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Dynex Semiconductor

A semiconductor business was opened in Lincoln by AEI Semiconductors in 1956 manufacturing some of the first silicon based semiconductor components in the world. - Semiconductor Components

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DRD520T14 - Rectifier Diodes DRD520T14 : Rectifier Diodes (PDF)
DNX DRD1360D14 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD1360D14 : DRD1360D14 (PDF)
DNX DRD1510G14 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD1510G14 : DRD1510G14 (PDF)
DNX DRD2770F14 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD2770F14 : DRD2770F14 (PDF)
DNX DRD3220X14 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD3220X14 : DRD3220X14 (PDF)
DNX DRD4650C14 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD4650C14 : DRD4650C14 (PDF)
DNX DRD6080V14 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD6080V14 : DRD6080V14 (PDF)
DNX DRD410T22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD410T22 : DRD410T22 (PDF)
DNX DRD990D22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD990D22 : DRD990D22 (PDF)
DNX DRD1100G22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD1100G22 : DRD1100G22 (PDF)
DNX DRD2030F22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD2030F22 : DRD2030F22 (PDF)
DNX DRD2360X22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD2360X22 : DRD2360X22 (PDF)
DNX DRD3430C22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD3430C22 : DRD3430C22 (PDF)
DNX DRD4460V22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD4460V22 : DRD4460V22 (PDF)
DNX DRD6380W22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD6380W22 : DRD6380W22 (PDF)
DNX DRD6800A22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD6800A22 : DRD6800A22 (PDF)
DNX DRD8880H22 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD8880H22 : DRD8880H22 (PDF)
DNX DRD850D34 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD850D34 : DRD850D34 (PDF)
DNX DRD960G34 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD960G34 : DRD960G34 (PDF)
DNX DRD1830F34 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD1830F34 : DRD1830F34 (PDF)
DNX DRD2050X34 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD2050X34 : DRD2050X34 (PDF)
DNX DRD2980C34 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD2980C34 : DRD2980C34 (PDF)
DNX DRD3920V34 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD3920V34 : DRD3920V34 (PDF)
DNX DRD5240W34 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD5240W34 : DRD5240W34 (PDF)
DNX DRD6140A34 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD6140A34 : DRD6140A34 (PDF)
DNX DRD7810H34 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD7810H34 : DRD7810H34 (PDF)
DNX DRD870G40 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD870G40 : DRD870G40 (PDF)
DNX DRD1230F40 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD1230F40 : DRD1230F40 (PDF)
DNX DRD2960Y40 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD2960Y40 : DRD2960Y40 (PDF)
DNX DRD3390V40 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD3390V40 : DRD3390V40 (PDF)
DNX DRD4350A40 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD4350A40 : DRD4350A40 (PDF)
DNX DRA170E44 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRA170E44 : DRA170E44 (PDF)
DNX DRD2000L45 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD2000L45 : DRD2000L45 (PDF)
DNX DRD6290H45 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD6290H45 : DRD6290H45 (PDF)
DNX DRD1100F48 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD1100F48 : DRD1100F48 (PDF)
DNX DRD710G50 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD710G50 : DRD710G50 (PDF)
DNX DRD2690Y50 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD2690Y50 : DRD2690Y50 (PDF)
DNX DRD3080V50 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD3080V50 : DRD3080V50 (PDF)
DNX DRD3770A52 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD3770A52 : DRD3770A52 (PDF)
DNX DRD5940H55 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD5940H55 : DRD5940H55 (PDF)
DNX DRD630G60 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD630G60 : DRD630G60 (PDF)
DNX DRD1010F60 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD1010F60 : DRD1010F60 (PDF)
DNX DRD5150H65 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD5150H65 : DRD5150H65 (PDF)
DNX DRD4950H72 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD4950H72 : DRD4950H72 (PDF)
DNX DRD4690H85 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD4690H85 : DRD4690H85 (PDF)
DNX DRD560G90 - Rectifier Diodes DNX DRD560G90 : DRD560G90 (PDF)
DNX DCR470T14 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR470T14 : DCR470T14 (PDF)
DNX DCR780E14 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR780E14 : DCR780E14 (PDF)
DNX DCR950D14 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR950D14 : DCR950D14 (PDF)
DNX DCR1010G14 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1010G14 : DCR1010G14 (PDF)
DNX DCR1910F14 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1910F14 : DCR1910F14 (PDF)
DNX DCR2150X14 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2150X14 : DCR2150X14 (PDF)
DNX DCR2980C14 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2980C14 : DCR2980C14 (PDF)
