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Locamation is spearheading the development of SASensor as software defined centralized automation and control solution fulfilling functions such as control, automation, communication and measurements. In the year 2005 Locamation partnered with Alliander, one of The Netherlands largest power distribution providers, to extend SASensor towards a centralisation of all protection functions in a substation. With SASensor Locamation provides a future proof, upgradeable, innovative solution to improve efficiency, to increase asset performance and at the same time provided better insights and smarter information about the grid. - defined centralized automation, control solution, fulfilling functions

Control, Monitoring, Measurements, Disturbance recording, Time synchronization, Automation, Protection, Power quality monitoring, Redundant configuration, Fault location determination, Single point of access, Cyber secured access (VPN), Interference free fiber optic cables, Integrated single Human Machine Interface (HMI), Robust design for longevity, & more.

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