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GTK is a world-class provider of high quality electronics solutions, including standard and custom cable assemblies, connectors and optoelectronics. We also offer a full manufacturing solutions service, including PCB enclosures, full PCB assembly and packaging options. Founded in 1990, GTK has over 25 years’ experience in sourcing, designing and supplying customers with a wide range of high performance products. Headquartered in Basingstoke, Hampshire, with offices and manufacturing affiliates worldwide, GTK has the infrastructure and resources in place to ensure highly tailored production engineering processes and manufacturing quality control. Each location adds its own value to our customers and greatly enhances our capabilities as a company. - high quality electronics solutions

Custom Cable Assemblies, Overmoulded Cable Assemblies, Waterproof Cable Assemblies, Microwave & RF Assemblies, Display Cable Assemblies, Standard I/O Assemblies, Cost-Down Opportunities, Custom Connectors, I/O (Input/Output), USB (Universal Serial Bus), Modular Telephone Jacks, Microwave & RF, FFC/FPC, LVDS / EDP, Wire-To-Board, Power, Board-To-Board, Removable Memory, IDC / Ribbon Cable, TFT Displays, PMVA Displays, Bi-Stable Displays, Mono OLED Displays, Chip-On-Glass & -Board, Custom FS Colour Module, Custom Negative Displays, & more.