DNX DCR3710V14 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3710V14 : DCR3710V14 (PDF)
DNX DCR370T18 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR370T18 : DCR370T18 (PDF)
DNX DCR720E18 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR720E18 : DCR720E18 (PDF)
DNX DCR860D18 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR860D18 : DCR860D18 (PDF)
DNX DCR960G18 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR960G18 : DCR960G18 (PDF)
DNX DCR1710F18 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1710F18 : DCR1710F18 (PDF)
DNX DCR1800F18 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1800F18 : DCR1800F18 (PDF)
DNX DCR1970X18 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1970X18 : DCR1970X18 (PDF)
DNX DCR2830C18 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2830C18 : DCR2830C18 (PDF)
DNX DCR3400V18 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3400V18 : DCR3400V18 (PDF)
DNX DCR4440W22 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4440W22 : DCR4440W22 (PDF)
DNX DCR5900A22 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR5900A22 : DCR5900A22 (PDF)
DNX DCR6430M22 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR6430M22 : DCR6430M22 (PDF)
DNX DCR590E24 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR590E24 : DCR590E24 (PDF)
DNX DCR750D24 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR750D24 : DCR750D24 (PDF)
DNX DCR1700X24 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1700X24 : DCR1700X24 (PDF)
DNX DCR2360C24 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2360C24 : DCR2360C24 (PDF)
DNX DCR3060V24) - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3060V24) : DCR3060V24 (PDF)
DNX DCR850G26 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR850G26 : DCR850G26 (PDF)
DNX DCR1560F26 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1560F26 : DCR1560F26 (PDF)
DNX DCR7610H28 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR7610H28 : DCR7610H28 (PDF)
DNX DCR2060C28 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2060C28 : DCR2060C28 (PDF)
DNX DCR2760V28 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2760V28 : DCR2760V28 (PDF)
DNX DCR4590B28 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4590B28 : DCR4590B28 (PDF)
DNX DCR4910W28 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4910W28 : DCR4910W28 (PDF)
DNX DCR5320A28 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR5320A28 : DCR5320A28 (PDF)
DNX DCR5900A28 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR5900A28 : DCR5900A28 (PDF)
DNX DCR5790M28 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR5790M28 : DCR5790M28 (PDF)
DNX DCR780G30 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR780G30 : DCR780G30 (PDF)
DNX DCR1460F30 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1460F30 : DCR1460F30 (PDF)
DNX DCR470E34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR470E34 : DCR470E34 (PDF)
DNX DCR610D34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR610D34 : DCR610D34 (PDF)
DNX DCR650G34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR650G34 : DCR650G34 (PDF)
DNX DCR1120F34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1120F34 : DCR1120F34 (PDF)
DNX DCR1430X34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1430X34 : DCR1430X34 (PDF)
DNX DCR1970C34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1970C34 : DCR1970C34 (PDF)
DNX DCR2440V34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2440V34 : DCR2440V34 (PDF)
DNX DCR3640W34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3640W34 : DCR3640W34 (PDF)
DNX DCR4720A34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4720A34 : DCR4720A34 (PDF)
DNX DCR5110M34 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR5110M34 : DCR5110M34 (PDF)
DNX DCR780G42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR780G42 : DCR780G42 (PDF)
DNX DCR1150N42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1150N42 : DCR1150N42 (PDF)
DNX DCR1260F42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1260F42 : DCR1260F42 (PDF)
DNX DCR2040L42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2040L42 : DCR2040L42 (PDF)
DNX DCR2150C42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2150C42 : DCR2150C42 (PDF)
DNX DCR2930Y42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2930Y42 : DCR2930Y42 (PDF)
DNX DCR3030V42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3030V42 : DCR3030V42 (PDF)
DNX DCR3790B42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3790B42 : DCR3790B42 (PDF)
DNX DCR4100W42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4100W42 : DCR4100W42 (PDF)
DNX DCR4500A42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4500A42 : DCR4500A42 (PDF)
DNX DCR4880M42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4880M42 : DCR4880M42 (PDF)
DNX DCR6140H42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR6140H42 : DCR6140H42 (PDF)
DNX DCR6650H42 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR6650H42 : DCR6650H42 (PDF)
DNX DCR690G52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR690G52 : DCR690G52 (PDF)
DNX DCR1020N52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1020N52 : DCR1020N52 (PDF)
