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Precision Devices

Precision Devices™ was originally founded in 1987 to cover all the loudspeaker manufacturing requirements of touring systems designer Turbosound. The company was driven by a passion to create the next generation of drive units designed specifically for the touring sector with a philosophy of achieving exceptional levels of acoustical performance combined with unsurpassed levels of strength and reliability. - Loudspeakers, matchless performance

Professional Range, Neodymium Range, 6.5" models, 8" models, 10" models, 12" models, 15" models, 18" models, 21" models, 24" models, & more.

PDCatalogue2017-030317 - Precision Devices Product Catalogue 2017 PDCatalogue2017-030317 : Precision Devices Product Catalogue 2017 (PDF)
PD.153C01Datasheet091015 - PD.153C01 Data Sheet (PDF) PD.153C01Datasheet091015 : PD.153C01 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD155N01Datasheet290615 - PD.155N01 Data Sheet (PDF) PD155N01Datasheet290615 : PD.155N01 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-615WG2-Datasheet-230916 - 2 Datasheet (PDF) - Precision Devices PD.615WG PD-615WG2-Datasheet-230916 : 2 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD123C01Datasheet290615 - PD.123C01 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.123C01 - Out Now PD123C01Datasheet290615 : PD.123C01 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
Precision Devices Overview Catalogue 2017 PDOverviewCatalogue2017-020317 : Precision Devices Overview Catalogue 2017 (PDF)
PDCat2014WEB270214 - PD Product Catalogue 2014 PDCat2014WEB270214 : PD Product Catalogue 2014 (PDF)
PD.184C01Datasheet270715 - PD.184C01 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.184C01 - Out Now PD.184C01Datasheet270715 : PD.184C01 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-EnclosureDesignGuide-1 - Precision Devices Enclosure Design Guide 1 PD-EnclosureDesignGuide-1 : Precision Devices Enclosure Design Guide 1 (PDF)
PD615WG-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.615WG Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.615WG. PD615WG-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.615WG data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD1550-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.1550 Data Sheet (PDF) PD1550-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.1550 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
Legal PDTermsandConditionsofBusiness2016 : legal (PDF)
PD-185NR1-DS160516 - PD.185NR1 Datasheet (PDF) PD-185NR1-DS160516 : PD.185NR1 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-184C002-DS160516 - PD.184C002 Datasheet (PDF) PD-184C002-DS160516 : PD.184C002 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-155NR1-DS160516 - PD.155NR1 Datasheet (PDF) PD-155NR1-DS160516 : PD.155NR1 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-185C003-DS160516 - PD.185C003 Datasheet (PDF) PD-185C003-DS160516 : PD.185C003 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-185C001-DS160516 - PD.185C001 Datasheet (PDF) PD-185C001-DS160516 : PD.185C001 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-154NR1-DS160516 - PD.154NR1 Datasheet (PDF) PD-154NR1-DS160516 : PD.154NR1 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-184NR1-DS160516 - PD.184NR1 Datasheet (PDF) PD-184NR1-DS160516 : PD.184NR1 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-154C001-DS160516 - PD.154C001 Datasheet (PDF) PD-154C001-DS160516 : PD.154C001 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-153C002-DS160516 - PD.153C002 Datasheet (PDF) PD-153C002-DS160516 : PD.153C002 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-153C001-DS160516 - PD.153C001 Datasheet (PDF) PD-153C001-DS160516 : PD.153C001 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN1852Datasheet290615 - PDN.1852 Data Sheet (PDF) - PDN.1852 - Sub Bass Driver PDN1852Datasheet290615 : PDN.1852 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN2151-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.2151 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN2151-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.2151 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN2450-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.2450 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN2450-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.2450 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD185N01Datasheet290615 - PD.185N01 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.185N01 - Sub Bass Driver PD185N01Datasheet290615 : PD.185N01 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN18BR40-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.18BR40 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN18BR40-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.18BR40 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN18SB40-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.18SB40 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN18SB40-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.18SB40 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN15SB40-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.15SB40 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN15SB40-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.15SB40 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD185N02Datasheet290615 - PD.185N02 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.185N02 - Sub Bass Driver PD185N02Datasheet290615 : PD.185N02 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-185N002-DS160516 - PD.185N002 Datasheet (PDF) PD-185N002-DS160516 : PD.185N002 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-153NR1-DS160516 - PD.153NR1 Datasheet (PDF) PD-153NR1-DS160516 : PD.153NR1 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-123NR1-DS160516 - PD.123NR1 Datasheet (PDF) PD-123NR1-DS160516 : PD.123NR1 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN15BR40-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.15BR40 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN15BR40-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.15BR40 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-615C001-DS160516 - PD.615C001 Datasheet (PDF) PD-615C001-DS160516 : PD.615C001 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-184C001-DS160516 - PD.184C001 Datasheet (PDF) PD-184C001-DS160516 : PD.184C001 Datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-1225N001-DS160516 - PD.1225N001 Datasheet (PDF) PD-1225N001-DS160516 : PD.1225N001 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD8BM20-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.8BM20 Data Sheet (PDF) PD8BM20-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.8BM20 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN8BM32-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.8BM32 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN8BM32-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.8BM32 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN8BM31-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.8BM31 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN8BM31-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.8BM31 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD2450-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.2450 Data Sheet (PDF) PD2450-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.2450 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-615N001-DS160516 - PD.615N001 Datasheet (PDF) PD-615N001-DS160516 : PD.615N001 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD1852-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.1852 Data Sheet (PDF) PD1852-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.1852 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN10MH25-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.10MH25 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN10MH25-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.10MH25 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD2150-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.2150 Data Sheet (PDF) PD2150-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.2150 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD123ER-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.123ER Data Sheet (PDF) PD123ER-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.123ER data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD121-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.121 Data Sheet (PDF) PD121-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.121 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD122-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.122 Data Sheet (PDF) PD122-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.122 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD12SB30-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.12SB30 Data Sheet (PDF) PD12SB30-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.12SB30 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD1850-2-DATASHEET-310114 - 2 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.1850/2 PD1850-2-DATASHEET-310114 : 2 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN12SB40-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.12SB40 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN12SB40-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.12SB40 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD184-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.184 Data Sheet (PDF) PD184-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.184 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD15BR40-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.15BR40 Data Sheet (PDF) PD15BR40-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.15BR40 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD186-2-DATASHEET-310114 - 2 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.186/2 PD186-2-DATASHEET-310114 : 2 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD158-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.158 Data Sheet (PDF) PD158-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.158 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD1851-2-DATASHEET-310114 - 2 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.1851/2 PD1851-2-DATASHEET-310114 : 2 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD188-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.188 Data Sheet (PDF) PD188-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.188 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD156-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.156 Data Sheet (PDF) PD156-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.156 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD153ER-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.153ER Data Sheet (PDF) PD153ER-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.153ER data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD154-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.154 Data Sheet (PDF) PD154-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.154 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDN12MH25-DATASHEET-310114 - PDN.12MH25 Data Sheet (PDF) PDN12MH25-DATASHEET-310114 : PDN.12MH25 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
Metasystem - Meta Acoustics Fires Up Reggae Roast With PD Metasystem : Meta Acoustics Fires Up Reggae Roast with PD (PDF)
PD-EnclosureDesignGuide-1 - DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF THE GUIDE HERE - Precision Devices Enclosure Design Guide 1 - Enclosure Designs Released By PD PD-EnclosureDesignGuide-1 : DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF THE GUIDE HERE (PDF)
PD-CD2N-DS160516 - PD.CD2N Datasheet (PDF) PD-CD2N-DS160516 : PD.CD2N datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-124NR1-DS160516 - PD.124NR1 Datasheet (PDF) PD-124NR1-DS160516 : PD.124NR1 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-CD153N-DS160516 - PD.CD1.53N Datasheet (PDF) PD-CD153N-DS160516 : PD.CD1.53N datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-103NR1-DS160516 - PD.103NR1 Datasheet (PDF) PD-103NR1-DS160516 : PD.103NR1 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-615C002-DS160516 - PD.615C002 Datasheet (PDF) PD-615C002-DS160516 : PD.615C002 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-615N002-DS160516 - PD.615N002 Datasheet (PDF) PD-615N002-DS160516 : PD.615N002 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-1225C001-DS160516 - PD.1225C001 Datasheet (PDF) PD-1225C001-DS160516 : PD.1225C001 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-CD1N-DS160516 - PD.CD1N Datasheet (PDF) PD-CD1N-DS160516 : PD.CD1N datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-123C001-DS160516 - PD.123C001 Datasheet (PDF) PD-123C001-DS160516 : PD.123C001 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-CD15-DS160516 - PD.CD1.5 Datasheet (PDF) PD-CD15-DS160516 : PD.CD1.5 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-CD153-DS160516 - PD.CD1.53 Datasheet (PDF) PD-CD153-DS160516 : PD.CD1.53 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-CD15NR1-DS160516 - PD.CD1.5NR1 Datasheet (PDF) PD-CD15NR1-DS160516 : PD.CD1.5NR1 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-CD2-DS160516 - PD.CD2 Datasheet (PDF) PD-CD2-DS160516 : PD.CD2 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD154-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.154 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.154 Back PD154-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.154 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PDCatalogue2017-030317 - New 2017 Product Catalogue Now Available PDCatalogue2017-030317 : New 2017 Product Catalogue Now Available (PDF)
PD.184C01Datasheet270715 - PD.184C01 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.184C01 - Bass Driver PD.184C01Datasheet270715 : PD.184C01 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD123C01Datasheet290615 - PD.123C01 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.123C01 - Bass Driver PD123C01Datasheet290615 : PD.123C01 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD.153C01Datasheet091015 - PD.153C01 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.153C01 - Bass/ Mid Range Driver PD.153C01Datasheet091015 : PD.153C01 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD-615WG2-Datasheet-230916 - 2 Datasheet (PDF) - PD.615WG/2 PD-615WG2-Datasheet-230916 : 2 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD615WG-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.615WG Data Sheet (PDF) PD615WG-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.615WG data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD18BR40-DATASHEET-310114 - PD.18BR40 Data Sheet (PDF) PD18BR40-DATASHEET-310114 : PD.18BR40 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)
PD155N01Datasheet290615 - PD.155N01 Data Sheet (PDF) - PD.155N01 - Bass Driver PD155N01Datasheet290615 : PD.155N01 data sheet (PDF) (PDF)

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