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Becker & Hickl

Becker & Hickl have introduced a proprietary time-correlated single-photon counting principle that made TCSPC more than 100 times faster than the existing devices. - TCSPC modules, control modules

FLIM-Systems, TCSPC-Modules, Stand-alone TCSPC Systems, Experiment Control, Picosecond Diode Lasers, Detectors, Gated Photon Counters / Multiscalers, Amplifiers, & more.

Book-advertisement02 Book-advertisement02 (PDF)
Bh-whats-new-2017-01 Bh-whats-new-2017-01 (PDF)
Flim-general-04 Flim-general-04 (PDF)
Zeiss-flim-overview15-web Zeiss-flim-overview15-web (PDF)
Dcs-overview-2015-6ed-03 Dcs-overview-2015-6ed-03 (PDF)
Pml16c27 - MW-FLIM Pml16c27 : MW-FLIM (PDF)
Bdl-smn04 - BDL-SMN Laser Bdl-smn04 : BDL-SMN Laser (PDF)
Bh-catalog2017-02 - Product Catalog Bh-catalog2017-02 : Product catalog (PDF)
Bh-catalog2017-02 - Product Catalog 2017 Bh-catalog2017-02 : Product Catalog 2017 (PDF)
BurstAnalyzer BurstAnalyzer (ZIP)
Pml16c27 Pml16c27 (PDF)
Dbhrt4l - HRT-41 Dbhrt4l : HRT-41 (PDF)
The Burst Analyzer Tutorial The Burst Analyzer Tutorial (PDF)
Bdl-manual13c Bdl-manual13c (PDF)
Dbhrt8l - HRT-81 Dbhrt8l : HRT-81 (PDF)
Bdl-smn04 Bdl-smn04 (PDF)
Sutter-flim-03 - See BH News In Detail Sutter-flim-03 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Dbhrta8l - HRT-82 Dbhrta8l : HRT-82 (PDF)
Redlaser3 Redlaser3 (PDF)
Bidi-scan-03 - See BH News In Detail Bidi-scan-03 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Spc160-int-flim-01 - See BH News In Detail Spc160-int-flim-01 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Widefield-flim-03 Widefield-flim-03 (PDF)
DBSPC160pciex-04 - See BH News In Detail DBSPC160pciex-04 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Sutter-flim-03 Sutter-flim-03 (PDF)
Online-flim-06 - [here] - See BH News In Detail Online-flim-06 : [here] (PDF)
Bidi-scan-03 Bidi-scan-03 (PDF)
Db-bds-sm-family-extd-08 - See BH News In Detail Db-bds-sm-family-extd-08 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Online-flim-06 Online-flim-06 (PDF)
Db-bds-mm-family-extd-08 - See BH News In Detail Db-bds-mm-family-extd-08 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Sted-bh-abberior-02 Sted-bh-abberior-02 (PDF)
Sted-bh-abberior-02 - [Here] - See BH News In Detail Sted-bh-abberior-02 : [Here] (PDF)
FLIM-plim-2016-08 FLIM-plim-2016-08 (PDF)
FLIM-plim-2016-08 - [Here] - See BH News In Detail FLIM-plim-2016-08 : [Here] (PDF)
Scontel-appnote-04 Scontel-appnote-04 (PDF)
Pml16c27 - See BH News In Detail Pml16c27 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Id-230-tcspc-04 Id-230-tcspc-04 (PDF)