Code Of Conduct GTK F90a 1.1 Supplier Code Of Conduct : Code Of Conduct (PDF)
GTK-build-models - Build Models GTK-build-models : Build models (PDF)
GTK-IP-ratings-sheet GTK-IP-ratings-sheet (PDF)
Tnc-specification - Download Our TNC Series Spec Sheet For More Information Tnc-specification : Download our TNC series spec sheet for more information (PDF)
Bnc-specification Bnc-specification (PDF)
2-92mm-k-specification 2-92mm-k-specification (PDF)
Sma-specification Sma-specification (PDF)
Smc-specification Smc-specification (PDF)
Smb-specification Smb-specification (PDF)
1-0-2-3mm-specification 1-0-2-3mm-specification (PDF)
Fakra-specification Fakra-specification (PDF)
N-specification N-specification (PDF)
Smp-specificaton Smp-specificaton (PDF)
Ssma-specification Ssma-specification (PDF)
Mcx-specification Mcx-specification (PDF)
Mmcx-specification Mmcx-specification (PDF)
Ssmb-specification Ssmb-specification (PDF)
Ipex-specification Ipex-specification (PDF)
HDMI-R1-SF1G2-R - Download Product Drawing HDMI-R1-SF1G2-R HDMI-R1-SF1G2-R : Download product drawing HDMI-R1-SF1G2-R (PDF)
HDMI-R1S0G1-R - Download Product Drawing HDMI-R1S0G1-R HDMI-R1S0G1-R : Download product drawing HDMI-R1S0G1-R (PDF)
USBS-BT7E-3G0-R - Download Product Drawing USBS-BT7E-3G0-R USBS-BT7E-3G0-R : Download product drawing USBS-BT7E-3G0-R (PDF)
USBS-AB8-2.0TR-R - Download Product Drawing USBS-AB8-2.0TR-R USBS-AB8-2.0TR-R : Download product drawing USBS-AB8-2.0TR-R (PDF)
USBS-BT8-2.0-R - Download Product Drawing USBS-BT8-2.0-R USBS-BT8-2.0-R : Download product drawing USBS-BT8-2.0-R (PDF)
USBS-BT8H-2.0-R - Download Product Drawing USBS-BT8H-2.0-R USBS-BT8H-2.0-R : Download product drawing USBS-BT8H-2.0-R (PDF)
USBS-BT4-2.0-R - Download Product Drawing USBS-BT4-2.0-R USBS-BT4-2.0-R : Download product drawing USBS-BT4-2.0-R (PDF)
USBS-BV4-R - Download Product Drawing USBS-BV4-R USBS-BV4-R : Download product drawing USBS-BV4-R (PDF)
USBS-8T4H-R - Download Product Drawing USBS-8T4H-R USBS-8T4H-R : Download product drawing USBS-8T4H-R (PDF)
USC-R-SMT-x-R - Download Product Drawing USC-R-SMT-x-R USC-R-SMT-x-R : Download product drawing USC-R-SMT-x-R (PDF)
ZIFExx-0.5TS-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFExx-0.5TS-R ZIFExx-0.5TS-R : Download product drawing ZIFExx-0.5TS-R (PDF)
ZIFCxx-0.5TS-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFCxx-0.5TS-R ZIFCxx-0.5TS-R : Download product drawing ZIFCxx-0.5TS-R (PDF)
ZIFExx-0.5BS-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFExx-0.5BS-R ZIFExx-0.5BS-R : Download product drawing ZIFExx-0.5BS-R (PDF)
ZIFCxx-0.5BF-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFCxx-0.5BF-R ZIFCxx-0.5BF-R : Download product drawing ZIFCxx-0.5BF-R (PDF)
ZIFHAxx-0.5BF-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFHAxx-0.5BF-R ZIFHAxx-0.5BF-R : Download product drawing ZIFHAxx-0.5BF-R (PDF)
ZIFExx-0.5Vx-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFExx-0.5Vx-R ZIFExx-0.5Vx-R : Download product drawing ZIFExx-0.5Vx-R (PDF)
ZIFHxx-0.3DF-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFHxx-0.3DF-R ZIFHxx-0.3DF-R : Download product drawing ZIFHxx-0.3DF-R (PDF)
LVDSI-XXR0.5TR-R - Download Product Drawing LVDSI-XXR0.5TR-R LVDSI-XXR0.5TR-R : Download product drawing LVDSI-XXR0.5TR-R (PDF)
WB1.0H-XXSMH1G-R - Download Product Drawing WB1.0H-XXSMH1G-R WB1.0H-XXSMH1G-R : Download product drawing WB1.0H-XXSMH1G-R (PDF)
ZIFExx-1.0TS-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFExx-1.0TS-R ZIFExx-1.0TS-R : Download product drawing ZIFExx-1.0TS-R (PDF)
ZIFExx-1.0BS-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFExx-1.0BS-R ZIFExx-1.0BS-R : Download product drawing ZIFExx-1.0BS-R (PDF)
ZIFJxx-1.0BF-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFJxx-1.0BF-R ZIFJxx-1.0BF-R : Download product drawing ZIFJxx-1.0BF-R (PDF)
ZIFLxx-1.0BF-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFLxx-1.0BF-R ZIFLxx-1.0BF-R : Download product drawing ZIFLxx-1.0BF-R (PDF)
ZIFJxx-1.0V0-R - Download Product Drawing ZIFJxx-1.0V0-R ZIFJxx-1.0V0-R : Download product drawing ZIFJxx-1.0V0-R (PDF)
MPC-xx-DT1-R - Download Product Drawing MPC-xx-DT1-R MPC-xx-DT1-R : Download product drawing MPC-xx-DT1-R (PDF)
BB80XXMG355-TR-R - Download Product Drawing BB80XXMG355-TR-R BB80XXMG355-TR-R : Download product drawing BB80XXMG355-TR-R (PDF)
BB80XXFG355-TR-R - Download Product Drawing BB80XXFG355-TR-R BB80XXFG355-TR-R : Download product drawing BB80XXFG355-TR-R (PDF)
BB80XXFG505-TR-R - Download Product Drawing BB80XXFG505-TR-R BB80XXFG505-TR-R : Download product drawing BB80XXFG505-TR-R (PDF)
BB80XXFG605-TR-R - Download Product Drawing BB80XXFG605-TR-R BB80XXFG605-TR-R : Download product drawing BB80XXFG605-TR-R (PDF)
PLCCxxTS-R - Download Product Drawing PLCCxxTS-R PLCCxxTS-R : Download product drawing PLCCxxTS-R (PDF)
WTBI-xxS-SMH2T-R - Download Product Drawing WTBI-xxS-SMH2T-R WTBI-xxS-SMH2T-R : Download product drawing WTBI-xxS-SMH2T-R (PDF)
WTBI-xxS-SMH1T-R - Download Product Drawing WTBI-xxS-SMH1T-R WTBI-xxS-SMH1T-R : Download product drawing WTBI-xxS-SMH1T-R (PDF)
WTBB-xxS-SMH2T-R - Download Product Drawing WTBB-xxS-SMH2T-R WTBB-xxS-SMH2T-R : Download product drawing WTBB-xxS-SMH2T-R (PDF)
WTBB-xxS-SMH1T-R - Download Product Drawing WTBB-xxS-SMH1T-R WTBB-xxS-SMH1T-R : Download product drawing WTBB-xxS-SMH1T-R (PDF)
WTBB-xxS-TH2T-R - Download Product Drawing WTBB-xxS-TH2T-R WTBB-xxS-TH2T-R : Download product drawing WTBB-xxS-TH2T-R (PDF)
WTBB-xxS-TH1T-R - Download Product Drawing WTBB-xxS-TH1T-R WTBB-xxS-TH1T-R : Download product drawing WTBB-xxS-TH1T-R (PDF)
WTBB-xxS-CF3T-R - Download Product Drawing WTBB-xxS-CF3T-R WTBB-xxS-CF3T-R : Download product drawing WTBB-xxS-CF3T-R (PDF)
WTBB-CR-FTR-R - Download Product Drawing WTBB-CR-FTR-R WTBB-CR-FTR-R : Download product drawing WTBB-CR-FTR-R (PDF)
2500-xx-ST-R - Download Product Drawing 2500-xx-ST-R 2500-xx-ST-R : Download product drawing 2500-xx-ST-R (PDF)
2500-xx-RT-R - Download Product Drawing 2500-xx-RT-R 2500-xx-RT-R : Download product drawing 2500-xx-RT-R (PDF)
2500-xx-RTR-R - Download Product Drawing 2500-xx-RTR-R 2500-xx-RTR-R : Download product drawing 2500-xx-RTR-R (PDF)
2510-xx-R - Download Product Drawing 2510-xx-R 2510-xx-R : Download product drawing 2510-xx-R (PDF)
2510T-R - Download Product Drawing 2510T-R 2510T-R : Download product drawing 2510T-R (PDF)
SCPxxGx2-S-R - Download Product Drawing SCPxxGx2-S-R SCPxxGx2-S-R : Download product drawing SCPxxGx2-S-R (PDF)
SCPxxGS8-S-R - Download Product Drawing SCPxxGS8-S-R SCPxxGS8-S-R : Download product drawing SCPxxGS8-S-R (PDF)
DPxxSN-R - Download Product Drawing DPxxSN-R DPxxSN-R : Download product drawing DPxxSN-R (PDF)
FDxxxPM1-R - Download Product Drawing FDxxxPM1-R FDxxxPM1-R : Download product drawing FDxxxPM1-R (PDF)
FDxxxSM1-R - Download Product Drawing FDxxxSM1-R FDxxxSM1-R : Download product drawing FDxxxSM1-R (PDF)
FDxxxPM3-R - Download Product Drawing FDxxxPM3-R FDxxxPM3-R : Download product drawing FDxxxPM3-R (PDF)
FDxxxSM3-R - Download Product Drawing FDxxxSM3-R FDxxxSM3-R : Download product drawing FDxxxSM3-R (PDF)
GTK-microwave-and-rf GTK-microwave-and-rf (PDF)

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