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Dantrafo A/S

DANTRAFO has over the past 35 years built a position as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of transformers and wound components. Numerous products have been developed in close collaboration with customers where DANTRAFO has helped to ensure the right solution and technology to the customer's application. With factories in Denmark, Sweden and China can DANTRAFO offer a global solution to the customer's transformer needs and through direct ownership of all factories, we can ensure quality, delivery and flexibility from idea creation to delivery of a complete solution. - Transformers, coiled products

Encapsulated PCB Transformer EI, Encapsulated PCB Transformer UI low profile, Open Print Transformer, Customized Print Transformer, Control and Isolation Transformer DIN CITD, Control and Isolation Transformer + -5% CIT, Control and Isolation Transformer ENL, Universal Control and Isolation Transformer CITM, ETD Transformer, EE Transformer, RM Transformer, PQ Transformer, UI Control and Isolation Transformer, 3 Bevelled Transformer TPT, 3 Bevelled Transformer Aluminium TPTAL, 3 Bevelled Auto Transformer ATTP, Toroidal Transformer, 3 phase Toroidal Transformer, C Core Transformer, Customer specific Toroidal Transformer, Comme Fashion Coil, Wide range of coils, High Power Foil Coil, Grabs Wound Coil, Embedded Control and Isolation Transformer IP20, DIN, SPD, Embedded Control and Isolation Transformer, IP21, EPP, Embedded Control and Isolation Transformer IP21, DIN, EPPD, Customized Encapsulated Transformer, halogen Transformer, Net Adapter, Outdoor transformer, IP44, Net Adapter, DC Power Supply EOL, DC 3Faset Power TOLG, DC Power Supply DTPS, Customer-specific DC Power Supplies, & more.

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Produktkatalog Produktkatalog (PDF)
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