Dbmwflim-gaasp-03-web - See BH News In Detail Dbmwflim-gaasp-03-web : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Dcs-multiphoton-short Dcs-multiphoton-short (PDF)
Id-230-tcspc-04 - [Here] - See BH News In Detail Id-230-tcspc-04 : [Here] (PDF)
Stage-scanning-04 Stage-scanning-04 (PDF)
Dcs-multiphoton-short - [Here] - See BH News In Detail Dcs-multiphoton-short : [Here] (PDF)
Calcium-transients-01 Calcium-transients-01 (PDF)
Stage-scanning-04 - [Here] - See BH News In Detail Stage-scanning-04 : [Here] (PDF)
Fibre-opt-lifetime-remtip-02 Fibre-opt-lifetime-remtip-02 (PDF)
Dbpzflim-03 - [Here] - See BH News In Detail Dbpzflim-03 : [Here] (PDF)
Fibre-opt-lifetime-04 Fibre-opt-lifetime-04 (PDF)
Scontel-appnote-04 - [Here] - See BH News In Detail Scontel-appnote-04 : [Here] (PDF)
Nsom-nanonics-03 Nsom-nanonics-03 (PDF)
Zeiss-big2-FLIM-03-web - [Here] - See BH News In Detail Zeiss-big2-FLIM-03-web : [Here] (PDF)
Nsom-nt-mdt-03 Nsom-nt-mdt-03 (PDF)
Dcs-megapix-images01 - See BH News In Detail Dcs-megapix-images01 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Zeiss-big2-FLIM-03-web Zeiss-big2-FLIM-03-web (PDF)
Calcium-transients-01 - See BH News In Detail Calcium-transients-01 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Mosaic-FLIM-03 Mosaic-FLIM-03 (PDF)
Fibre-opt-lifetime-remtip-02 - See BH News In Detail Fibre-opt-lifetime-remtip-02 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Pie-zeiss-intune03 Pie-zeiss-intune03 (PDF)
Megapixel-FLIM-64bit-08 - See BH News In Detail Megapixel-FLIM-64bit-08 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Nir-flim-opo-04 Nir-flim-opo-04 (PDF)
Spc160-int-flim-01 Spc160-int-flim-01 (PDF)
Nir-flim-opo-04 - See BH News In Detail Nir-flim-opo-04 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Leica-hyd-flim03 Leica-hyd-flim03 (PDF)
Db-bdl-smn-family-01 - See BH News In Detail Db-bdl-smn-family-01 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Megapixel-FLIM-64bit-08 Megapixel-FLIM-64bit-08 (PDF)
Bdl-smn04 - See BH News In Detail Bdl-smn04 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
SPC-handbook-6ed-12-web - View (left Click) Or Download (right Click) - TCSPC Handbook SPC-handbook-6ed-12-web : TCSPC handbook (PDF)
Id-220-tcspc-04 Id-220-tcspc-04 (PDF)
Zeiss-flim-overview13 Zeiss-flim-overview13 (PDF)
Leica-hyd-flim03 - See BH News In Detail Leica-hyd-flim03 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Dcs-nir02 Dcs-nir02 (PDF)
Dcs-overview-2015-3-web Dcs-overview-2015-3-web (PDF)
Id-220-tcspc-04 - See BH News In Detail Id-220-tcspc-04 : see BH News in detail (PDF)
Dcs-twophoton04 Dcs-twophoton04 (PDF)
Dbflim-general02 Dbflim-general02 (PDF)
Plim-zeiss-lsm710-01 Plim-zeiss-lsm710-01 (PDF)
