micro, Rocker, Slide, DIL, Rotary, Key, Other switches, Reed, Relays, , PCB Mount, Cradel Mount, Panel Mount, Automotive relays, Solid State, Other Relays, Relays, Circuit Protection, , Surge Arrestors, Metal Oxide Varistors, Transient Voltage Suppressors, Circuit Breakers, Polyswitches, Other Circuit Protection, Fuses, , M205, 5AG, 3AG, DMM, Thermal Switches/Fuses, Ultra High Current, Automotive Blade Fuses, Fuse Blocks & Panel Holders, Fuse Packs, Other Fuses and holders, Fuses, Lighting Components, , Flashing, Globes, Infrared etc, Luxeon, Packs, Surface Mount, UV, Lenses etc, LED Power Supplies, Displays, Optocouplers, Bar Graph Displys, Lighting Components, Integrated Circuits, , Linear, 74LS Series, TTL Series, 74HC, CMOS Series, Special Function, Sockets, PIC, ATMEL, Other ICs, Integrated Circuits, Transistors, , Silicon Bipolar Transistors, Transistor Clamps, Other Transistors, Other Components, , FETs, General Diodes, Voltage Regulators & Rectifiers, Zener Diodes, Lasers, Peltier Modules, Gas Sensors, Valves, Transducers, Thermisto, & more.

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