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ITG Electronics Conflict Minerals Declaration - 2017-03-02 ITG Announces Support Of Conflict Minerals Initiative 6ce5d60631f5bfb0bd2696a681166fdf : ITG Electronics Conflict Minerals Declaration (PDF)
AK1812 AK1812 (PDF)
AKU1416200160F-3R7MU AKU1416200160F-3R7MU (PDF)
BT9340A BT9340A Series Rev A ITG 090810 : BT9340A (PDF)
BT9340B BT9340A Series Rev A ITG 090810 : BT9340B (PDF)
BT9340C F8c93ec55798a570dfecdd607bf29b9f : BT9340C (PDF)
SDRH127B 4f171abb8fd51a265b79580fc3caabdc : SDRH127B (PDF)
SDRH73B 0a23db59bf44e4b49af284424de9bf9e : SDRH73B (PDF)
SDRH74B SDRH74B Series Rev B HF ITG 160114 : SDRH74B (PDF)
SDRH74B-100MHF Db3d92a6f3f3e8da9f5806e5608000e8 : SDRH74B-100MHF (PDF)
AP1106xxx B88ad5169181d95b9f095bf8b450fbb4 : AP1106xxx (PDF)
AP1157xxx D700708e3e9f0c6d4d40944d3ed8722f : AP1157xxx (PDF)
AP11681xxx 90c1c196994b76f86f9704d6b38d4926 : AP11681xxx (PDF)
AP1184xxx 3fd76b0113fc0d7da66cc629499768ab : AP1184xxx (PDF)
C101168 V1 0 150724 C101168 V1 0 150724 : C101168 (PDF)
C101167 V1 0 150724 C101167 V1 0 150724 : C101167 (PDF)
C201041-1P 624ead387ec8508b0ac77b9a2c40c99c : C201041-1P (PDF)
C20200 C20200 Series Specification Rev.C 110816 : C20200 (PDF)
C20530 C20530 Series HF Rev B ITG 130927 : C20530 (PDF)
C20540 C20540 Series HF Rev B ITG 130927 : C20540 (PDF)
C20880 C20880 Series HF Rev.A ITG 120418 : C20880 (PDF)
C20881 C20881 Series HF Rev.A ITG 120419 : C20881 (PDF)
C20882 C20882 Series HF Rev.A ITG 120419 : C20882 (PDF)
C30530 C30530 Series HF Rev B ITG 130927 : C30530 (PDF)
C30540 C30540 Series HF Rev B ITG 130927 : C30540 (PDF)
DCM181713H DCM181713H Series Rev A ITG 131011 : DCM181713H (PDF)
DCM232315H DCM232315H Series Rev A ITG 131010 : DCM232315H (PDF)
DCM211714H DCM211714H-103NHF Rev A ITG 151013 : DCM211714H (PDF)
DCM232614DH B870a39877b07ed0614c5573e25a5d01 : DCM232614DH (PDF)
DCM251515H DCM251515H Series HF Rev A ITG 141211 : DCM251515H (PDF)
DCM282818H DCM282818H Series Rev A ITG 131010 : DCM282818H (PDF)
DCM321835V DCM321835V Series Rev A HF ITG 160609 : DCM321835V (PDF)
DCM372645VB DCM372645VB Series HF Rev A ITG 131011 : DCM372645VB (PDF)
DCM372645VC DCM372645VC Series HF Rev A ITG 131011 : DCM372645VC (PDF)
DCN181320V B2ba3c5c54527c4bcb488aba84295f7b : DCN181320V (PDF)
DCN181713H DCN181713H Series Rev C HF ITG 160511 : DCN181713H (PDF)
DHP106095S Ec4c1d106eede5b9b53be15620761a66 : DHP106095S (PDF)
DR4044 Series RevB DR4044 Series RevB : DR4044 (PDF)
F1500 A01483d3c37f94c8bd3e68b3358e2154 : F1500 (PDF)
F1501 A1f7070879c9af3e72c8d39b19e64a90 : F1501 (PDF)
F1502 D5e07a44e4076600a898fcb44d9cde5e : F1502 (PDF)
F1504 8f051d8e9eece1d46ef30bd28083755e : F1504 (PDF)
L301055-1P 6d1b49f0312d1cad2443f58da409d1eb : L301055-1P (PDF)
F1505 B94529e01554e33b621cfa959a39f029 : F1505 (PDF)
L301152-1P 868750bf555a9abb5fadf4ef900468cf : L301152-1P (PDF)
L30432 98830ac7f65f0d934fa622927f171cce : L30432 (PDF)
L30439-1 Fec7347a6068f34ce253a57c6576ae83 : L30439-1 (PDF)
L30509 A6060e3a8d109e3762c9d7e356a1e63d : L30509 (PDF)
L30431-1P 8e2ac78204851d3c6b0200e69db562d4 : L30431-1P (PDF)
L30526-1 A4c791df4a4622fb8aca90cf3707f58f : L30526-1 (PDF)
L30535 16ddafb86c617427127f3c4744ef651d : L30535 (PDF)
L30536 312a0bb5c0a355a9a1669f8179c03ad3 : L30536 (PDF)
L30544 F7c11d0a6f3126db7098ab5d9beed6fe : L30544 (PDF)
L30568-1P 2d1d21da716da3dfd97d0453127ff63a : L30568-1P (PDF)
L30584 09dc24ed41a8567fc7d6120e20d31087 : L30584 (PDF)
L30638-1P B5790f2a9d335faf1f3f9394f97f0a50 : L30638-1P (PDF)
L30640 F1519fc74fc94ceb78d0ca64759e17c3 : L30640 (PDF)
L30647-2P 8a7f00fda8dea4255f6bef5be2c1c599 : L30647-2P (PDF)
L30648-2P Bbb6ab84e8c2f5940307eb0d3dfcf673 : L30648-2P (PDF)
L30649-2P C412c78997d632884f45fcee4e6be389 : L30649-2P (PDF)
L30731-1P 580a43f0d16d008b0306e2028beeb814 : L30731-1P (PDF)
L30741-1P E73e064d6aca27f36ef794b2b5a92249 : L30741-1P (PDF)
L30742-1P 215700cceace0d882a9cf50bb7bff99e : L30742-1P (PDF)
L30750-1P 743c448ad9b10959fbb5825cdd47950d : L30750-1P (PDF)
L30762-2P Ba48c330d5acc00427b7bdac7c698255 : L30762-2P (PDF)
L30864-1P Ea1f5bf46124b7cd13655b7332aeb959 : L30864-1P (PDF)
L30927 L30927-x Series HF Rev.A ITG 131205 : L30927 (PDF)
PQ108081 PQ108081 Series REV B HF ITG 160503 : PQ108081 (PDF)
PQ87 524d7d7d50f80b2c15dfb24293e1580f : PQ87 (PDF)
SCH3028T SCH3028T Series HF REV A ITG 160114 : SCH3028T (PDF)
SCH3524T SCH3524T Series HF REV A ITG 160114 : SCH3524T (PDF)
SCH3532T SCH3532T Series HF REV A ITG 160114 : SCH3532T (PDF)
SCH3539T SCH3539T Series HF REV B ITG 160602 : SCH3539T (PDF)

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