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Electronica USA

At Electronica, we carry replacement parts for all major brands of LCD, PLASMA, DLP, and CRT television sets.From amplifier IC's to ZENER Diodes. We also have thousands of discrete components to choose from. All our semiconductors are brand new and from the original equipment manufacturer. - LCD, PLASMA, DLP, and CRT television sets

Belts-Idler Tires, Bridge Rectifiers, Capacitors, Diodes, Field Effect Transistors, Flybacks, Fuses, Incandescent Lamps, Integrated Circuits, LCD Inverters, LCD/DLP Lamps, LCD/LED Main Board, LCD/LED Power Supply, LCD/LED T-Con, LCD/LED TV Parts, LED Assy, Motors, Optical Pick Ups, Passive Components, Plasma TV Parts, Remotes, Resistors, Silicon Controlled rectifiers, Tech Aids/Books, Transistors, Triac's, Tuners, TV Stands, & more.

Fsp212-3f02 - Drawing Fsp212-3f02 : Drawing (PDF)
TL1040in-LCD.TESTER - HR-TL1040 TL1040in-LCD.TESTER : HR-TL1040 (PDF)
KBU8K - PDF.file KBU8K : PDF.file (PDF)
Spt4 - PDF.file - 0001.2510 Spt4 : PDF.file (PDF)
Spt5 - PDF.file - 0001.2511 Spt5 : PDF.file (PDF)
Spt3.15 - PDF.file - 0001.2509 Spt3.15 : PDF.file (PDF)
Spt6.3 - PDF.file - 0001.2512 Spt6.3 : PDF.file (PDF)
Spt8 - PDF.file - 0001.2513 Spt8 : PDF.file (PDF)
Spt8 - PDF.file - 0001.2514 Spt8 : PDF.file (PDF)
1MB12-140 1MB12-140 (PDF)
2n3055 2n3055 (PDF)
4WT0062303GP - Drawing1 4WT0062303GP : Drawing1 (PDF)
FSP212-30F2 - Drawing2 - 4WT0062303GP FSP212-30F2 : Drawing2 (PDF)
LGG2W331MELB - C330-450H LGG2W331MELB : C330-450H (PDF)
13920013 13920013 (PDF)
2SB647 2SB647 (PDF)
2SC3688 2SC3688 (PDF)
2SC3789 2SC3789 (PDF)
2SC3998 2SC3998 (PDF)
2sc4834 - 2SC4834P 2sc4834 : 2SC4834P (PDF)
2SC5148 2SC5148 (PDF)
2SC5150 2SC5150 (PDF)
2sc5172 2sc5172 (PDF)
2sc5200 2sc5200 (PDF)
2sc5480 2sc5480 (PDF)
2sc5570 2sc5570 (PDF)
2SC5612 2SC5612 (PDF)
2SC5681 2SC5681 (PDF)
2SC5689 - PDF.file 2SC5689 : PDF.file (PDF)
2SD1694 2SD1694 (PDF)
2SD1878 2SD1878 (PDF)
2SD1879 2SD1879 (PDF)
2SD1880 2SD1880 (PDF)
2SD2580 2SD2580 (PDF)
2sd2578 2sd2578 (PDF)
2sd2627ls 2sd2627ls (PDF)
2SD667 2SD667 (PDF)
2sk2545 2sk2545 (PDF)
2sk2723 2sk2723 (PDF)
2sk2761 2sk2761 (PDF)
2SK3523 - PDF.file 2SK3523 : PDF.file (PDF)
2SK3562 2SK3562 (PDF)
2sk3563 2sk3563 (PDF)
2SK3568 2SK3568 (PDF)
2SK3569 2SK3569 (PDF)
2SK4096 2SK4096 (PDF)
2SK4106 2SK4106 (PDF)

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