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Drivetech has developed both low-cost and high performance power converters, generators and drives for DC motors, brushless, PM synchronous, induction and reluctance motors applied in industrial, appliance, automotive, medical, aerospace and military use. Drivetech’s experience includes starter-generators, grid-connected & standalone inverters, and renewable energy power systems. Dr. Dal Y. Ohm (Founder and President) has more than 20 years of practical design and academic experience in motor control and power electronics - converters, generators, drives

DSP & Micros, MicroChip, ST Micro, Other Controllers, & more.

DTAD1506 - Printable Company Brochure DTAD1506 : printable company brochure (PDF)
Curbldc3 - About Commutation And Current Control Methods For Brushless Motors - Technical Articles & Industry Links Curbldc3 : About Commutation and Current Control Methods for Brushless Motors (PDF)
IM98VC1 - Dynamic Model Of Induction Motors For Vector Control - Technical Articles & Industry Links IM98VC1 : Dynamic Model of Induction Motors for Vector Control (PDF)
Pm96sizrev2 - Selection Of Servo Motors And Drives, Revised - Technical Articles & Industry Links Pm96sizrev2 : Selection of Servo Motors and Drives, Revised (PDF)
PM95PDFforPDF - PID And PDFF Compensators For Motion - Technical Articles & Industry Links PM95PDFforPDF : PID and PDFF Compensators for Motion (PDF)
IM97PM Rev1forPDF - Dynamic Model Of PM Synchronous Motors - Technical Articles & Industry Links IM97PM Rev1forPDF : Dynamic Model of PM Synchronous Motors (PDF)
SW BLDCAC5 - Influence Of PWM Schemes And Commutation Methods For DC And Brushless Motors And Drives - Technical Articles & Industry Links SW BLDCAC5 : Influence of PWM Schemes and Commutation Methods for DC and Brushless Motors and Drives (PDF)
R8 PI TuningF Rev1 - Proper Tuning Of PI Regulators On Servo Systems - Technical Articles & Industry Links R8 PI TuningF Rev1 : Proper Tuning of PI regulators on Servo Systems (PDF)

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