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LED Dot Matrix 8x8 Direct drive, RGB LED, LCD Volt Meter, Serial LCD, LCD Keypad, Frequency Counter LCD, Frequency Counter 7seg, DS1307 Clock, Binary Clock 8x8 matrix, & more.

Real-time-clock-ic - Clock DS1307 Real-time-clock-ic : Clock DS1307 (PDF)
Pic-sonar - Ultrasonic Pic Range Finder Circuit - Ultrasonic Distance Meter Pic-sonar : Ultrasonic Distance Meter (PDF)
Lcd-volt-meter - Lcd Volt Meter Using LCD And AN0. Lcd-volt-meter : Volt Meter (PDF)
Rht03 - Humidity DHT22 Rht03 : Humidity DHT22 (PDF)
MAX7219-MAX7221 - 8x8 LED Matrix MAX7219 MAX7219-MAX7221 : 8x8 LED matrix MAX7219 (PDF)
DS18B20 - Temperature DS18B20 DS18B20 : Temperature DS18B20 (PDF)
Led-dot-matrix-display - LED Dot Matrix Display Schematic - LED Dot Matrix 8x8 Direct Drive Led-dot-matrix-display : LED Dot Matrix 8x8 Direct drive (PDF)
Rgb-led - Rgb Led Hardware Circuit Rgb-led : rgb led hardware circuit (PDF)
Serial-lcd - Serial Lcd Circuit Serial-lcd : serial lcd circuit (PDF)
Download Here. - Frequency Counter 7seg Frequency Counter 4mhz 7seg Test-shift : Download here. (ZIP)
PIC Frequency Counter Schematic Using LCD And TMR0 & TMR1. - Frequency Counter LCD Pic-frequency-counter-lcd-tmr1 : Frequency Counter LCD (PDF)
Led-dot-matrix-display - Binary Clock Hardware Diagram - Binary Clock 8x8 Matrix Led-dot-matrix-display : Binary Clock 8x8 matrix (PDF)
Download Here. - Frequency Counter 7seg Frequency Counter 4mhz 7seg Test-wire : Download here. (ZIP)
7segment Display Frequency Counter - Frequency Counter 7seg Frequency-counter-circuit-7seg-tmr1 : Frequency Counter 7seg (PDF)
Infrared-receiver - Infrared Receiver Remote Receiver Schematics Infrared-receiver : Infrared receiver remote receiver schematics (PDF)
Pic-parallel-port-programmer - Pic Parallel Port Programmer Pic-parallel-port-programmer (PDF)
Master - Dht Library - Humidity DHT22 Master : dht library (ZIP)
74HC HCT125 - 74HC HCT125] - 8x8 LED Matrix MAX7219 74HC HCT125] : 8x8 LED matrix MAX7219 (PDF)

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