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Maxtena designs and manufactures advanced antenna solutions based on our patented Dynamic Aperture Technology TM (DAT). Our antennas empower our customers to develop unparalleled solutions. - Antenna products manufacturer

Helicore Antennas, cobrawifi, LTE/MIMO/Wi-Fi Antennas, strip, Microstrip Antennas, & more.

M1575hct-22-p - GPS Helix Antenna Tuning Kit M1575hct-22-p : GPS Helix Antenna Tuning Kit (PDF)
Application Notes - GPS Helix Antenna Tuning Kit Maxtena Application Note M1575HCT-22-P Tuning-Kit : Application Notes (PDF)
M1227hct-a2-sma - Download The Data Sheet M1227hct-a2-sma : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
Maxtena Product Catalog 2015 - Download High-Res PDF - Company Catalog Maxtena Product Catalog 2015 : Download High-Res PDF (PDF)
Download Lo-Res PDF - Company Catalog Maxtena Product Catalog 2015 Low : Download Lo-Res PDF (PDF)
Mpa-d254-1621 - Download The Data Sheet Mpa-d254-1621 : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1621hct-p-ufl - Download The Data Sheet M1621hct-p-ufl : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
Satfleet 061914 Cc Rev1.2 Satfleet 061914 Cc Rev1.2 : SATFleet (PDF)
Multiband-helix-1539 - Download The Data Sheet Multiband-helix-1539 : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1575hct-22-p - Download The Data Sheet M1575hct-22-p : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1516hct-p-sma - Download The Data Sheet M1516hct-p-sma : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1516hct-p-ufl - Download The Data Sheet M1516hct-p-ufl : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1575hct-15a-sma - Download The Data Sheet M1575hct-15a-sma : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1575hct-22p-mr - Download The Data Sheet M1575hct-22p-mr : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1575hct-22p-sma - Download The Data Sheet M1575hct-22p-sma : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1600hct-p-sma - Download The Data Sheet M1600hct-p-sma : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1600hct-p-ufl - Download The Data Sheet M1600hct-p-ufl : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1621hct-ext - Download The Data Sheet M1621hct-ext : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
Mea-gps-sm - Download The Data Sheet Mea-gps-sm : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
Mpa-184 - Download The Data Sheet Mpa-184 : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
MPA-1516 - Download The Data Sheet MPA-1516 : Download the Data Sheet (PDF)
M1621hct-p-sma - Download The M1621HCT-P-SMA Datasheet M1621hct-p-sma : Download the M1621HCT-P-SMA Datasheet (PDF)

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