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Long-Lok Fasteners

Long-Lok's self-locking and self-sealing fastener processes have helped engineers solve threaded component fastening problems for more than 50 years. Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation was founded in 1957, in Los Angeles. Its initial mission was to exploit its newly-developed Long-Lok process, which used a thin nylon strip to make a male-threaded fastener self-locking. At that time, this technology's primary application was in the aerospace industry, where the risk of bolts shaking loose was unacceptably high - self-locking, self-sealing fastener processes

Self-Locking, Self-Sealing, Inserts, Nuts, & more.

Long-Lok Rivet Line Card - Main nuts thumb.jpg Long-Lok Rivet Line Card : rivet (PDF)
Longlok - Long-Lok® Inserts - Datasheet thumb.png Longlok : Long-Lok® Inserts (PDF)
Selfseal - Self-Seal™ - Datasheet thumb.png Self-Seal™ : datasheet thumb.png (PDF)
Selfseal - Selfseal thumbnail.jpg Selfseal : selfseal thumbnail.jpg (PDF)
Handbook - Download This Document As A PDF. - Polylok thumbnail.jpg Handbook : Download this document as a PDF. (PDF)
Milspec 18240f - MIL-DTL-18240 - Polylok thumbnail.jpg Milspec 18240f : MIL-DTL-18240 (PDF)
Handbook - Self-Locking & Self-Sealing Fasteners Handbook - Iso cert thumb.png Handbook : Self-Locking & Self-Sealing Fasteners Handbook (PDF)
Milspec 18240f - MIL-DTL-18240 - Iso cert thumb.png Milspec 18240f : MIL-DTL-18240 (PDF)
Driloc - Dri-Loc® (by Loctite®) - Datasheet thumb.png Driloc : Dri-Loc® (by Loctite®) (PDF)
Duallok - Dual-Lok® - Datasheet thumb.png Dual-Lok® : datasheet thumb.png (PDF)
Dynathred - Dyna-Thred® II - Datasheet thumb.png Dynathred : Dyna-Thred® II (PDF)
Omnilok - Omni-Lok® - Datasheet thumb.png Omni-Lok® : datasheet thumb.png (PDF)
Polylok - Poly-Lok® - Datasheet thumb.png Poly-Lok® : datasheet thumb.png (PDF)
Teklok - Tek-Lok™ - Datasheet thumb.png Tek-Lok™ : datasheet thumb.png (PDF)
Vibraseal - Vibra-Seal® (by Loctite®) - Datasheet thumb.png Vibraseal : Vibra-Seal® (by Loctite®) (PDF)
Tsert - T-Sert® - Datasheet thumb.png T-Sert® : datasheet thumb.png (PDF)
PDF Product Information Sheet - Tsert thumbnail.jpg PDF : PDF product information sheet (PDF)

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