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our humble entrance into the plastics manufacturing business was as a small molder, in-house engineering, and tool room, and we trace our product debut to the design and manufacturing of one of the first vaginal applicator. Today, our plastic pharmaceutical applicators are used in a wide range of treatments in both prescription and over-the-counter markets, and we’ve expanded into the design and production of custom and proprietary thermoplastic injection-molded products for a variety of pharmaceuticals, animal health, food packaging, sporting goods, and other custom products. - Injection molded products

Pharmaceutical Applicators, Medical Device Packaging, Food Packaging, Option Pak, Bolus Dispensing Guns, Nasal Inoculation Tips, Custom Injection Molded Products, & more.

Part2 Part2 (PDF)
Part2 0 Part2 0 : Part2 (PDF)
211-0210 0 211-0210 0 : 211-0210 (PDF)
PeeFunnel May13 Landmark - PeeFunnel May13 landmark PeeFunnel May13 Landmark (PDF)
Scraper Scraper (PDF)
Doc01086120150601121927 Doc01086120150601121927 (PDF)
AquaponicTray AquaponicTray (PDF)
END CAP Sheet1 - END CAP Sheet1 END CAP Sheet1 (PDF)
Bague Conique Devis - Bague conique devis Bague Conique Devis (PDF)
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