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Actum Solutions specializes in the development, sales, and support of tools that make it easy to use embedded micro-controllers. - embedded micro-controllers

FP100, CONTROL-TUTOR, & more.

What The Code Looks Like 0376901-create-your-own-symbol : What the code looks like (PDF)
0371700-rds40001 - Extension That Are Available Since V4.00 0371700-rds40001 : Extension that are available since V4.00 (PDF)
0373900-c-code-generation - C-code Generation 0373900-c-code-generation : C-code generation (PDF)
0475701-apnote-can-plug-in - Application Note On The CAN-plug-in 0475701-apnote-can-plug-in : Application note on the CAN-plug-in (PDF)
0472100-enduserlicence - Actum Solutions End User Licence - Ordering 0472100-enduserlicence : Actum Solutions End User Licence (PDF)
0871111-orderform - Realizer Order Form 0871111-orderform : Realizer Order Form (PDF)
0874601-orderform-update - Realizer Order Form Update 0874601-orderform-update : Realizer Order Form update (PDF)
Create Your Own Symbol 0376901-create-your-own-symbol : Create your own symbol (PDF)
0371700-rds40001 - Features Introduced By V4.00 0371700-rds40001 : Features introduced by V4.00 (PDF)
0373900-c-code-generation - Generate C-code 0373900-c-code-generation : Generate C-code (PDF)
0632400-fp100-usersmanual 0632400-fp100-usersmanual (PDF)
What The Code Looks Like 0332600-how-the-code-looks-like-1 : What the code looks like (PDF)
0980800-fp100-usersmanual - FP100 Users Manual 0980800-fp100-usersmanual : FP100 Users manual (PDF)
0475701-apnote-can-plug-in - How To Use The CAN Bus Plug-in 0475701-apnote-can-plug-in : How to use the CAN bus Plug-in (PDF)
Control-tutor-orderform - Control-tutor Order Form Control-tutor Order Form (PDF)
0582000-fp100-orderform - FP100 Order Form 0582000-fp100-orderform : FP100 Order Form (PDF)
Realizer-press-release-v420 - Realizer Press Release V4.20 Realizer Press Release V4.20 (PDF)
Control-tutor-flyer - Control-tutor Flyer Control-tutor Flyer (PDF)
Fp100dllinterface - FP100 API Interface Fp100dllinterface : FP100 API interface (PDF)
Realizer-press-release-v430 - Realizer Press Release V4.30 Realizer Press Release V4.30 (PDF)
Fp100flyer - FP100 Flyer FP100 Flyer (PDF)
Realizer-press-release-v440 - Realizer Press Release V4.40 Realizer Press Release V4.40 (PDF)
St-doc-9056 - STM 10-pin Header Lay-out St-doc-9056 : STM 10-pin header lay-out (PDF)
Realizer Press Release V4.50 Realizer-press-release-v450-01 : Realizer Press Release V4.50 (PDF)
Alarm - Alarm Control Alarm : Alarm Control (ZIP)
Beverage-01 - Beverage Dispencer Beverage-01 : Beverage (ZIP)
Autorep-01 - Auto Repeat Autorep-01 : Autorep (ZIP)
Charge - Battery Charger Charge : Battery charger (ZIP)
Alarm-system-03 - Alarm System - Alarm System Alarm-system-03 : Alarm System (ZIP)
Digit - Central Heating Control DIGIT : Central heating control (ZIP)
Fastcounter - Fast-counter - Fast Counter Fast-counter (ZIP)
Dice - Gambling Dice Dice : Gambling dice (ZIP)
Keymap - Keyboard Scanner Keymap : Keyboard scanner (ZIP)
100hz - 100Hz. Software Pwm 100hz : 100Hz. software pwm (ZIP)
Inpcapt - Speed Measurement InpCapt : Speed measurement (ZIP)
Charger - Solarlamp Charger : Solarlamp (ZIP)
Whiper - Windscreen Whiper Whiper : Windscreen whiper (ZIP)
Codelock - Code Lock Codelock (ZIP)

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