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Abstract: ZPD4V3 ZPD4V7 ZPD5V1 ZPD5V6 ZPD6V2 ZPD6V8 ZPD7V5 ZPD8V2 ZPD9V1 ZPD10 ZPD10 ZPD11 ZPD11 ZPD12 ZPD12 ZPD13 ZPD13 ZPD15 ZPD15 ... Original

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ZPD13 ZPD15 ZPD16 ZPD18 ZPD75 ZPD10 ZPD3V6 ZPD2V7 zpd3v9 ZPD5V6 1,3 zener diode ZPD2V7 ZPD7V5 ZPD9V1 ZPD8V2 ZPD6V2 ZPD75 abstract
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Abstract: noted) Zener Voltage Range 1) Type ZPD1 3) ZPD2V7 ZPD3V0 ZPD3V3 ZPD3V6 ZPD3V9 ZPD4V3 ZPD4V7 ... Original

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ZPD75 ZPD12 ZPD13 ZPD20 ZPD16 ZPD18 zpd4v3 ZPD5V6 1,3 ZPD3V9 ZPD2V7 ZPD3V6 ZPD7V5 ZPD8V2 ZPD6V8 ZPD9V1 ZPD75 abstract
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Abstract: 1N4148 1N4148 diodes must be replaced by one ZPD4V7 diode. The microcontroller instructions must be altered to ... Original

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bt136 phase control application light dimmer BT136 application note triac dimmer block diagram dimmer light equivalent components of triac bt136 BT136 SCHEMATIC CIRCUIT SCHEMATIC simple dimmer equivalent for TRIAC BT136 Zilog dimmer DIMMER BT136 conrad datasheet abstract
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Abstract: N To convert to a digital configuration, the two 1N4148 1N4148 diodes must be replaced by one ZPD4V7 ... Original

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dimmer 230V circuit diagram AN001701-Z8X0400 push dimmer ZPD4V7 Ir remote controlled dimmer ir dimmer circuits bt136 phase control application zero crossing dimmer 230v light dimmer BT136 application note SCHEMATIC simple dimmer ac load dimmer with microcontroller AN001701-Z8X0400 abstract
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Abstract: ZPD4V3B ZPD4V7B ZPD5V1B ZPD5V6B ZPD6V2B ZPD6V8B ZPD7V5B ZPD8V2B ZPD9V1B ZPD10B ZPD10B ZPD11B ZPD11B ZPD12B ZPD12B , ZPD3V9B ZPD2V7B ZPD3V3B ZPD6V8B ZPD4V7B 40 ZPD8V2B ZPD5V6B 30 20 Test current Iz ... Original

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diode zener ZPD 15 Zener ZPD 3.3 ZPD18 ZPD4V7 ZPD6V2 ZPD3V9 zpd diode 3 zener diode zpd 9.1 zener diode zpd 6 Zener ZPD ZPD8V2 ZPD3V3 ZPD6V8 zpd 6.2 zener ZPD75B ZPD75B abstract
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Abstract: 95 500 1 ZPD4V7B 4.7 5 78 500 1 ZPD5V1B 5.1 5 5.5.2 60 480 1 0.8 , ZPD 1B Iz ZPD3V9B ZPD3V3B ZPD6V8B ZPD4V7B 40 ZPD8V2B ZPD5V6B 30 20 Test current ... Original

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ZPD56B ZPD3V6 zener diode zpd 6 ZPD75B ZPD2V7 Zener ZPD 3.3 ZPD5V6 ZPD6V2 ZPD4V7 ZPD75B abstract
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Abstract: ZPD 5 Tj=25o C ZPD2V7B ZPD 1B Iz ZPD3V9B ZPD3V3B ZPD6V8B ZPD4V7B 40 ZPD8V2B ZPD5V6B 30 ... Original

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ZPD8V2 Zener ZPD 25 ZPD 1.4 zpd 21 ZPD 6 zpd n zpd diode zpd 4,7 v 9.1 ZPD Zener ZPD 7.5 Zener ZPD 2.7 zener diode zpd 6 zpd 8,2 v Zener ZPD 20 volt datasheet abstract
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Abstract: BTB04-600SAP BSTC1026 BSTD1046 STF12A80 Cross Reference For the most up to date cross reference, go to the product portal: Manufacturer type number Manufacturer Philips type number Page number Manufacturer type number Manufacturer Philips type number Page number Manufacturer type number Manufacturer Philips type number Page number Manufacturer type number Manufacturer Philips type number Page number 02CZ10 02CZ10 02CZ ... Original

