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Beacon Technical Sales

Beacon Technical Sales, Inc. is an Electronic Manufacturers' Representative of RF and Microwave Components, Semiconductor Test Solutions, Electromagnetic Simulation Software, and EMF Test Systems - Manufacturer Electronic Components

3-D FDTD Simulation Software Speag, Adapters Cascade Maury, Adhesives, Amplifiers Maury, Amplifier Assemblies, Attenuators RLC Maury, Beacon Receivers, Bias Tees RLC, Bonding Supplies, Calibration Tools Cascade Microtech Maury, Cables Koaxis Celadon Maury, Cable Assemblies Koaxis Celadon Maury, Chucks Cascade Microtech, Coaxial Terminations, Connectors Koaxis, Contract Manufacturing, Converter Assemblies, Converter Modules, Couplers RLC Maury, Custom Products RLC, Dielectric Measurement Speag, DC Blocks, Detectors RLC, Die Sorting, Diplexors RLC Maury, Directional Couplers, Dosimetric Assessment Speag, Electrical Modeling Services Johnstech Speag, EM Probes Speag, EM Simulation Software Speag, Encapsulants, Equalizer Products, Fiber Optic Links, Fiber Optic Products, Filters RLC, Frequency Converter Systems, Frequency Discriminators, Frequency Oscillators, Frequency Synthesizers, Frequency Translator Systems, Handler Integration Services Johnstech, Hybrid Couplers RLC, INMARSAT Products, Integrated Assemblies RLC, Laser Cut Epoxy Preforms, Levelers, Load Pull Measurement Maury, Load Pull Test Fixtures Maury, Log Amplifiers, Log, Limiter, Discriminator, Noise Parameter Measurement Maury, Microscopes Cascade, Mixers, Modular Adapters Celadon, Modulators, Monopulse Detectors, MRI Implant Safety Speag ZMT, Multipliers, Multiplexer Assemblies, Optical, OTA Speag, Other Transmission Line Components RLC, Parametric Test Probe Card Celadon, PCB Assembly, Phantoms Speag ZMT, Phase Shifters RLC, PIN Diode Attenuators, PIN Diode Switches, Positioners Cascade Microtech, Power Dividers and Combiners RLC, Probe Cards Cascade Microtech Celadon, Probes Cascade Microtech Speag, Probe Station Accessories Cascade Microtech, Probe Stations Cascade Microtech, Receiver Assemblies, Redundant Switchover Units, Reflectometers, RF Characterization Solutions/Services Maury, RF/Microwave Assemblies, RF/Microwave Contract Assembly, SAR Measurement Systems Speag, SATCOM Amplifiers, SATCOM Custom Products, Semiconductor Evaluations, Software Speag ZMT MFG Vision Cascade Microtech, Switches RLC, Switch Assemblies, TDS Probes Speag, Terminations RLC, Test Contactors Johnstech, Test Equipment Cascade, Test Floor Services Johnstech, Test Sockets Johnstech, Thermal Modeling Johnstech Speag, Tissue Simulating Media Speag ZMT, Tuners Maury, Uplink Power Control Units, Vibration Isolation Tables Cascade Microtech, Video Products, VNA Calibration Kits Maury, Wafer Prober Stations Cascade Microtech, Wires & Ribbons, Yield Enhancement Software, & more.

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