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Lumenosity is a North Carolina-based manufacturer of LED lighting products. For the bulk of the past decade, we have been on the cutting edge of the fast-paced, ever-changing LED lighting world. - LED lighting products.

Exterior LED Fixtures, Interior LED Fixtures, Exit & Emergency Lights, Perimeter Security, Low Voltage/Solar, & more.

Wallpack175 - Wallpack-175 - LED Wall Pack Wallpack-175 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Wallpack250 - Wallpack-250 - LED Wall Pack Wallpack-250 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Wallpack400 - Wallpack-400 - LED Wall Pack Wallpack-400 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Canopy175 - Canopy-175 - LED Wall Pack Canopy-175 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Canopy250 - Canopy-250 - LED Wall Pack Canopy-250 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Flood175 - Flood-175 - LED Wall Pack Flood-175 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Flood250 - Flood-250 - LED Wall Pack Flood-250 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Flood400 - Flood-400 - LED Wall Pack Flood-400 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Bulkhead-Oval - OBH-W - LED Wall Pack Bulkhead-Oval : OBH-W (PDF)
Bulkhead-Round - RBH-W - LED Wall Pack Bulkhead-Round : RBH-W (PDF)
Shoebox175 - Shoebox-175 - LED Wall Pack Shoebox-175 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Shoebox250 - Shoebox-250 - LED Wall Pack Shoebox-250 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Shoebox400 - Shoebox-400 - LED Wall Pack Shoebox-400 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Cobra175 - Cobra-175 - LED Wall Pack Cobra-175 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Cobra250 - Cobra-250 - LED Wall Pack Cobra-250 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Cobra400 - Cobra-400 - LED Wall Pack Cobra-400 : LED wall pack (PDF)
Trof2 - Trof-2 - LED Strip Lights Trof-2 : LED strip lights (PDF)
Trof4 - Trof-4 - LED Strip Lights Trof-4 : LED strip lights (PDF)
Linear4 - Linear-4 - LED Strip Lights Linear-4 : LED strip lights (PDF)
Linear8 - Linear-8 - LED Strip Lights Linear-8 : LED strip lights (PDF)
LEDHiBayTrof - LED Hi-Bay - LED Strip Lights LEDHiBayTrof : LED Hi-Bay (PDF)
ExitRBB - Emergency Lighting ExitRBB : Emergency Lighting (PDF)
ExitCombo - Emergency Lighting ExitCombo : Emergency Lighting (PDF)
EmergencyLED - Emergency Lighting EmergencyLED : Emergency Lighting (PDF)
ExitRetroLED - Emergency Lighting ExitRetroLED : Emergency Lighting (PDF)
WallpackV70-LV - Wallpack-V70-LV - Solar plug n play Wallpack-V70-LV : solar plug n play (PDF)
Canopy70-LV - Canopy-70-LV - Solar plug n play Canopy-70-LV : solar plug n play (PDF)
Bulkhead-Oval-LV - OBH-W-LV - Solar plug n play Bulkhead-Oval-LV : OBH-W-LV (PDF)
Bulkhead-Round-LV - RBH-W-LV - Solar plug n play Bulkhead-Round-LV : RBH-W-LV (PDF)
Ray 12 Solar Power Supply - RAY-12 - Solar plug n play Ray 12 Solar Power Supply : RAY-12 (PDF)

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