DNX DCR1110F52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1110F52 : DCR1110F52 (PDF)
DNX DCR1850L52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1850L52 : DCR1850L52 (PDF)
DNX DCR1950C52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1950C52 : DCR1950C52 (PDF)
DNX DCR2630Y52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2630Y52 : DCR2630Y52 (PDF)
DNX DCR2720V52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2720V52 : DCR2720V52 (PDF)
DNX DCR3480B52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3480B52 : DCR3480B52 (PDF)
DNX DCR3640W52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3640W52 : DCR3640W52 (PDF)
DNX DCR3990A52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3990A52 : DCR3990A52 (PDF)
DNX DCR4330M52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4330M52 : DCR4330M52 (PDF)
DNX DCR5240H52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR5240H52 : DCR5240H52 (PDF)
DNX DCR5890H52 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR5890H52 : DCR5890H52 (PDF)
DNX DCR490J65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR490J65 : DCR490J65 (PDF)
DNX DCR590G65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR590G65 : DCR590G65 (PDF)
DNX DCR820N65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR820N65 : DCR820N65 (PDF)
DNX DCR890F65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR890F65 : DCR890F65 (PDF)
DNX DCR1570L65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1570L65 : DCR1570L65 (PDF)
DNX DCR1650C65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1650C65 : DCR1650C65 (PDF)
DNX DCR2220Y65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2220Y65 : DCR2220Y65 (PDF)
DNX DCR2290V65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2290V65 : DCR2290V65 (PDF)
DNX DCR2880B65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2880B65 : DCR2880B65 (PDF)
DNX DCR2950W65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2950W65 : DCR2950W65 (PDF)
DNX DCR3220A65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3220A65 : DCR3220A65 (PDF)
DNX DCR4420H65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4420H65 : DCR4420H65 (PDF)
DNX DCR4660H65 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR4660H65 : DCR4660H65 (PDF)
DNX DCR390J85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR390J85 : DCR390J85 (PDF)
DNX DCR470G85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR470G85 : DCR470G85 (PDF)
DNX DCR680N85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR680N85 : DCR680N85 (PDF)
DNX DCR750F85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR750F85 : DCR750F85 (PDF)
DNX DCR1300L85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1300L85 : DCR1300L85 (PDF)
DNX DCR1840Y85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1840Y85 : DCR1840Y85 (PDF)
DNX DCR1910V85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR1910V85 : DCR1910V85 (PDF)
DNX DCR2400B85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2400B85 : DCR2400B85 (PDF)
DNX DCR2450W85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2450W85 : DCR2450W85 (PDF)
DNX DCR2560A85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2560A85 : DCR2560A85 (PDF)
DNX DCR2760M85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR2760M85 : DCR2760M85 (PDF)
DNX DCR3640H85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3640H85 : DCR3640H85 (PDF)
DNX DCR3980H85 - Phase Control Thyristors DNX DCR3980H85 : DCR3980H85 (PDF)
DNX DFM750AXM65-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM750AXM65-TS000 : DFM750AXM65-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM750XXM65-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM750XXM65-TS000 : DFM750XXM65-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM500XXM65-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM500XXM65-TS000 : DFM500XXM65-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM250XXM65-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM250XXM65-TS000 : DFM250XXM65-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM1200AXM45-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200AXM45-TS000 : DFM1200AXM45-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM1200AXM45-TS001 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200AXM45-TS001 : DFM1200AXM45-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DFM1200XXM45-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200XXM45-TS000 : DFM1200XXM45-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM1200XXM45-TS001 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200XXM45-TS001 : DFM1200XXM45-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DFM800XXM45-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM800XXM45-TS000 : DFM800XXM45-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM800XXM45-TS001 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM800XXM45-TS001 : DFM800XXM45-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DFM400XXM45-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM400XXM45-TS000 : DFM400XXM45-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM400XXM45-TS001 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM400XXM45-TS001 : DFM400XXM45-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DFM900NXM45-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM900NXM45-F000 : DFM900NXM45-F000 (PDF)