Dbspc130-2 - SPC-130 Dbspc130-2 : SPC-130 (PDF)
Dbspc134b-2 - SPC-134 Dbspc134b-2 : SPC-134 (PDF)
DBSPC130EM-2 - SPC-130-EM DBSPC130EM-2 : SPC-130-EM (PDF)
Dcs-line-scan04 Dcs-line-scan04 (PDF)
Dbspc130-2 Dbspc130-2 (PDF)
Dbspc150-4-web - SPC-150 Dbspc150-4-web : SPC-150 (PDF)
Dbwfflim-01 Dbwfflim-01 (PDF)
Dbspc134b-2 Dbspc134b-2 (PDF)
Dbspc150-4-web Dbspc150-4-web (PDF)
Dcs-wideband03 Dcs-wideband03 (PDF)
Dbupgr880-02-web Dbupgr880-02-web (PDF)
Dbspc150N-3-web Dbspc150N-3-web (PDF)
DBSPC160-04 DBSPC160-04 (PDF)
Dcs-macro02 Dcs-macro02 (PDF)
Microsec-flim-08 Microsec-flim-08 (PDF)
Dbspc154-4-web Dbspc154-4-web (PDF)
Dbdcs6-02-web Dbdcs6-02-web (PDF)
Dcs-overview-2015-3-web - Overview Brochure Dcs-overview-2015-3-web : Overview brochure (PDF)
Dbspc8b-5 Dbspc8b-5 (PDF)
Lsm710-mw-nddflim03 Lsm710-mw-nddflim03 (PDF)
Dbdcs-macr03 Dbdcs-macr03 (PDF)
Dbdpc3 Dbdpc3 (PDF)
Ndd-flim-03 Ndd-flim-03 (PDF)
Scontel-appnote-04 - Application Notes, - SPC-150NX Scontel-appnote-04 : application notes, (PDF)
Dbspc150N-3-web - SPC-150N Dbspc150N-3-web : SPC-150N (PDF)
Dbhrt4l Dbhrt4l (PDF)
Dbupgr510b Dbupgr510b (PDF)
Hpm-50-dot-01 Hpm-50-dot-01 (PDF)
DBSPC160-04 - SPC-160 DBSPC160-04 : SPC-160 (PDF)
DBSPC150NX-4 - SPC-150NX DBSPC150NX-4 : SPC-150NX (PDF)
Dbhrt8l Dbhrt8l (PDF)
Pml16c27 - Multispectral Detector Handbook Pml16c27 : Multispectral detector handbook (PDF)
Eight-channel-flim-apn01 Eight-channel-flim-apn01 (PDF)
DBSPC160pciex-04 - SPC-160PCIE DBSPC160pciex-04 : SPC-160PCIE (PDF)
Dbhrta8l Dbhrta8l (PDF)
Dbupgr-one-photon3 Dbupgr-one-photon3 (PDF)
Intune-flim1 Intune-flim1 (PDF)
Dbupgrsp2 Dbupgrsp2 (PDF)
Zscan-dcs-apn04 Zscan-dcs-apn04 (PDF)
Spcleica - Fully Scalable ( 1 To 8 Fully Spcleica : Fully scalable ( 1 to 8 fully (PDF)
Lsm710-zstack-2 Lsm710-zstack-2 (PDF)
Hpm-appnote03 Hpm-appnote03 (PDF)
Irf-mp04 Irf-mp04 (PDF)
Dbspc8b-5 - SPC-830 Dbspc8b-5 : SPC-830 (PDF)
Dbspc154-4-web - SPC-154 Dbspc154-4-web : SPC-154 (PDF)
Dbdpc3 - DPC-230 Dbdpc3 : DPC-230 (PDF)
Fv300-mp-flim02 Fv300-mp-flim02 (PDF)
Nikon-c1-flim1 Nikon-c1-flim1 (PDF)
Makelifeasier04 Makelifeasier04 (PDF)
Leica-mpflim05 Leica-mpflim05 (PDF)
Fifo-imaging05 Fifo-imaging05 (PDF)
Timetagmode2 Timetagmode2 (PDF)
Spctiming5 Spctiming5 (PDF)
Chlorotrans4 Chlorotrans4 (PDF)
Twophotonan4 Twophotonan4 (PDF)
Spcdetect1 Spcdetect1 (PDF)
Tcvgbh1 Tcvgbh1 (PDF)
Higain1 Higain1 (PDF)
Ampmt Ampmt (PDF)
Event Event (PDF)
Dcc100 New - Hrt Dcc100 New : hrt (PDF)
Hrt - Hrt Hrt : hrt (PDF)
Ocf400 - Ocf400 Ocf400 : Ocf400 (PDF)
Msa - Msa Msa : msa (PDF)
Pmm328 - Pmm328 Pmm328 : pmm328 (PDF)
Pms400man01 - Pms400 Pms400man01 : pms400 (PDF)
Shm180 - SPC ISA Shm180 : SPC ISA (PDF)

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