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Abbess Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVAC) serve a broad array of end uses, from Satellite Testing and Altitude Flight & Deep Space Simulation to process applications such as vacuum and thermal assisted drying, molding and degassing and gas purge operations. Complex interaction with and monitoring of the Article Under Test can be facilitated by vacuum rated mechanical and electrical feedthrus for power, - Microcontroller Instruments

40C Single-Stage Refrigeration System, -96C Cascade Refrigeration System, Snow River™ Thermal System (-40C to +150C), Snow River™ Cascade Thermal System (-96C to +150C), Abbess Vibration Isolated Cooling, -60°C Using Single Stage Refrigeration, Vacuum Cold Trap, -80°C Using Cascade Refrigeration System, Automated Space Simulation System with -80C Cascade Refrigeration, Multimode Cooling, Thermal Vacuum Chamber System, Abbess Refrigerated Cold Traps, & more.

1235EGPPhysicalProperties - Cast Acrylic Properties – Physical Properties And Chemical Resistance Data Sheet 1235EGPPhysicalProperties : Cast Acrylic Properties – Physical Properties and Chemical Resistance Data sheet (PDF)
Spotlight: Abbess Provides Thermal Vacuum Systems - In The News Abbess-Spotlight-old Facts Vol32 No1 2016pdf : Spotlight: Abbess Provides Thermal Vacuum Systems (PDF)
1206.1944 - Long-Term Testing And Properties Of Acrylic For The Daya Bay Antineutrino Detectors - In The News 1206.1944 : Long-Term Testing and Properties of Acrylic for the Daya Bay Antineutrino Detectors (PDF)
Newsletter Abbess-Spotlight-old Facts Vol32 No1 2016pdf1 : Newsletter (PDF)
Degassing-Mixing-V2-Secure - Vacuum Degassing, Mixing, Molding, And Micro-Bead Dispensing - Technical Articles Degassing-Mixing-V2-Secure : Vacuum Degassing, Mixing, Molding, and Micro-Bead Dispensing (PDF)
ADA506385 - Steam-jet Chiller For Army Field Kitchen - Technical Articles ADA506385 : Steam-jet Chiller for Army Field Kitchen (PDF)
Vacuum System User Manual: - Vacuum Chamber ~ User Manual Abbess-Basic-Digital-VCC-Vacuum-System-User-Manual-Cube : Vacuum System User Manual: (PDF)
Thermal Vacuum System User Manual - Vacuum Chamber ~ User Manual Therm-Vacuum-System-User-Manual-Cube-rv5 : Thermal Vacuum System User Manual (PDF)
Vacuum-at-a-glance - Vac-scales - Overview Of Vacuum Scales Vacuum-at-a-glance : Overview of Vacuum Scales (PDF)

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