DNX DFM600NXM45-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM600NXM45-F000 : DFM600NXM45-F000 (PDF)
DNX DFM600XXM45-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM600XXM45-F000 : DFM600XXM45-F000 (PDF)
DNX DFM450NXM45-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM450NXM45-F000 : DFM450NXM45-F000 (PDF)
DNX DFM1250NXM33-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1250NXM33-TS000 : DFM1250NXM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM1000EXM33-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1000EXM33-TS000 : DFM1000EXM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM1000NXM33-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1000NXM33-TS000 : DFM1000NXM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM500NXM33-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM500NXM33-TS000 : DFM500NXM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM250PXM33-TS000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM250PXM33-TS000 : DFM250PXM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DFM1200NXM33-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200NXM33-F000 : DFM1200NXM33-F (PDF)
DNX DFM800NXM33-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM800NXM33-F000 : DFM800NXM33-F (PDF)
DNX DFM400NXM33-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM400NXM33-F000 : DFM400NXM33-F (PDF)
DNX DFM400PXM33-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM400PXM33-F000 : DFM400PXM33-F (PDF)
DNX DFM200PXM33-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM200PXM33-F000 : DFM200PXM33-F (PDF)
DNX DFM100PXM33-F000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM100PXM33-F000 : DFM100PXM33-F (PDF)
DNX DFM1200EXM18-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200EXM18-A000 : DFM1200EXM18-A (PDF)
DNX DFM1200FXM18-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200FXM18-A000 : DFM1200FXM18-A (PDF)
DNX DFM900FXM18-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM900FXM18-A000 : DFM900FXM18-A (PDF)
DNX DFM600FXM18-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM600FXM18-A000 : DFM600FXM18-A (PDF)
DNX DFM1200EXM12-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200EXM12-A000 : DFM1200EXM12-A (PDF)
DNX DFM1200FXM12-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200FXM12-A000 : DFM1200FXM12-A (PDF)
DNX DFM900FXM12-A000 (1) - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM900FXM12-A000 (1) : DFM900FXM12-A (PDF)
DNX DFM600FXM12-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM600FXM12-A000 : DFM600FXM12-A (PDF)
DNX DFM1200EXS12-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200EXS12-A000 : DFM1200EXS12-A (PDF)
DNX DFM1200FXS12-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM1200FXS12-A000 : DFM1200FXS12-A (PDF)
DNX DFM900FXS12-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM900FXS12-A000 : DFM900FXS12-A (PDF)
DNX DFM600FXS12-A000 - Fast Recovery Diode Modules DNX DFM600FXS12-A000 : DFM600FXS12-A (PDF)
DNX DGT304SE - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DGT304SE : DGT304SE (PDF)
DNX DGT305SE - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DGT305SE : DGT305SE (PDF)
DNX DG306AE25 - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DG306AE25 : DG306AE (PDF)
DNX DG406BP - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DG406BP : DG406BP (PDF)
DNX DG646BH25 - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DG646BH25 : DG646BH (PDF)
DNX DG408BP45 - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DG408BP45 : DG408BP (PDF)
DNX DG648BH45 - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DG648BH45 : DG648BH (PDF)
DNX DG758BX45 - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DG758BX45 : DG758BX (PDF)
DNX DG808BC45 - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DG808BC45 : DG808BC (PDF)
DNX DG858BW45 - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DG858BW45 : DG858BW (PDF)
DNX DG858DW45 - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DG858DW45 : DG858DW (PDF)
DNX DGT304RE - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DGT304RE : DGT304RE (PDF)
DNX DGT305RE - Gate Turn-off Thyristors DNX DGT305RE : DGT305RE (PDF)
DNX DIM500XSM65-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM500XSM65-TS000 : DIM500XSM65-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM500ACM65-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM500ACM65-TS000 : DIM500ACM65-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM250XCM65-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM250XCM65-TS000 : DIM250XCM65-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM1200ASM45-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1200ASM45-TS000 : DIM1200ASM45-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM1200ASM45-TS001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1200ASM45-TS001 : DIM1200ASM45-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DIM800ACM45-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800ACM45-TS000 : DIM800ACM45-TS000 (PDF)
