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To become an industry leading company and preferred supplier in providing integrated security and communication systems through Total Customer Satisfaction by Continuous Improvement in Product Quality and Services.” - Providing Integrated Security

Access Control Security, Video Surveillance, Crowd Management, & more.

141 ASIS WebENTRA Secured Encryption Reader V2.0c Aug2016(C) (PDF)
16 ASIS WebENTRA Compact Series V2.0b June2016 (S) (PDF)
138 ASIS WebENTRA Professional Series V2.0d Sep2016 (S) (PDF)
142 ASIS IBSS.web Enterprise Security Management System V1.0a June2016 (S) (PDF)
25 ASIS VMS Brochure V2.0b June2016 (PDF)
135 SD0001-Install AMR170 NFC Readers (PDF)
118 SD0038-Install And Terminate AFR8630 (PDF)
120 SD0041-Install And Terminate AFR8620 (PDF)
89 SD0004-Configure AMR170 Dip Switch In RS485 Comms (PDF)
90 SD0005-Configure AMR170 Dip Switch In Wiegand Comms (PDF)
136 SD0002-Terminate AMR170 In RS485 Comms (PDF)
137 SD0003-Terminate AMR170 In Wiegand (PDF)
91 SD0006-Using AMR175 Keypad 91 SD0006-Using AMR175 Keypad (PDF)
92 SD0007-Reading AMR175 LCD Screen (PDF)
119 SD0039-Enroll Cardholder To AFR8630 Via Onboard Keypad LCD (PDF)
125 SD0057-Using AMR602 USB Desktop Reader (PDF)
123 SD0051-Install And Terminate C302 (PDF)
126 SD0059-Install And Terminate ACU200 (PDF)
127 SD0060-Install And Terminate ACU205 (PDF)
96 SD0013-Terminate ACU1000 Input Board (PDF)
97 SD0014-Terminate ACU1000 Output Board (PDF)
98 SD0015-Terminate Wiegand Reader To ACU1000 (PDF)
99 SD0016-Terminate RS485 Reader To ACU1000 (PDF)
101 SD0018-Terminate Door Sensor, Exit Button And Electric Lock To ACU1000 Main Board (PDF)
102 SD0019-Terminate Door Sensor, Exit Button With Line Supervisory To ACU1000 Main Board (PDF)
104 SD0022-Terminate Fire Alarm On ACU1000 (PDF)
95 SD0010-Mounting Of ACU1000 Metal Enclosure (PDF)
103 SD0021-Using DIP SW1 And DIP SW2 On ACU1000 Boards (PDF)
105 SD0024-Using ACU1000 As Card Lift Access Panel, Programming Multi-lift Group And Assignment To Cardholder (PDF)
106 SD0026-Program The ACU Controller For Basic Door Access (PDF)
159 SD0044-Using Spare Output Point For Door Locking (PDF)
122 SD0050-Navigate WebENTRA C302 Webserver (PDF)
132 SD0067-Changing Relay Setting In C302 (PDF)
109 SD0029-Add And Configure Commchannel In IBSS2000 (PDF)
110 SD0030-Add And Configure Controller In IBSS2000 (PDF)
111 SD0031-Configure Readers In IBSS2000 (PDF)
112 SD0032-Configure Input In IBSS2000 (PDF)
113 SD0033-Configure Output In IBSS2000 (PDF)
114 SD0034-Configure Event Action And Group In IBSS2000 (PDF)
115 SD0035-Configure The Special Group In IBSS2000 (PDF)
116 SD0036-Configure The Action Sequence In IBSS2000 (PDF)
117 SD0037-Add And Configure Card In IBSS2000 (PDF)
107 SD0027-Program The User Access Group (PDF)
108 SD0028-Program The Schedule In IBSS2000 (PDF)
128 SD0062-Using AFR8600 Central Enrolment In IBSS2000 (PDF)
129 SD0064-Detailed Overview Of Cardholder Field Data In IBSS2000 (PDF)
130 SD0065-System Information Page In IBSS2000 (PDF)
131 SD0066-Import Cardholder Into IBSS2000 (PDF)
93 SD0008-Using ACW02M Converter (Wiegand) (PDF)
94 SD0009-Using ACW02M Converter (Barcode) (PDF)
100 SD0017-Using BF850 RS485 To USB Converter (PDF)
124 SD0056-MiFARE Card For Door Access (PDF)
133 SD0068-Wiring External PSU To Supply Power To EM Lock (PDF)
134 SD0069-Delete Card In The System (PDF)
Turnstile – Drop Arm 26 ASIS Turnstile Drop Arm V1.0 Jun2015 : Turnstile – Drop Arm (PDF)
Turnstile – Flap Barrier 27 ASIS Turnstile Flap Barrier V1.0b Oct2015 : Turnstile – Flap Barrier (PDF)
