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Annealsys designs and manufacture high quality and high performance Rapid Thermal Processing and Direct Liquid Injection deposition system for worldwide laboratories and companies. - rapid thermal process, chemical vapour deposition RTP

RTP and RTCVD, High Temperature RTP-CVD, DLI-CVD / DLI-ALD, ALD, ALD Plasma, & more.

Directions - Directions To Annealsys - Ouverture De Directions - Contact Annealsys Directions : Directions to Annealsys (PDF)
Mc-050-as40b16 - Ouverture De Mc-050-as40b16 - MC- 050 Mc-050-as40b16 : MC- 050 (PDF)
Mc-100-as44b18 - Ouverture De Mc-100-as44b18 - MC- 100 Mc-100-as44b18 : MC- 100 (PDF)
Mc-200-as46b07 - Ouverture De Mc-200-as46b07 - MC- 200 Mc-200-as46b07 : MC- 200 (PDF)
As-micro-as01b23 - Ouverture De As-micro-as01b23 - A S -Micro As-micro-as01b23 : A S -Micro (PDF)
Data-sheet-as-one - Ouverture De Data-sheet-as-one - A S -One Data-sheet-as-one : A S -One (PDF)
As-premium-as04b06 - Ouverture De As-premium-as04b06 - A S -Premium As-premium-as04b06 : A S -Premium (PDF)
As-master-as13b21 - Ouverture De As-master-as13b21 - A S -Master As-master-as13b21 : A S -Master (PDF)
Zenith-100-as05b05 - Ouverture De Zenith-100-as05b05 - Zenith- 100 Zenith-100-as05b05 : Zenith- 100 (PDF)
Savannah-g2-datasheet - Ouverture De Savannah-g2-datasheet Savannah-g2-datasheet : Ouverture de savannah-g2-datasheet (PDF)
Phoenix-g2-datsheet-v5 - Ouverture De Phoenix-g2-datsheet-v5 Phoenix-g2-datsheet-v5 : Ouverture de phoenix-g2-datsheet-v5 (PDF)
Fiji-g2-spec-sheet-rev-2 - Ouverture De Fiji-g2-spec-sheet-rev-2 Fiji-g2-spec-sheet-rev-2 : Ouverture de fiji-g2-spec-sheet-rev-2 (PDF)
Annealsys Move To New Facilities - Ouverture De Annealsys-move-to-new-facilities - Jul. 29, 2016 - Annealsys Moves To New Facilities Annealsys Move To New Facilities : Jul. 29, 2016 - Annealsys moves to new facilities (PDF)
Download News Release : Annealsys Appoints Deam As Distributor In Italy - Ouverture De Annealsys-appoints-deam-as-distributor-in-italy - May. 02, 2016 - Annealsys Appoints Deam As Distributor In Italy Annealsys-appoints-deam-as-distributor-in-italy : Download news release : Annealsys appoints Deam as distributor in Italy (PDF)
Annealsys Appoints Hightec Systems Corporation As Distributo - Ouverture De AdgoryO136annealsys-workshop-e-mrs-spring-2015-05-05-15-02 - May. 13, 2015 - Annealsys Workshop From RTP To RTCVD And CVD To ALD AdgoryO136annealsys-workshop-e-mrs-spring-2015-05-05-15-02 : Annealsys appoints Hightec Systems Corporation as distributo (PDF)
Annealsys Appoints Hightec Systems Corporation As Distributo - Ouverture De AbdmzO1569annealsys-hightec-systems-agreement-20151214-16-12-15-18 - Dec. 14, 2015 - Annealsys Appoints Hightec Systems Corporation As Distributor In Japan AbdmzO1569annealsys-hightec-systems-agreement-20151214-16-12-15-18 : Annealsys appoints Hightec Systems Corporation as distributo (PDF)
Annealsys Graphene And HBN Solutions - Ouverture De Ijlqvyl136annealsys-graphene-hbn-solutions-v1-1-05-05-15-00 - Mar. 09, 2015 - Annealsys Process And Equipment Solutions For Graphene And Boron Nitride Ijlqvyl136annealsys-graphene-hbn-solutions-v1-1-05-05-15-00 : Annealsys graphene and hBN solutions (PDF)
ProCIGS Cluster Tool - Ouverture De Dghkmrty27procigs-gb-23-09-14-18 - Sep. 24, 2014 - Alliance Concept Releases Pro-CIGS Cluster Tool With Annealsys RTP Chamber Dghkmrty27procigs-gb-23-09-14-18 : ProCIGS cluster tool (PDF)
Poster ELOGE 3D - Ouverture De Bdnovyl579poster-eloge3d-imlb2010-25-06-10-26 - Jun. 25, 2010 - ELOGE 3D Poster To Be Presented At IMLB 2010 (CVD Of Electrolyte) Bdnovyl579poster-eloge3d-imlb2010-25-06-10-26 : Poster ELOGE 3D (PDF)
Press Release Fast Cooling - Ouverture De BcgiozO126pressrelease-fastcooling-24-05-10-25 - May. 24, 2010 - Annealsys Announces Fast Cooling Solutions For RTP Systems BcgiozO126pressrelease-fastcooling-24-05-10-25 : Press release fast cooling (PDF)
New Catalog - Ouverture De BefopqryO4pressrelease-cvd-mocvd-presentation-17-05-10-03 - Aug. 01, 2009 - Annealsys Presents Its New Catalog Of CVD, MOCVD And Spray CVD Systems BefopqryO4pressrelease-cvd-mocvd-presentation-17-05-10-03 : New catalog (PDF)
Cambridge NanoTech Adds Key Distribution Partner In France - Ouverture De Dfgkmvx124cambridgenanotech-annealsys-partner1-17-05-10-46 - Mar. 01, 2009 - Annealsys Represents Cambridge NanoTech In France. Dfgkmvx124cambridgenanotech-annealsys-partner1-17-05-10-46 : Cambridge NanoTech Adds Key Distribution Partner in France (PDF)

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