DNX DIM800ACM45-TS001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800ACM45-TS001 : DIM800ACM45-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DIM800XSM45-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800XSM45-TS000 : DIM800XSM45-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM800XSM45-TS001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800XSM45-TS001 : DIM800XSM45-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DIM400XCM45-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400XCM45-TS000 : DIM400XCM45-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM400XCM45-TS001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400XCM45-TS001 : DIM400XCM45-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DIM400XSM45-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400XSM45-TS000 : DIM400XSM45-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM400XSM45-TS001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400XSM45-TS001 : DIM400XSM45-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DIM1200ASM45-TL000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1200ASM45-TL000 : DIM1200ASM45-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM1200ASM45-TL001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1200ASM45-TL001 : DIM1200ASM45-TL001 (PDF)
DNX DIM800XSM45-TL001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800XSM45-TL001 : DIM800XSM45-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM1500ESM33-TL000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1500ESM33-TL000 : DIM1500ESM33-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM1500ASM33-TL001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1500ASM33-TL001 : DIM1500ASM33-TL001 (PDF)
DNX DIM1000NSM33-TL000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1000NSM33-TL000 : DIM1000NSM33-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM1000XSM33-TL001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1000XSM33-TL001 : DIM1000XSM33-TL001 (PDF)
DNX DIM500GDM33-TL000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM500GDM33-TL000 : DIM500GDM33-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM1000ECM33-TL000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1000ECM33-TL000 : DIM1000ECM33-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM1000ACM33-TL001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1000ACM33-TL001 : DIM1000ACM33-TL001 (PDF)
DNX DIM500GCM33-TL000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM500GCM33-TL000 : DIM500GCM33-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM250PKM33-TL000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM250PKM33-TL000 : DIM250PKM33-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM250PLM33-TL000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM250PLM33-TL000 : DIM250PLM33-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM250PHM33-TL000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM250PHM33-TL000 : DIM250PHM33-TL (PDF)
DNX DIM1500ESM33-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1500ESM33-TS000 : DIM1500ESM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM1500ASM33-TS001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1500ASM33-TS001 : DIM1500ASM33-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DIM1000NSM33-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1000NSM33-TS000 : DIM1000NSM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM1000XSM33-TS001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1000XSM33-TS001 : DIM1000XSM33-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DIM500GDM33-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM500GDM33-TS000 : DIM500GDM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM1000ECM33-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1000ECM33-TS000 : DIM1000ECM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM1000ACM33-TS001 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1000ACM33-TS001 : DIM1000ACM33-TS001 (PDF)
DNX DIM500GCM33-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM500GCM33-TS000 : DIM500GCM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM250PKM33-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM250PKM33-TS000 : DIM250PKM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM250PLM33-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM250PLM33-TS000 : DIM250PLM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM250PHM33-TS000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM250PHM33-TS000 : DIM250PHM33-TS (PDF)
DNX DIM1200ESM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1200ESM33-F000 : DIM1200ESM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM800NSM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800NSM33-F000 : DIM800NSM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM800XSM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800XSM33-F000 : DIM800XSM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM400NSM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400NSM33-F000 : DIM400NSM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM400GDM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400GDM33-F000 : DIM400GDM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM800ECM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800ECM33-F000 : DIM800ECM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM400GCM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400GCM33-F000 : DIM400GCM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM400XCM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400XCM33-F000 : DIM400XCM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM200PLM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM200PLM33-F000 : DIM200PLM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM200PKM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM200PKM33-F000 : DIM200PKM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM200PHM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM200PHM33-F000 : DIM200PHM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM100PHM33-F000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM100PHM33-F000 : DIM100PHM33-F (PDF)
