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Blue Technologies Light

Our solutions are small size / weight, low power and feature very high levels of integration and functionality. Mini USB is build-in for professional levels of set up and monitoring via a PC. All products are also factory set with standard configurations for plug and play - or right out of the box use. - Electronic Components

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BL3G RC UserManualV31 - Click To View Tool Pages. BL3G RC UserManualV31 : Click to view tool pages. (PDF)
BL3GRC QuickStartGuideV30 BL3GRC QuickStartGuideV30 (PDF)
BL3G PC SoftwareV34 BL3G PC SoftwareV34 (ZIP)
BL-3GRC Flyer BL-3GRC Flyer (PDF)
BL3GMod Gyro Flyer BL3GMod Gyro Flyer (PDF)
BL3G PackageV34 BL3G PackageV34 (ZIP)
BL-LiPoBManual BL-LiPoBManual (PDF)
BL Smart70SW UserManual11 BL Smart70SW UserManual11 (PDF)
BL NavLV S UserManual11 BL NavLV S UserManual11 (PDF)
BL-NavLV QuickStartGuide BL-NavLV QuickStartGuide (PDF)
BL3G Mod UserManualV21 - $119.55 BL3G Mod UserManualV21 : $119.55 (PDF)
BL-LiPoBManual - User Manual - $119.55 BL-LiPoBManual : User Manual (PDF)
BL Smart70SW UserManual11 - User Manual - $119.55 BL Smart70SW UserManual11 : User Manual (PDF)
BL-Crypto April2014 - April 2014 BL-Crypto April2014 : April 2014 (PDF)
BL3GV3 April2013 BL3GV3 April2013 (PDF)
PressReleaseAustralia Jan2013 PressReleaseAustralia Jan2013 (PDF)
PressReleaseBL3GV2 Sept2012 PressReleaseBL3GV2 Sept2012 (PDF)
PressReleaseUS Sept2012 PressReleaseUS Sept2012 (PDF)
PressReleaseUK Sept2012 PressReleaseUK Sept2012 (PDF)
PressRelease2012June6 PressRelease2012June6 (PDF)
IcemanAirborneReview - BL-3GRC Review IcemanAirborneReview : BL-3GRC review (PDF)
ModelFlyerMagReview - BL-3GRC Review ModelFlyerMagReview : BL-3GRC review (PDF)
BL3G FirmwareV34 BL3G FirmwareV34 (ZIP)
BL3GMod QuickStartGuidev2 BL3GMod QuickStartGuidev2 (PDF)
BL3G Mod UserManualV21 BL3G Mod UserManualV21 (PDF)
BL NavLV N UserManual11 BL NavLV N UserManual11 (PDF)
BL-NavLV PC SoftwareV11 BL-NavLV PC SoftwareV11 (ZIP)
BLNavLV FirmwareV11 BLNavLV FirmwareV11 (ZIP)
BLNavLV PackageV11 BLNavLV PackageV11 (ZIP)
BL3G PC Tool Problems BL3G PC Tool Problems (PDF)
BL3G UpdateDriver BL3G UpdateDriver (PDF)
BL3GRC ElectricalConnection BL3GRC ElectricalConnection (PDF)
STM DFU Driver32 64 STM DFU Driver32 64 (ZIP)
Xflight Xflight (PDF)
BL-3GRC Flyer - Multi-Copt BL-3GRC Flyer : Multi-Copt (PDF)
BL3G RC UserManualV30 BL3G RC UserManualV30 (PDF)
BL3G RC UserManual BL3G RC UserManual (PDF)
BL-NavLV N Flyer BL-NavLV N Flyer (PDF)
BL-NavLV S Flyer BL-NavLV S Flyer (PDF)
BL3GQuadCopter BL3GQuadCopter (ZIP)
BL3GHexCopter BL3GHexCopter (ZIP)
BL3GDefault BL3GDefault (ZIP)
BL3GFlyingWing BL3GFlyingWing (ZIP)
BL3GDualAileron BL3GDualAileron (ZIP)
BL3GFlaps BL3GFlaps (ZIP)
MasselFilter MasselFilter (PDF)
BluelightTech Design Web2014 BluelightTech Design Web2014 (PDF)
MasselFilter MasselFilter : Filter (PDF)

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