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ZR36067 Zoran AV PCI controller Original


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Abstract: signals are driven by the ZR36067. Decompressed video is transferred from the ZR36060 to the ZR36067's , Control The ZR36067's RTBSY input is connected to the ZR36060's RTBSY output. The ZR36067 uses RTBSY to , . . . . 44 Mapping the ZR36110 on the ZR36067's GuestBus . . . . . . . 44 ZR36110 Initialization . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Mapping the MD207/208 on the ZR36067's GuestBus . . . . . 45 , simultaneously to the Video Front End of the ZR36067. The ZR36067 can optionally down-scale the video, convert Zoran
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Abstract: the Z R 3 6 1 10 on the ZR36067â'™s G ue stB u s. . . . . . . 44 ZR36110 In itia liz a tio n , the ZR36067. The ZR36067 can optionally down-scale the video, convert it to RGB, and transfer the , by the host, pixel by pixel, through the PCI bus to the ZR36067. The ZR36067 transfers the pixels , operation and co m p re s s in g the da ta , and d rive s the co d e s tre a m to the ZR36067. The code , the video port of the ZR36067. From there the host software reads it out to system memory, pixel by -
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Abstract: particular, this note is relevant when the ZR36060 is interfaced to the ZR36067 PCI Multimedia Controller , the ZR36060. For the case of the ZR36067, the only control signal used is CCS; for applications in , and CWE. When used with the ZR36067, the timing characteristics of the two devices actually , ZR36060. · Make the VCLKX2 traces to the ZR36060 and ZR36067 (or other CODE interface device) the same length if a tree structure is used, or route the trace to the ZR36067 before the ZR36060 if a daisy Zoran
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Abstract: controllers ranging from the dedicated high performance ZR36067 to a generic low-cost MCU: n Two speed , performance ZR36067 PCI controller to generic, low cost micro-controllers. The ZR36060 is a CMOS device that , Video Decoder Video Encoder Video Out ZR36060 JPEG Codec PC Monitor VGA ZR36067 Zoran
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Abstract: . The ZR36067-LV is functionally identical to the ZR36067. 1.2 JPEG System Overview Figure 1 depicts , and simultaneously to the Video Front End of the ZR36067-LV. The ZR36067-LV can optionally downscale , ZR36067-LV supersedes both the ZR36067 and ZR36057 PCI Bus Multimedia Controllers and is recommended for all new designs. Like the ZR36067, the ZR36067-LV has the same package, pinout and functions and the , the ZR36067-LV. The ZR36067-LV claims a contiguous space of 4 KBytes in system memory. 4.4.1 MPEG Zoran
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