DNX DIM2400ESM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM2400ESM17-A000 : DIM2400ESM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM1600FSM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1600FSM17-A000 : DIM1600FSM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM1200FSM17-A000 (1) - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1200FSM17-A000 (1) : DIM1200FSM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM800FSM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800FSM17-A000 : DIM800FSM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM800DDM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800DDM17-A000 : DIM800DDM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM600DDM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM600DDM17-A000 : DIM600DDM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM400DDM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400DDM17-A000 : DIM400DDM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM1600ECM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1600ECM17-A000 : DIM1600ECM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM800DCM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800DCM17-A000 : DIM800DCM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM600DCM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM600DCM17-A000 : DIM600DCM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM400DCM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400DCM17-A000 : DIM400DCM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM400PHM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400PHM17-A000 : DIM400PHM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM400PBM17-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400PBM17-A000 : DIM400PBM17-A (PDF)
DNX DIM2400ESM12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM2400ESM12-A000 : DIM2400ESM12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM1800ESM12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1800ESM12-A000 : DIM1800ESM12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM1600FSM12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1600FSM12-A000 : DIM1600FSM12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM1200FSM12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1200FSM12-A000 : DIM1200FSM12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM800FSM12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800FSM12-A000 : DIM800FSM12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM800DDM12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800DDM12-A000 : DIM800DDM12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM600DDM12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM600DDM12-A000 : DIM600DDM12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM400DDM12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400DDM12-A000 : DIM400DDM12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM800DCM12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800DCM12-A000 : DIM800DCM12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM2400ESS12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM2400ESS12-A000 : DIM2400ESS12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM1800ESS12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1800ESS12-A000 : DIM1800ESS12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM1600FSS12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1600FSS12-A000 : DIM1600FSS12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM1200FSS12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM1200FSS12-A000 : DIM1200FSS12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM800FSS12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800FSS12-A000 : DIM800FSS12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM800DDS12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800DDS12-A000 : DIM800DDS12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM600DDS12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM600DDS12-A000 : DIM600DDS12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM400DDS12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM400DDS12-A000 : DIM400DDS12-A (PDF)
DNX DIM800DCS12-A000 - IGBT Modules DNX DIM800DCS12-A000 : DIM800DCS12-A (PDF)
DNX ACR300SG33 - Pulse Power Thyristors DNX ACR300SG33 : ACR300SG33 (PDF)
DNX PT40QPx45 - Pulse Power Thyristors DNX PT40QPx45 : PT40QPx45 (PDF)
DNX PT60QHx45 - Pulse Power Thyristors DNX PT60QHx45 : PT60QHx45 (PDF)
DNX PT85QWx45 - Pulse Power Thyristors DNX PT85QWx45 : PT85QWx45 (PDF)
