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Intek Plastics

Since our founding in 1961, Intek Plastics has manufactured high quality custom plastic extrusions for OEM’s in a wide variety of industries. In those 50 years, we’ve seen it all: flooring for hog-raising facilities, auto body-side moldings, roof vents for poultry barns, bumpers for pool tables, window squeegees, and shell casings for shotgun ammunition. Today, some of the places you’ll see our products include in the windows and doors in your home, retail store displays, commercial refrigerators in grocery and convenience stores, and dasher boards in hockey arenas. Basically, we can make parts for any product needing extrusions. - Plastic extrusions

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Intek Plastics Named Loewen 2016 Supplier Of The Year - Intek News Loewen-2016-Supplier-of-the-Year-Award-Announcement : Intek Plastics named Loewen 2016 Supplier of the Year (PDF)
Material-Selector-Final - Download-Material-Selector-Guide Material-Selector-Final : Download-Material-Selector-Guide (PDF)
ABS-v2 - Download ABS ABS-v2 : Download ABS (PDF)
Acrylic-v2 - Download Acrylic Acrylic-v2 : Download Acrylic (PDF)
CPVC-v2 - Download CPVC CPVC-v2 : Download CPVC (PDF)
FlexiblePVC-v2 - Download Flexible PVC FlexiblePVC-v2 : Download Flexible PVC (PDF)
MineralFilledPolypropylene-v2 - Download Mineral Filled Polypropylene MineralFilledPolypropylene-v2 : Download Mineral Filled Polypropylene (PDF)
Polycarbonate-v2 - Download Polycarbonate Polycarbonate-v2 : Download Polycarbonate (PDF)
Polyethylene-v2 - Download Polyethylene Polyethylene-v2 : Download Polyethylene (PDF)
Polypropylene-v2 - Download Polypropylene Polypropylene-v2 : Download Polypropylene (PDF)
Rigid-PVC-v2 - Download Rigid PVC Rigid-PVC-v2 : Download Rigid PVC (PDF)
Styrene-v2 - Download Styrene Styrene-v2 : Download Styrene (PDF)
ThermoplasticAlloy-v2 - Download TPA ThermoplasticAlloy-v2 : Download TPA (PDF)
TPV-v2 - Download TPV TPV-v2 : Download TPV (PDF)
POP-Book-2015 - Download-POP-Idea-Book POP-Book-2015 : Download-POP-Idea-Book (PDF)
Hastings-Directions-v21 - Directions And Around Hastings > - Our Locations Hastings-Directions-v21 : Directions and Around Hastings > (PDF)
POP-Book-2015 - Download Our POP Idea Book - Choose From One Of Our Thousands Of Stock Profiles POP-Book-2015 : Download our POP Idea Book (PDF)

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