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Abstract: /support/documentation/application_notes/ XAPP962 (v1.1) March 14, 2008 , 4 = 64 data bits (Figure 2). The reference design files for this application note ( , Application Note: Virtex-II, and Virtex-4 FPGAs R XAPP962 (v1.1) March 14, 2008 Summary , their respective owners. XAPP962 (v1.1) March 14, 2008 1 R Block RAM , ERROR AB BRAM_Block2 Web X962_01_080707 Figure 1: XAPP962 (v1.1) March 14, 2008 Block ... Original

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XC4VLX200 RAM SEU vhdl code comparator vhdl code for shift register error correction code in vhdl XAPP1004 XAPP216 XAPP779 XC2VP40 XAPP987 Virtex-4 radiation XAPP962 SRL16 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Application Note: Virtex-4 FX FPGAs Single-Event Upset Mitigation Design Flow for Xilinx FPGA PowerPC Systems R XAPP1004 XAPP1004 (v1.0) March 14, 2008 Summary Authors: Greg Miller, Carl Carmichael, and Gary Swift Orbital, space-based, and extra-terrestrial applications are susceptible to the effects of high energy charged particles. Single-event upsets (SEUs) can alter the logic state of any static memory element (latch, flip-flop, or RAM cell) including the components of an embedde ... Original

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ML405 datasheet powerpc 405 PPC405 ram memory vhdl RAMB16 vhdl code for bram vhdl code for DCM voter X1004 XAPP1004 32 BIT ALU design with vhdl ML405 XC4VFX20 datasheet abstract
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