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Adair Plastics

Adair Plastics strives to provide thermoplastic components and value-added services which consistently meet our customers’ expectations in product quality, delivery, and communications; and to do so effectively, efficiently, and profitably. We do this by developing and encouraging our staff, maintaining quality production equipment, and focusing on continuous improvement in all areas of our business. - thermoplastic components

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Deflection Analysis, Mechanism Design, Design for Moldability, Design for Manufacturability, CAD and Drafting Services are available to produce 2D prints or 3D solid models., Prototyping and Testing, Packaging Design, Molding presses from 24 tons to 230 tons, Shot sizes from 1 ounce to 21 ounces, An exceptionally clean, temperature and humidity controlled facility., We have expertise with most engineering and commodity thermoplastics., Annual production ranges from a few thousand to many millions., We welcome multiple-mold projects and have developed appropriate project management capabilities., We design, and then fine-tune, the manufacturing process for each product so as to minimize resource use (materials, labor, equipment)., Single and multi-cavity complete molds., MUD (Master Unit Die) unit mold inserts that fit into standard frames., Interchangeable cavity/core inserts to fit a single mold base. Allows different parts to be interchangeably produced from one mold. Excellent for lower volume products which are made in different sizes yet can utilize a common ejection system and material delivery system., Ultrasonic Welding and Insertion, Machining/Tapping/Drilling, Mechanical Assembly, Adhesive bonding, Decorating: Hot Stamping and Pad Printing, Assembly of products or components in a clean assembly area, Assembled Product Testing – using pressure or vacuum (air or water), compression or stretch testing, other force tests, and electrical testing, & more.

Adair ISO 9001 2008 (2014) Adair ISO 9001 2008 (2014) (PDF)

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