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Anaheim Scientific

Anaheim Scientific is the environmental test and measurement division of B&K Precision Corporation. We are committed to designing and manufacturing high quality, professional, environmental test equipment. - environmental test, measurement division

Anemometers, Color Analyzer, Humidity Meters, IR Thermometers, Light Meters, pH & Conductivity Meters, Sound Meters, Temperature Meters, Electromagnetic, Accessories, & more.

N630 Manual N630 Manual : Manual (PDF)
H500 Manual H500 Manual : Manual (PDF)
N600Series Datasheet N600Series Datasheet (PDF)
H500 Datasheet H500 Datasheet (PDF)
M130 20130412 Manual M130 20130412 Manual : Manual (PDF)
H300 Manual H300 Manual : Manual (PDF)
M130 Datasheet M130 Datasheet (PDF)
H300 Datasheet H300 Datasheet (PDF)
H100 Manual H100 Manual : Manual (PDF)
N625 Manual N625 Manual : Manual (PDF)
H110 Series Manual H110 Series Manual : Manual (PDF)
H100 Datasheet H100 Datasheet (PDF)
H110Series Datasheet H110Series Datasheet (PDF)
H110-Series-CD H110-Series-CD (ZIP)
M140 Manual M140 Manual : Manual (PDF)
M150 20130412 Manual M150 20130412 Manual : Manual (PDF)
M110 20130412 Manual M110 20130412 Manual : Manual (PDF)
P771 Manual P771 Manual : Manual (PDF)
P772 Manual P772 Manual : Manual (PDF)
M140 Datasheet M140 Datasheet (PDF)
M150 Datasheet M150 Datasheet (PDF)
M110 Datasheet M110 Datasheet (PDF)
CAL601 Manual CAL601 Manual : Manual (PDF)
P773 Manual P773 Manual : Manual (PDF)
P771 20130507 Datasheet P771 20130507 Datasheet (PDF)
E200 Manual E200 Manual : Manual (PDF)
P772 20130507 Datasheet P772 20130507 Datasheet (PDF)
E201 Manual E201 Manual : Manual (PDF)
M120 20130412 Manual M120 20130412 Manual : Manual (PDF)
S610 Manual S610 Manual : Manual (PDF)
E200 Datasheet E200 Datasheet (PDF)
P773 20130507 Datasheet P773 20130507 Datasheet (PDF)
E201 Datasheet E201 Datasheet (PDF)
M120 Datasheet M120 Datasheet (PDF)
S610 Datasheet S610 Datasheet (PDF)
S610-Software S610-Software (ZIP)

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