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Gexpro is a world-class Supply Chain Services outsource provider, specializing in developing and managing production inventory management programs. Our managed inventory programs are designed to support manufacturing OEM’s with their engineered production material specifications, fulfillment, and quality requirements. - Inventory management programs

Fastening Systems, Mechanicals and Fabrications, Electrical Power and Control, Valves and Instrumentation, & more.

GB REXEL GUIDE ETHIQUE - Rexel Group Ethics Guide GB REXEL GUIDE ETHIQUE : Rexel Group Ethics Guide (PDF)
Rexel Holdings USA Code Of Conduct RexelHoldingsUSACodeofConductMASTER8 1 2011 : Rexel Holdings USA Code of Conduct (PDF)
California Transparency In Supply Chain Act CaliforniaTSCMActof2010Disclosure11 21 2012 : California Transparency in Supply Chain Act (PDF)
How To Raise A Compliance Concern HowtoRaiseaComplianceConcernRHUSAandSubsidiaries1Aug2011 : How to Raise A Compliance Concern (PDF)
DRF LIC TMP Consolidated V12 Blank (PDF)
SIF500-DE Deutsch SIF500-DE Rev Y New Supplier Approval Packet Deutsch : SIF500-DE Deutsch (ZIP)
SIF500-EN English SIF500-EN Rev Y New Supplier Approval Packet English : SIF500-EN English (ZIP)
SIF500-ES Espanol SIF500-ES Rev Y New Supplier Approval Packet Spanish : SIF500-ES Espanol (ZIP)
SIF500-FR Francais SIF500-FR Rev Y New Supplier Approval Packet French : SIF500-FR Francais (ZIP)
SIF500-HU Hugarian SIF500-HU Rev Y New Supplier Approval Packet Hungary : SIF500-HU Hugarian (ZIP)
Procurement Clauses - Rev BJ SIF210 Rev BJ Gexpro Services Quality Procurement Clauses : Procurement Clauses - Rev BJ (PDF)
RHUSA Supplier Code Of Conduct RHUSASupplierCodeofConductFinal9-3-2013 : RHUSA Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)
TC1001stP WRevA 11-01-2012 TC1001stP WRevA 11-01-2012 (PDF)
Tax Form W8 - Blank W-8 Tax Form W8 : Blank W-8 (PDF)
Tax Form W9 - Blank W-9 Tax Form W9 : Blank W-9 (PDF)
Aerospace Aerospace (PDF)
Commercial Industrial - C&I Commercial Industrial : C&I (PDF)
Defense Defense (PDF)
Healthcare Healthcare (PDF)
Heavy Trucks Heavy Trucks (PDF)
Oil And Gas Oil And Gas (PDF)
Transmission And Distribution - T&D Transmission And Distribution : T&D (PDF)
Power Generation Power Generation (PDF)
Technology Technology (PDF)
Transportation Transportation (PDF)
Value Engineering Value Engineering (PDF)
Wind Energy Wind Energy : Wind (PDF)
Quality Quality (PDF)
Aerospace - Products And Services Aerospace : Products and Services (PDF)
Technology - Products And Services Technology : Products and Services (PDF)
Commercial Industrial - C&I - Products And Services Commercial Industrial : Products and Services (PDF)
Transportation - Products And Services Transportation : Products and Services (PDF)
Value Engineering - Products And Services Value Engineering : Products and Services (PDF)
Defense - Products And Services Defense : Products and Services (PDF)
Wind Energy - Products And Services Wind Energy : Products and Services (PDF)
Healthcare - Products And Services Healthcare : Products and Services (PDF)
Quality - Products And Services Quality : Products and Services (PDF)
Heavy Trucks - Products And Services Heavy Trucks : Products and Services (PDF)
VMI - Products And Services VMI : Products and Services (PDF)
Oil And Gas - Products And Services Oil And Gas : Products and Services (PDF)
Transmission And Distribution - T&D - Products And Services Transmission And Distribution : Products and Services (PDF)
Power Generation - Products And Services Power Generation : Products and Services (PDF)

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