DNX ACR2900VR45 - Bypass Thyristors New DNX ACR2900VR45 : ACR2900VR45 (PDF)
DNX ACR3200VR33 - Bypass Thyristors New DNX ACR3200VR33 : ACR3200VR33 (PDF)
DNX DF451 - Fast Recovery Diodes DNX DF451 : DF451 (PDF)
DNX DSF8025SE - Fast Recovery Diodes DNX DSF8025SE : DSF8025SE (PDF)
DNX DF051 - Fast Recovery Diodes DNX DF051 : DF051 (PDF)
DNX DSF8045SK - Fast Recovery Diodes DNX DSF8045SK : DSF8045SK (PDF)
DNX DSF20545SF - Fast Recovery Diodes DNX DSF20545SF : DSF20545SF (PDF)
DNX DSF21545SV - Fast Recovery Diodes DNX DSF21545SV : DSF21545SV (PDF)
DNX DSF11060SG - Fast Recovery Diodes DNX DSF11060SG : DSF11060SG (PDF)
Dnx An4506 Jul02 4 - Calculating The Junction Temperature Of Power Semiconductors - Application Notes Dnx An4506 Jul02 4 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4839 1 - Clamping Of Power Semiconductors - Application Notes Dnx An4839 1 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4840 - Gate Triggering And The Use Of Gate Characteristics - Application Notes Dnx An4840 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4853 Jul02 - Thyristor/Diode Measurement With A Multimeter - Application Notes Dnx An4853 Jul02 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4869 Jul02 - Guidance For Formulating Technical Enquiries - Application Notes Dnx An4869 Jul02 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4870 Jul02 - Effects Of Temperature On Thyristor Performance - Application Notes Dnx An4870 Jul02 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4999 Jul02 - Turn-On Performance Of Thyristors In Parallel - Application Notes Dnx An4999 Jul02 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5001 - Use Of The VTO - RT On-state Characteristic Model - Application Notes Dnx An5001 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5177 Jul02 - Improved Gate Drive For GTO Series Connections - Application Notes Dnx An5177 Jul02 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5369 Jul02 - Selection Of SCRs For Parallel Operation - Application Notes Dnx An5369 Jul02 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5381 4 - Case Non-Rupture Current Ratings - Application Notes Dnx An5381 4 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5569 July05 - Standard Waveforms - Application Notes Dnx An5569 July05 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5948 - Reliability Of High Power Bipolar Devices - Application Notes Dnx An5948 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5950 - Understanding I2 Phase Control Thyristor Datasheets - Application Notes Dnx An5950 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5951 - Estimation Of Turn-Off Losses In A Thyristor Due To Reverse Recovery - Application Notes Dnx An5951 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6142 - Series Thyristor Operation Replacements - Application Notes Dnx An6142 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6143 - Parallel Thyristor Operation Replacements - Application Notes Dnx An6143 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6144 1 - Power Electronics: Devices, Applications And Passive Components - Application Notes Dnx An6144 1 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6145 - Fault Finding In Thyristor Equipment - Application Notes Dnx An6145 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6147 - Use Of Rectifier Diodes At Elevated Temperatures For Short Term Overloads - Application Notes Dnx An6147 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6148 - Thyristor Gate Drives - Application Notes Dnx An6148 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6161 - Turn-off Time, Leakage Current And Reverse Recovery Current Under Conditions Other Than The Datasheet - Application Notes Dnx An6161 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6175 - Design Of An RC SnubberCircuit For Dynex I2 Thyristors - Application Notes Dnx An6175 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6184 - Effective Thermal Resistance For Repetitive Waveforms - Application Notes Dnx An6184 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6196 - Gate Power Calculations - Application Notes Dnx An6196 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4502 Jul02 - IGBT Electrostatic Handling Precautions - Application Notes Dnx An4502 Jul02 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4503 Jul02 - An Introduction To IGBT Operation - Application Notes Dnx An4503 Jul02 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4505 Rev 6 - Heatsink Issues For IGBT Modules - Application Notes Dnx An4505 Rev 6 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An4507 Jul02 - Gate Drive Considerations For Maximum IGBT Efficiency - Application Notes Dnx An4507 Jul02 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5700 Igbt Identifier - Dynex IGBT And FRD Module Naming Convention Explained - Application Notes Dnx An5700 Igbt Identifier : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5945 1 - IGBT Module Reliability - Application Notes Dnx An5945 1 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An5947 - Understanding IGBT Module Datasheets - Application Notes Dnx An5947 : Application notes (PDF)
