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Abstract: Notes: 1. All dimensions are in mm. Angles in degrees. 2. Coplanarity applies to the exposed pad as well as the terminals. Coplanarity shall not exceed 0.08 mm. 3. Warpage shall not exceed 0.10 mm. 4. Refer JEDEC MO-241 MO-241 5. Thermal pad soldering area (mesh stencil design is recommended) DATE: 09/14/10 DESCRIPTION: 24-contact, Thin Quad Flat No-Lead (TQFN) PACKAGE CODE: ZK (ZK24) DOCUMENT CONTROL #: PD-2043 PD-2043 REVISION:BB B ... Original

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warpage datasheet 2043 coplanarity MO-241 PD-2043 MO-241 abstract
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Abstract: (ZK24) *USB PowerNap products support Sleep-and-charge functionality. Pericom USB Switches Add ... Original

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PI3HDMI301 PI7C9X442SL HDMI to vga pinout PI7C9X440 PI7C9X112SL PI7C9X20505 evaluation board PI7C9X111SL PI2PCIE2212 displayport dvi converter ic PI3VDP505 PI7C9X20303 HDMI TO VGA MONITOR PINOUT PI3VeDP212 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: SAS2108 TK3713 STI7109 STI5202 PAS6201 PAS5201 bl3458 le88221 STi7110 (ZK24) *USB PowerNap products support Sleep-and-charge functionality. Pericom USB Switches Add ... Original

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serdes hdmi optical fibre PI2EQX6814 PI3HDMI336 PI3HDMI245 PI3EQX6701 PI2EQX8804 PI7C9X111 HDMI TO VGA MONITOR PINOUT PI7C9X111SL PI3EQX5701 PI7C9X440SL datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ZI84 ZN16 ZK12 ZK24 ZL10 ZM10 ZM16 ZT10 US8 D8 ZL16 ZL20 ZL32 ZL42 ZL64 ZL72 ZL80 ... Original

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PD2028 part MARKING k48 semiconductor SMD MARKING CODE ad 5.9 Marking Code SMD za PD-2028 PD-1324 PD-2026 PD-2038 sot23-6 marking code YJ aaf marking sot23-5 MARKING CODE SMD IC sot23-5 PD2029 SMD MARKING ed sot23-5 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ZH12 ZH16 ZH20 ZH28 ZH42 ZI84 ZN16 ZK12 ZK24 ZL10 XA8 XA10 TQFP FA32 FA48 FA128 FA128 ... Original

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PD-1203 PD-2017 ZG12 PD-1324 tqfn-20 pericom MO-220 packaging MO-236 MO-252 package lbga-100 MO-288 jedec MS-026 ABA zl16 PD-2029 pd2029 PD2028 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 127 (20") N/A N/A ZK24 TQFN-24 TQFN-24 13" 12 8 Top Left Corner 39 (12") 3500 ... Original

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sot23 a64 PERICOM tape and reel MA208 TQFN-12 TQFN-42 LFBGA160 lbga-100 zr06 FR-0221 QFP-128 ZG12 TQFN56 LQFP64 reel size TQFN-72 EIA-481 EIA-481 abstract
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Abstract: Table of Contents PAGE 2 3 About Pericom Applications 13 Products - Signal Integrity 14 17 18 19 PCI Express ReDriver SAS/SATA/XAUI ReDriver Digital Video Signal Integrity (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI) USB3 ReDriver 21 Products - Connectivity 23 25 27 33 35 45 49 52 53 Bridge Packet Switch Application Specific Signal Switch Analog Signal Switch Digital Bus Switch Logic Interface LVDS Memory Modules Translators 57 Products - Ti ... Original

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MARKING W16 SOT23 PI7C9X113 PM8004 PMC PI2EQX8864 PI7C9X111 HDMI TO VGA MONITOR PINOUT PI7C9X112SL PAS5201 pi3eqx6701 PI3EQX5701 PI7C9X111SL PI7C9X440SL IC ax 2008 used for mp3 player datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ALY-5 aahb BL15A AAXZ apm 4906 /uMAX MAX 6366L 6366L KA46 AAAZ 8/SOT-23 8/SOT-23 MAX 8887 ZK24 AAAZ 5/SOT-23 5/SOT-23 MAX , /SOT-23 /SOT-23 MAX 8888 ZK24 AABO 5/SOT-23 5/SOT-23 MAX 8890 TCBKK AABO 12/THIN 12/THIN QFN MAX ... Original

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ams 5534 AKM 5383 TT160 BT 4840 UTC 2241 SOT-23 FZEJ Code sot-23 on semiconductor SOT-23 AAAA bc 5478 bt 7377 tt 2246 transistor tt 2206 TT 2206 TT 2206 datasheet datasheet abstract
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(This file must be converted with BinHex 4.0) :& [ * $ $ " [!!" !! - schematics - pcb-st/mac/mccad_eds_for_macos.hqx
Kaleidoscope 10/04/2005 22278.99 Kb HQX mccad_eds_for_macos.hqx