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Abstract: , generating 24 bits of color information. The OLO-OL3, R0-R7, G0-G7, and BO67 inputs are latched on the rising ... OCR Scan

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Abstract: modicon ql c307 REAL32 RS1Q BI120 1100 GE "bcd ics" EQUIVALENT TIC 160D TIC 160D 0 BD441 BD441 0 BD442 BD442 0 BD6750 BD6750 BD675A0 BD675A0 BD6760 BD6760 BD676A0 BD676A0 BD6770 BD6770 BD677A0 BD677A0 BD6780 BD6780 BO678A0 BD6790 BD6790 BD679A0 BD679A0 BD68O0 BD68O0 ... Original

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ares complex a103 coil A-18 modbus code pic tyco A157 star delta ladder diagram rs232 equivalence plc structured text arrays bo67 A42 B331 equivalent A42 B331 TEXT
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Abstract: Permissible pulsa load fthjc = ' (0;v " parameter BD67S BD67S, BO677. BD679 BD679 OC currant gain hps = f (/c) -Vce = 3V BD675 BD675, BO677. BD679 BD679 10"6 10-5 1Q-; 1Q"3 IO"2 10"1 10° S -—t 10' 102 103 10'm A Collector current ... OCR Scan

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SD1451 A6T52 S4140 MPS9410 2SC1124 siemens ptc c266 sj 2907 motorola philips diode PH 33m fairchild 2n1132 t110 94v 0 KP303 CD2545 8C546 2T31 ZN107 2SA1030C 2SD2021 ptc 75s PTC SY 16P c547b equivalent TEXT
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Abstract: BD1780 BD235 BD235 BD439 BD439 2N5191 2N5191 80677 BÖ677A 2N4923 2N4923 BD139 BD139 BD139-10 BD139-10 BD179 BD179 BD441 BD441 2N5192 2N5192 2N6039 2N6039 BD679 BD679 BD679A BD679A MJE802 MJE802 ... OCR Scan

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PH BD139 BD136-6 BD138-6 BD139 B01G9 BD13S bd140-25 bd17516 bd177 B0180 BD136 BD1776 CS8772 BD136-25 BD139-25 BD6750 B0140-16 B0140 TEXT
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Abstract: BO675 bo679 parameter BO676, BD678 BD678, BD680 BD680 DC current gain fa = f (W -VCE = 3 V i(r6 itr5 r4 i0"3 10"2 10-' io°s â ... OCR Scan

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transistor BD677 BC 677 BO 677 Q62702-D238 Q62702-D240 Q62702-D242 Q62702-D244 Q62702-D245 Q62702-D246 Q62902-B62 transistor BD 680 BD 677 thermal d242 BD677 T-33-29 B0677 T-33-29 transistor BD 677 T-33-29 BO677 T-33-29 T-33-29 T-33-29 TEXT
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