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A&N Corporation is located in a 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Williston, Florida. A&N staffs over 100 people all committed to the corporate motto: "Striving for perfection. Achieving excellence!" With 50 years of experience, A&N matches the unsurpassed quality of their vacuum components with a high level of customer service rarely seen in this industry.A&N specializes in the manufacturing, polishing, cleaning, packing, storage and shipping of high and ultra-high vacuum components. A&N produces the highest quality vacuum components for national laboratories, colleges and universities, and original equipment manufacturers. - vacuum components manufacturer

Custom Fabrication and Chambers, High Vacuum Valves, Vacuum Feedthroughs, CF and Wire Seal Flanges & Fittings, ULRIC Flanges & Fittings, ISO Flanges & Fittings, ASA Flanges & Fittings, Quick Disconnects, Hybrid Adapters, Weldable Components, Glass Components & Chamber Accessories, Roughing Components, Leak Detector Accessories, VacuGauge, Thin Film Deposition, & more.

Catalog - Custom Fabrication And Chambers. Catalog : Custom fabrication and chambers. (PDF)
BV Univ Inst - Ball Valve Maintenance Instructions For D, E, And F Series Valves - Tech Info BV Univ Inst : Ball Valve Maintenance Instructions for D, E, and F Series Valves (PDF)
File59201632832PM63 - Download Sprint-IDC Brochure - Sprint-IDC™ Controller File59201632832PM63 : Download Sprint-IDC Brochure (PDF)
File5172016120403PM63 - Get This Catalog In PDF Format. - High Vacuum Valves File5172016120403PM63 : High Vacuum Valves (PDF)
File5172016120440PM63 - Get This Catalog In PDF Format. - Vacuum Feedthroughs File5172016120440PM63 : Vacuum Feedthroughs (PDF)
File5172016120744PM63 - Get This Catalog In PDF Format. - CF And Wire Seal Flanges & Fittings File5172016120744PM63 : CF and Wire Seal Flanges & Fittings (PDF)
Catalog - Custom Fabrication And Chambers. - A&N Corporation: 40th Anniversary Catalog : A&N Corporation: 40th Anniversary (PDF)

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