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Abstract: execution units as the VR5464. The VR5400 processor family complies with the MIPS IV instruction set and , microprocessor family, whose members are the VR5464TM and the VR5432TM, brings a new level of high-end , network routers, hubs and switches. The VR5464 performs 519 Dhrystone MIPS (million instructions per , speed. The VR5464 uses a 64-bit multiplexed address/data bus interface and addresses the high-end , MHz VR5464 at 200 MHz VR5464 at 250 MHz 347 MIPS 415 MIPS 519 MIPS 2.5 W (max NEC
VR5432 verilog code for barrel shifter verilog code for superscalar mips verilog code for 64 bit barrel shifter mentor robot verilog code for 64 32 bit register IEEE-754 13362EU1V0PB00
Abstract: 2000 VRTM MIPS VR10000-250 VR12000 -300 TM VR5464 -200 VR10000 -200 TM NEC
PD754302 PD754144 PD780948 LCD30 PD17P001 LCD 20 X 4 MIPS 24k 78K/0S 78K/0 78K/IV PD6133 X13769XJ2V0CD00 LCD80A/D
Abstract: from NEC in which a DCU is incorporated are currently as follows: · V831, V832 · VR5464, VR5432 -
NB85E IE-70000-CD-IF-A V831 V832 V850E IE-70000-MC-NW-A
Abstract: VR12000 -300 VR10000-250 VR5464 -200 VR10000 -200 TM TM TM VR5000-250 VR5000 -200 TM 500 NEC
VR4101 PD17003A PD17071 PD17073 PD17708 VR4300133 PD753036 PD75P3036 PD753304 PD753104 PD753106 PD753108
Abstract: X13769XJ2V0CD00 03-9 64 V RTM s VR MIPS VR12000TM300 VR10000250 VR5464TM200 VR10000TM200 VR5000250 , uPD30540 VR5464 200 MHz 32 KB uPD30541 VR5432 167 MHz 200 MHz 3.3 V uPD30700 VR10000 250 MHz 2.6 V NEC
DF7051 80-TQFP-1212 uPD703008Y 4g128 upD17003 TQFP12 CDROM32 V800TM V830TM V810TM V850TM V810V830
Abstract: -300 VR10000-250 VR5464TM-200 VR10000TM-200 VR5000-250 VR5000TM-200 VR4400-250 VR5432TM-167 VR4310TM-167 VR4400 , size uPD305405 VR5464 200 MHz uPD305415 VR5432 167 MHz 200 MHz 3.3 V uPD30700 VR10000 250 NEC
NEC VR4300 uPD70F3033Y VR10000 Series PD70741 V821TM MIPS/25 PD705101 V831TM MIPS/100
Abstract: Agilent Contact Agilent NEC 7810/11 V25 V830 Vr4100 Vr4200 Vr4300 Vr5000 Vr5432 Vr5464 51 Agilent Technologies
E5403A N4228-68702 E5396-68702 FS1112 LACT 33020 Mictor pinout 5966-4365E
Abstract: , VR5464, VR10000, VR12000 are the trademarks of NEC Corporation. JAVA and all the trademarks and NEC
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Abstract: ® is a registered trademark of The Open Group. NEC®, VR5000TM, VRC5074TM, VR5400TM, VR5432TM, VR5464TM NEC
green hills ppc compiler manual green hills compiler options oem v850 D4047 alu 9308 d 216MIPS PCT303 VRC5074 D-40472 D-30177 D-81925 D-70565 NL-5612