Dnx An6156 1 - Calculating Power Losses In An IGBT Module - Application Notes Dnx An6156 1 : Application notes (PDF)
I2 Thyristor Leaflet 1625 Dynex I2 Thyristor Datasheet Lowres : i2 Thyristor Leaflet (PDF)
Bipolar Overview Leaflet 1866 Dynex Product Briefing Sheets Bipolar Lowres : Bipolar Overview Leaflet (PDF)
IGBT Overview 1866 Dynex Product Briefing Sheets Igbt Lowres : IGBT Overview (PDF)
Custom Power Assemblies Leaflet 1866 Dynex Product Briefing Sheets Powerassem Custom Power : Custom Power Assemblies Leaflet (PDF)
Test Equipment Leaflet 1866 Dynex Product Briefing Sheets Powerassem2 Test Equipment : Test Equipment Leaflet (PDF)
Replacement And Refurbishment Service Leaflets 1866 Dynex Product Briefing Sheets Powerassem3 Refurb : Replacement and Refurbishment Service Leaflets (PDF)
Subcontract Power Assemblies Leaflet 1866 Dynex Product Briefing Sheets Powerassem4 Subcontract : Subcontract Power Assemblies Leaflet (PDF)
Dynex Product Guide 2016 Dynex Product Guide 2016 : Product Guide 2016 (PDF)
Highly Integrated Power Assembly (HIPA) Leaflet Hipa 4233 Dynex Electic Vehicle Insert V6g : Highly Integrated Power Assembly (HIPA) Leaflet (PDF)
IPU Leaflet Ipu 4233 Dynex Electic Vehicle Insert V6g : IPU Leaflet (PDF)
Counterfeit Goods - Customer Warning Counterfeit Goods : Customer warning (PDF)
ED Heatsink - Heatsinks And Clamps ED Heatsink : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
Em Datasheet - Heatsinks And Clamps Em Datasheet : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
Notavailable - Heatsinks And Clamps Notavailable : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
DNX D-Type WC Hsnk - Heatsinks And Clamps DNX D-Type WC Hsnk : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
DNX E-Type WC Hsnk - Heatsinks And Clamps DNX E-Type WC Hsnk : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
DNX F-Type WC Hsnk - Heatsinks And Clamps DNX F-Type WC Hsnk : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
DNX K-Type WC Hsnk - Heatsinks And Clamps DNX K-Type WC Hsnk : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
DNX L-Type WC Hsnk - Heatsinks And Clamps DNX L-Type WC Hsnk : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
DNX M-Type WC Hsnk - Heatsinks And Clamps DNX M-Type WC Hsnk : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
DNX P-Type WC Hsnk - Heatsinks And Clamps DNX P-Type WC Hsnk : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
DNX Y-Type WC Hsnk Nov02 - Heatsinks And Clamps DNX Y-Type WC Hsnk Nov02 : Heatsinks and Clamps (PDF)
DS5405Clamps(1) - Drawing - Heatsinks And Clamps DS5405Clamps(1) : Drawing (PDF)
DYPQ SEDAR Proxy English - AGM Papers DYPQ SEDAR Proxy English : SEDAR Proxy (PDF)
DynexCircular - AGM Notice And Circular - AGM Papers DynexCircular : AGM Notice and Circular (PDF)
Statement Of RoHS Compliance - RoHS PDF Document - Policies & Procedures Policies And Procedures Statement Of RoHS Compliance : RoHS (PDF)
Lowcarbonevent 1 - Dynex Semiconductor Ltd To Exh... 09 September 2015 Dynex Semiconductor Ltd To Exhibit At The Low Carbon Vehicle Event Lowcarbonevent 1 : Dynex Semiconductor Ltd to Exh... 09 September 2015 Dynex Semiconductor Ltd to Exhibit at the Low Carbon Vehicle Event (PDF)
Dynex Awarded €1 Million R&... 19 November 2015 Dynex Awarded €1 Million R&D Grant From EU Eu Funding For Aircraft Components : Dynex Awarded €1 million R&... 19 November 2015 Dynex Awarded €1 million R&D Grant from EU (PDF)
Pr2015 03 Q1 Results 2 - Older Pr2015 03 Q1 Results 2 : Older (PDF)
Newer Pr 2015 04 Loan From Csr Times Electric : Newer (PDF)
Newer Pr 2016 02 Update On Late Filing Of Accounts : Newer (PDF)
Older Pr 2016 01 Late Filing Of Accounts : Older (PDF)
Pr 2016 05 Q2 Results - Older Pr 2016 05 Q2 Results : Older (PDF)
Newer Pr 2015 06 Eu Funding For Aircraft Components : Newer (PDF)
Pr 2015 07 Q3 Results - Newer Pr 2015 07 Q3 Results : Newer (PDF)
Older Pr 2015 01 Guidance On Contract Cancellation : Older (PDF)
Pr 2015 05 Q2 Results 1 - Newer Pr 2015 05 Q2 Results 1 : Newer (PDF)
Pr 2016 04 Q1 Results Pr 2016 04 Q1 Results (PDF)
Pr 2014 08 Q3 Results Pr 2014 08 Q3 Results (PDF)
Pr 2014 07 Q2 Results Pr 2014 07 Q2 Results (PDF)
Pr 2014 07 Csr Open 8 Inch Production Base In Chinal (PDF)
Technology Strategy Board Projects Dynex Press Release 2014 07 Final (PDF)
Pr 2014 06 Q1 Results Pr 2014 06 Q1 Results (PDF)
Pr 2014 04 New Loan Agreement Pr 2014 04 New Loan Agreement (PDF)
Pr 2014 03 Rgf Grant Pr 2014 03 Rgf Grant (PDF)
Pr 2014 02 R D And Tech Support Agreement (PDF)
Pr 2014 01guidance On 2013q4 Pr 2014 01guidance On 2013q4 (PDF)
Pr 2013 05 Q3 Results Pr 2013 05 Q3 Results (PDF)
Pr 2013 04 Q2 Results Pr 2013 04 Q2 Results (PDF)
Pr 2013 03 Q1 Results Pr 2013 03 Q1 Results (PDF)
Pr 2013 01 Guidanceonbusinessprospects (PDF)
2012 Q3 Results 2012 Q3 Results (PDF)
2012 Q2 Results 2012 Q2 Results (PDF)
2012 Q1 Results 2012 Q1 Results (PDF)
Pr 2012 01 Market Update Pr 2012 01 Market Update (PDF)
2011 Q3 Results 2011 Q3 Results (PDF)
2011 Q2 Results 2011 Q2 Results (PDF)
2011 Q1 Results 2011 Q1 Results (PDF)
Uktiemba 2010 Uktiemba 2010 (PDF)
2010 Q3 Results 2010 Q3 Results (PDF)
Pr 2012 02 Change Of Directors 2 (PDF)
2010 Q1 Results 2010 Q1 Results (PDF)
2010 Q2 Results 2010 Q2 Results (PDF)

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