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Ellington Electronics Technology

Ellington Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of high precision and high density double-sided and multi-layered printed circuit boards (‘PCB’). It is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China. - PCB manufacturer

PC, PC Peripheral, Consumer Entertainment, MC PCB, Telecommunicaton, Industry & power Supply, Automobile, others, & more.

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Cpk Value - Read More... - Please Download The File - Capability Cpk Value : read more... (PDF)
Facilities Equipment List - Read More... - Please Download The File Facilities Equipment List : read more... (PDF)
Technology Roadmap - Read More... - Please Download The File Technology Roadmap : read more... (PDF)
Quality Reliability - 更多... - Please Download The File - 质量可靠性测试... Quality Reliability : 更多... (PDF)
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公司公告 D8fdd9fb5f6eb25128373f340b8b6e00 : 公司公告 (PDF)
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公司公告 27749f932651fe5092ab753ba65c8ca4 : 公司公告 (PDF)
公司公告 E964105c2c67575ff50ab7b39ffbe73f : 公司公告 (PDF)
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