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2SC3883 2SC5918 BSTD1053 5Bp smd S106D1 NEC 2P4M 02CZ10 02CZ11 02CZ12 02CZ13 02CZ15 02CZ16 02CZ18 02CZ2 02CZ20 02CZ10 abstract
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Over 1.1 million files (1986-2016): html articles, reference designs, gerber files, chemical content, spice models, programs, code, pricing, images, circuits, parametric data, RoHS data, cross references, pcns, military data, and more. Please note that due to their age, these files do not always format correctly in modern browsers. Disclaimer.
*$ model description: "awb1n2804a" *b Device model created by analog_uprev for 1n2804a on Tue Feb 6 17:33:04 IST 2001 * Modification History: Sripada, Added New Model awbbzv55b10 ; Thursday, March 01, 2007 * Removed temp value from model awb1n957a:CCMPR00020385 CCMPR00020385 CCMPR00020385 CCMPR00020385 ; Wednesday, August 08, 2007 .subckt awb1n2804a 8 2 + params: + IC=0 + STATE=1 + STATE_FACTOR=0 + VZT=6.8 + IZT=1850.0m + ZZT=0.17 + TCBV=2.72 + IR=37.5u + VR=4.5 + IRM=75u + TMAX=150 + VJF=1.0 + MF=0.5 + ISF=1.
Spice Models 04/10/2007 273.15 Kb LIB diz.lib
14959 2 1 2 02CZ10 02CZ10 02CZ10 02CZ10 PZM10NB PZM10NB PZM10NB PZM10NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ11 02CZ11 02CZ11 02CZ11 PZM11NB PZM11NB PZM11NB PZM11NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ12 02CZ12 02CZ12 02CZ12 PZM12NB PZM12NB PZM12NB PZM12NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ13 02CZ13 02CZ13 02CZ13 PZM13NB PZM13NB PZM13NB PZM13NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ15 02CZ15 02CZ15 02CZ15 PZM15NB PZM15NB PZM15NB PZM15NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ16 02CZ16 02CZ16 02CZ16 PZM16NB PZM16NB PZM16NB PZM16NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ18 02CZ18 02CZ18 02CZ18 PZM18NB PZM18NB PZM18NB PZM18NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2.4 PZM2.4NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2.7 PZM2.7NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ20 02CZ20 02CZ20 02CZ20 PZM20NB PZM20NB PZM20NB PZM20NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ22 02CZ22 02CZ22 02CZ22 PZM22NB PZM22NB PZM22NB PZM22NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ24 02CZ24 02CZ24 02CZ24 PZM24NB PZM24NB PZM24NB PZM24NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2
Philips 15/06/2005 676.98 Kb TXT xref-v1.txt
No abstract text available (xref.txt)
Philips 15/06/2005 97.68 Kb ZIP
No abstract text available (xref.txt)
Philips 21/03/2003 66.17 Kb ZIP
10795 2 1 2 1.4KESD12A 4KESD12A 4KESD12A 4KESD12A BZD23-C12 BZD23-C12 BZD23-C12 BZD23-C12@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD150A 4KESD150A 4KESD150A 4KESD150A BZD23-C150 BZD23-C150 BZD23-C150 BZD23-C150@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD15A 4KESD15A 4KESD15A 4KESD15A BZD23-C15 BZD23-C15 BZD23-C15 BZD23-C15@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD170A 4KESD170A 4KESD170A 4KESD170A BZD23-C180 BZD23-C180 BZD23-C180 BZD23-C180@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD22A 4KESD22A 4KESD22A 4KESD22A BZD23-C22 BZD23-C22 BZD23-C22 BZD23-C22@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD24A 4KESD24A 4KESD24A 4KESD24A BZD23-C24 BZD23-C24 BZD23-C24 BZD23-C24@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD36A 4KESD36A 4KESD36A 4KESD36A BZD23-C36 BZD23-C36 BZD23-C36 BZD23-C36@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD48A 4KESD48A 4KESD48A 4KESD48A BZD23-C47 BZD23-C47 BZD23-C47 BZD23-C47@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD60A 4KESD60A 4KESD60A 4KESD60A BZD23-C62 BZD23-C62 BZD23-C62 BZD23-C62@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD64A 4KESD64A 4KESD64A 4KESD64A BZD23-C68 BZD23-C68 BZD23-C68 BZD23-C68@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 1.4KESD70A 4KESD70A 4KESD70A 4KESD70A BZD23-C68 BZD23-C68 BZD23-C68 BZD23-C68@pip/BZD23_2.html,1 10TTS08 10TTS08 10TTS08 10TTS08 BT151-800R BT151-800R BT151-800R BT151-800R@pip/BT151_SERIES_2.html,1
Philips 21/03/2003 434.46 Kb TXT xref.txt

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ZPD4V7 N/A General Purpose Reference Regulator Diode

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BZX79C4V7 BZX79C4V7 Buy ZPD4V7 Buy American Microsemiconductor Inc Direct Zener 4.7V, 0.5W Zener Diode

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