Turnstile – Swing Gate 29 ASIS Turnstile Swing Gate V1.0 Jun2015 : Turnstile – Swing Gate (PDF)
Turnstile – Full Height 28 ASIS Turnstile Full Height V1.0 Jun2015 : Turnstile – Full Height (PDF)
Turnstile – Tripod 30 ASIS Turnstile Tripod V1.0 Jun2015 : Turnstile – Tripod (PDF)
All-in-One IP Cameras 22 ASIS AVM6000 Performance Weather Proof All-in-One IP Camera V2.0b Sep2016 : All-in-One IP Cameras (PDF)
Dome IP Cameras 21 ASIS AVM7000 Performance VandalWeather Proof IR Dome IP Camera V2.0b Sep2016 : Dome IP Cameras (PDF)
Fisheye EPTZ Dome IP Camera 149 ASIS AVM9260e Performance Fisheye EPTZ IR Dome IP Camera V1.0b Sep2016 : Fisheye ePTZ Dome IP Camera (PDF)
Long Range IR All-in-One IP Camera 152 ASIS AVM8240 Performance Long Range IR All-in-One Ip Camera V1.0a Sep2016 : Long Range IR All-in-One IP Camera (PDF)
Mini Dome IP Camera 151 ASIS AVM3721 Performance Vandal Weather Proof IR Mini Dome IP Camera V1.0a Sep2016 : Mini Dome IP Camera (PDF)
Professional Series Network Video Recorders (NVRs) 24 ASIS Professional NVRs V2.0b June2016 : Professional Series Network Video Recorders (NVRs) (PDF)
Box IP Camera 150 ASIS AVM1740D Performance Box IP Camera V1.0a Sep2016 : Box IP Camera (PDF)
PTZ IP Camera 148 ASIS AVM9725-22X Outdoor PTZ Dome IP Camera V2.0c Nov2016 : PTZ IP Camera (PDF)
AMR170 NFC Smartcard Readers 144 ASIS AMR170 NFC Smartcard Reader V2.0c Oct2016 : AMR170 NFC Smartcard Readers (PDF)
AFR8600 Biometric Readers 10 ASIS AFR8600 Series Biometric Readers V2.0b June2016 : AFR8600 Biometric Readers (PDF)
AUR6000 Long Range Readers 11 ASIS AUR6000 Long Range RFID UHF Reader V2.0b June2016 : AUR6000 Long Range Readers (PDF)
AMR200 Smarcard Readers 8 ASIS AMR200 Contactless Smartcard Readers V2.0b June2016 : AMR200 Smarcard Readers (PDF)
IRIS Readers 12 ASIS ICAM7000 Advanced Multifactor Biometric Iris Reader V5.0a Jan2016 : IRIS Readers (PDF)
ACU200 Two-Door Controller 13 ASIS ACU200 2-Door Controller V2.0b June2016 : ACU200 Two-Door Controller (PDF)
IBSS2000 Security Management Software 20 ASIS IBSS2000 Integrated Security Management Software V2.0b June2016 : IBSS2000 Security Management Software (PDF)
AHR200 Proximity Readers 9 ASIS AHR200 Proximity Readers V2.0b June2016 : AHR200 Proximity Readers (PDF)
ACU205 Two-Door Controller 14 ASIS ACU205 2-Door Controller V2.0b June2016 : ACU205 Two-Door Controller (PDF)
ACU1000 Four/ Eight Door Controller 143 ASIS ACU1000 Four-Eight Door Controller V2.0c Oct2016 : ACU1000 Four/ Eight Door Controller (PDF)
MiFARE Cards 5 ASIS MIFARE Card V2.0b June2016 : MiFARE Cards (PDF)
UHF Cards 6 ASIS UHF Card V2.0b June2016 : UHF Cards (PDF)
BF450M TCP/IP Communication Module 17 ASIS BF450M TCPIP Communication Module V2.0b June2015 : BF450M TCP/IP Communication Module (PDF)
ARS485 Signal Converter 18 ASIS ARS485 Signal Powered Serial Converter V2.0b June2016 : ARS485 Signal Converter (PDF)
ACW02M Wiegand/ Barcode To RS485 Converter 19 ASIS ACW02M Wiegand Barcode To RS485 Converter V2.0b June2016 : ACW02M Wiegand/ Barcode to RS485 Converter (PDF)
AHD 1080p All-in-One Camera 153 ASIS AHM6000 AHD Camera V2.0c Nov2016 : AHD 1080p All-in-One Camera (PDF)
AHD 1080p PTZ Dome Camera 33 ASIS AHM9218-OW AHD Camera V2.0b Sep2016 : AHD 1080p PTZ Dome Camera (PDF)
AHD 1080p Digital Video Recorder 34 ASIS AMD9016-AP AHD 16ch DVR V2.0b June2016 : AHD 1080p Digital Video Recorder (PDF)
AHD 1080p Dome Camera 154 ASIS AHM7000 AHD Camera V2.0c Nov2016 : AHD 1080p Dome Camera (PDF)

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