Z0405BE Datasheet

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Z0405BE Teccor Electronics Cross Reference Data to Teccor Part Numbers (See datasheet appendix) Original
Z0405BE TAG Semiconductors 4.0A, 200-800V Tiac Scan
Z0405BE TAG Semiconductors Shortform Data Book Scan


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Abstract: Z0309NG Z0310NG MT1 TO 39 MT2 4 200 Z0402BE Z0405BE Z0409BE Z0410BE 400 Z0402DE Z0405DE Z0409DE -
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Z0105DA Z0102MA Z0105MA Z0302DG Z0305DG Z0410DE Z0409MF MT2800 Z0405DF GT 60 DIAC T1010MH T0-18 T0-202-1 RD101 T0-48L 28UNF-2A
Abstract: Z0309NG Z0310NG MT1 to 39 MT2 4 200 Z0402BE Z0405BE Z0409BE Z0410BE 400 Z0402DE Z0405DE Z0409DE -
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Z0302MG Z0409ME S1207MH TRIAC TAG 90 Z0302BG TRIAC TAG 92 triac tag DO-35 T0-92 Z0305MG Z0309MG Z0310MG
Abstract: Z0110MA Z0405BE Z0405BF Z0405DE Z0405DF Z0405ME Z0405MF Z0409BE Z0409BF Z0409DE Z0409DF Z0409ME Z0409MF -
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BTB16-400BW TLS106-4 BT 812 600bw BT810 800BW BT810-800BW BT 808 600C BT 808 600 TYN408G 2N6071 2N6071A 2N6073 2N6073A 2N6075 2N6075A
Abstract: TAG SEMICONDUCTORS LTD 8834750 TAG SEMICONDUCTORS LTD 63C 00789 D7~- S?vSW3 TAG SEMICONDUCTORS LTD G TO 202-1 mt^2 Z0405BE-Z0405WE TRIACS 4.0 A 200-800 V 5/5/5/5 mA The Z0405 series of TRIAC's are high performance PNPN devices diffused with TAG'S proprietary Top Glassâ"¢ Process. These parts are intended for general purpose applications where logic compatible gate sensitivity is required. Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta= 25 °C unless otherwise noted â'¢ Parameter Part Nr. Symbol Min. Max. Unit -
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BRX49 equivalent FR207 equivalent 4835D TYN 208 equivalent BDW84C equivalent BCX38C equivalent 1N270 1N276 1N283 1N295 1N457A 1N703A