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LM3500TL-16EV Texas Instruments Avnet LM3500TL-16E... - $79.3765 $79.3765 Buy Now! Evaluation Board For LM3500Tl16 - Bulk (Alt: LM3500TL-16EV)
LM3500TL-16EV Texas Instruments Newark element14 10J9339 1 $78.94 $78.94 Buy Now! LM3500TL-16, DC/DC CONVERTER, LED LIGHTING, EVALUATION MODULE; Core Chip:LM3500; Device Topology:Buck (Step Down); No. of Outputs:1Outputs; Output Current:20mA; Output Voltage:16V; Input Voltage Min:2.7V; Input Voltage Max:7V ;RoHS Compliant: No
LM3500TL-16EV Texas Instruments Texas Instruments - 27 $79.00 $79.00 Buy Now! Synchronous Step-up DC DC Converter for White LED Applications
LM3500TL-16EV National Semiconductor Rochester Electronics - 1 $66.15 $81.41 Buy Now! -
LM3500TL-16EV Texas Instruments Ameya Holding - - - - Buy Now! BOARD EVALUATION LM3500TL-16
LM3500TL-16EV Texas Instruments element14 Asia-Pacific 1792168 1 $109.1120 $109.1120 Buy Now! LM3500TL-16, DC/DC CONV, LED LIGHTING, E
LM3500TL-16EV Texas Instruments Farnell element14 1792168 1 £80.85 £80.85 Buy Now! LM3500TL-16, DC/DC CONV, LED LIGHTING, E