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Part : XR14412VP Supplier : Exar Manufacturer : Bristol Electronics Stock : 45 Best Price : $3.6589 Price Each : $7.84
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Abstract: tic a l C ouplers Built-in MODEMS XR-14412VP XR-14412VN S Y S T E M DESCRIPTION Package Plastic C , ' X T EX4R FSK Modem System G E N E R A L DESCRIPTION The XR-14412 con tains all the ne cessary c , (CCITT) sta n d a rd s fo r low -speed M OD EM S. The XR-14412 provides T2|_-compatible inputs and outputs. Included in th e XR-14412 are fea ture s for self-testing and an ech o suppression tone generator. The XR-14412 utilizes com p le m e n ta ry MOS tech nolog y for low -pow er operation. XR-14412 FU -
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XR-346 em fsk modem pot 10k 14412VP 14412 T1104 R10-R11 IN914
Abstract: Modem. The XR-2103 is specifically intended for use with the XR-14412 Modulator/Demodulator to form a , the XR-14412. A self-test circuit is included. An input amplifier with programmable gain is provided , Transmit/Receive Filtering Complement to XR-14412 or Other Modulators/Demodulaturs ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM , output limiter symmetry for easier interfacing with the XR-14412 modulator/demodulator. 3-120 XR , complete modem requires only the XR-2103, the XR-14412, and telephone line interfacing hardware. A -
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2103 FSK modulator and demodulator band pass transformer "1 khz" Bell-103 -1 2225 2103C XR-2103CP XR-2103/2103A XR-1010
Abstract: (Mitel), XR-14412 (Exar) 6) TP5OWI/88/89 (Nat Semi Plessey, Texas) 7) MEE/8O (MITEL) NOTE: non-logic RF Solutions
TXM173-4689-UK03 MPT1328 MPT1344 fm transmitter 12 KM circuit diagram mm53200 UM3750 fm transmitter 60 KM circuit diagram afsk modem DS000030
Abstract: LM-339 Quad Comparator E XR-14412 FSK Mod/Demod 300 BPS F XR-2120 Filter-Switched Cap G XR -
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lm 2206 for frequency modulation Cd4013 XR-4741 F-7404 TDA 4608 XR-2123ACP XR-2123A XR-2123 CD4011 T1-T2220 Q1-2N4403 Q3-2N4401