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Maurey Instrument

Established in 1952 by Eugene Maurey, in a small basement workshop, the growth of Maurey Instrument Corp. has been consistent and sound. Today it is recognized as a leader in its field. We are one of the nations foremost designers and manufacturers of precision potentiometers. In addition to furnishing a wide selection of standard potentiometers, MIC’s advanced engineering capabilities include extensive problem solving services. - Electric products manufacturer

Conductive Plastic Linear Motion Light duty Potentiometers, Conductive Plastic Linear Motion Heavy duty Potentiometers, Conductive Plastic Linear Motion Slide Potentiometers, Wirewound Linear Motion Light Duty Potentiometers, Wirewound Linear Motion Heavy Duty Potentiometers, Wirewound Linear Motion Slide Potentiometer, AC Motorized Potentiometer, DC Motorized Potentiometer, Motorized Potentiometer, Rheostat Motorized Potentiometer, Conductive Plastic Rotary Potentiometers, Wirewound Rotary Potentiometers, Rotary Potentiometer Bushings, Rotary Potentiometer Servos, Pancake Slip Ring, Power Slip Ring, Rotary Slip Ring, Signal Slip Ring, Slip Ring Assembly, Slip Ring Brush Assembly, Pancake Slip Ring, Power Slip Ring, Rotary Slip Ring, Signal Slip Ring, Slip Ring Assembly, Slip Ring Brush Assembly, & more.

Slip-Rings-SR2310 - Slip Rings Slip-Rings-SR2310 : SR2310 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M2261 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M2261 : M2261 (PDF)
P1612 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P1612 : P1612 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-87-P82 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-87-P82 : 87-P82 (PDF)
Joysticks-JS3146-S Joysticks-JS3146-S : JS3146-S (PDF)
P1613 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P1613 : P1613 (PDF)
Slip-Rings-SR2066 - Slip Rings Slip-Rings-SR2066 : SR2066 (PDF)
M3132 AC - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3132AC : M3132 AC (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-87-P83 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-87-P83 : 87-P83 (PDF)
Joysticks-JS3146-SW Joysticks-JS3146-SW : JS3146-SW (PDF)
P3287 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P3287 : P3287 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3294 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3294 : M3294 (PDF)
Slip-Rings-SR2300 - Slip Rings Slip-Rings-SR2300 : SR2300 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-112-P16 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-112-P16 : 112-P16 (PDF)
Joysticks-JS3146-CT Joysticks-JS3146-CT : JS3146-CT (PDF)
M3319 AC - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3319AC : M3319 AC (PDF)
Slip-Rings-SR3363 - Slip Rings Slip-Rings-SR3363 : SR3363 (PDF)
P3234 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P3234 : P3234 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-112-P17 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-112-P17 : 112-P17 (PDF)
Joysticks-JS3146-F Joysticks-JS3146-F : JS3146-F (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-112-P19 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-112-P19 : 112-P19 (PDF)
P1991 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P1991 : P1991 (PDF)
Slip-Rings-SR2035 - Slip Rings Slip-Rings-SR2035 : SR2035 (PDF)
Joysticks-SAJ3126 Joysticks-SAJ3126 : SAJ3126 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3341 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3341 : M3341 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-112-P201 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-112-P201 : 112-P201 (PDF)
P2121 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P2121 : P2121 (PDF)
Joysticks-SAJ2515 Joysticks-SAJ2515 : SAJ2515 (PDF)
Slip-Rings-SR2220 - Slip Rings Slip-Rings-SR2220 : SR2220 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-H2488 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-H2488 : H2488 (PDF)
P2080 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P2080 : P2080 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-143-P92 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-143-P92 : 143-P92 (PDF)
H2488-3 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-H2488-3 : H2488-3 (PDF)
Joysticks-SAJ3000 Joysticks-SAJ3000 : SAJ3000 (PDF)
P3235 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P3235 : P3235 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-143-P93 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-143-P93 : 143-P93 (PDF)
M3132 DC - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3132DC : M3132 DC (PDF)
Joysticks-SAJ3224 Joysticks-SAJ3224 : SAJ3224 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-200-P445 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-200-P445 : 200-P445 (PDF)
P2309 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P2309 : P2309 (PDF)
Joysticks-SJS2490 Joysticks-SJS2490 : SJS2490 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3296 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3296 : M3296 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-200-P446 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-200-P446 : 200-P446 (PDF)
P2333 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P2333 : P2333 (PDF)
Joysticks-JSE3345 Joysticks-JSE3345 : JSE3345 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3309 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3309 : M3309 (PDF)
P2950 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-P2950 : P2950 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-200-P721 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-200-P721 : 200-P721 (PDF)
Joysticks-JS3146-E Joysticks-JS3146-E : JS3146-E (PDF)
M3319 DC - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3319DC : M3319 DC (PDF)
M1310 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-M1310 : M1310 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M2821 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M2821 : M2821 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M123 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M123 : 50-M123 (PDF)
M1326 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-M1326 : M1326 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3279 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3279 : M3279 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M124 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M124 : 50-M124 (PDF)
M2028 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-M2028 : M2028 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M125 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M125 : 50-M125 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3297 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3297 : M3297 (PDF)
M2068 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-M2068 : M2068 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3246 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3246 : M3246 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M126 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M126 : 50-M126 (PDF)
M2078 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-M2078 : M2078 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M490 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M490 : 50-M490 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3248 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3248 : M3248 (PDF)
M2326 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-M2326 : M2326 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3252 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3252 : M3252 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M544 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-50-M544 : 50-M544 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3276 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3276 : M3276 (PDF)
M3286 - Linear Motion Potentiometers Linear-Motion-Potentiometer-M3286 : M3286 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-75-M90 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-75-M90 : 75-M90 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-75-M91 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-75-M91 : 75-M91 (PDF)
Motorized-Potentiometer-M3340 - Motorized Potentiometers Motorized-Potentiometer-M3340 : M3340 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-75-M92 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-75-M92 : 75-M92 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-87-M42 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-87-M42 : 87-M42 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-87-M43 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-87-M43 : 87-M43 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-87-M44 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-87-M44 : 87-M44 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-87-M716 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-87-M716 : 87-M716 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-106-M9 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-106-M9 : 106-M9 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-106-M10 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-106-M10 : 106-M10 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-125-M44 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-125-M44 : 125-M44 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-131-M3 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-131-M3 : 131-M3 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-143-M7 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-143-M7 : 143-M7 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-143-M8 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-143-M8 : 143-M8 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-175-M110 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-175-M110 : 175-M110 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-175-M112 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-175-M112 : 175-M112 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M166 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M166 : 200-M166 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M167 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M167 : 200-M167 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M493 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M493 : 200-M493 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M494 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M494 : 200-M494 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M620 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M620 : 200-M620 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M865 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-200-M865 : 200-M865 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-300-M323 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-300-M323 : 300-M323 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-300-M329 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-300-M329 : 300-M329 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-300-M73 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-300-M73 : 300-M73 (PDF)
Rotary-Potentiometer-300-M74 - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary-Potentiometer-300-M74 : 300-M74 (PDF)

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