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VR5432* Datasheet

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VR5432 NEC Electronics

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Abstract: 4g128 VR5000TM200 VR5000TM200 VR4400250 VR4400250 VR5432TM167 VR4310TM167 VR4310TM167 VR4400200/100 VR4400200/100 VR4300133 VR4300133 VR4121TM168/131 VR4121TM168/131 VR4111TM90/70 VR4111TM90/70 VR4102TM49 VR4102TM49 , µPD30540 PD30540 VR5464 VR5464 200 MHz 32 KB µPD30541 PD30541 VR5432 167 MHz 200 MHz 3.3 V µPD30700 PD30700 VR10000 VR10000 250 MHz 2.6 V ... Original

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upD17003 DF17809 DF780974 nec V830 mcu RX83 SDIP-40 SE17053 TQFP12 80-TQFP-1212 DF7051 CDROM32 X13769XJ2V0CD00 CDROM32 abstract
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Abstract: LCD30 TM VR5000-250 VR5000-250 VR5000 VR5000 -200 TM 500 VR5432 -167 VR4310 VR4310 -167 TM TM H 200 P igh er ... Original

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VR4300133 PD780988 PD754302 LCD 20 X 4 PD17P001 PD780948 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: LCD30 VR5432 -167 VR4310 VR4310 -167 TM TM Hi 200 g e hP r for n ma ce VR4400-200/100 VR4400-200/100 ... Original

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VR4300133 VR4101 PD754302 PD17P001 PD17003A datasheet abstract
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Abstract: , VR4122 VR4122, VR4181 VR4181, VR43xx, VR5000 VR5000, VR5432, VRC4172 VRC4172, VRC4173 VRC4173, Ravin, VRC5074 VRC5074 and Bonito are trademarks of NEC , mid-range VR43xxTM to the high-end VR5432TM, NEC's VR Series offers a wide selection of 64-bit processors , VR43xx 64-bit MIPS RISC Microprocessor VR5000 VR5000 64-bit MIPS RISC Microprocessor VR5432 64-bit MIPS RISC , solution A new level of high end performance has been achieved by NEC's VR5432 processor by supporting a , high end office automation, network, multimedia or industrial control applications, the VR5432 is the ... Original

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bird bell project Circuit fortune date Code Identification fpga final year project future domain scsi hp 1502 vga l2 cache verilog code SIMPLE SCROLLING LED DISPLAY verilog P- 6431 mips r5000 alu 9308 d 216MIPS green hills compiler options oem v850 U14705EE1V0PF00 VR4121 U14705EE1V0PF00 abstract
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Abstract: gp30md GP25M ss2a20 , VR4181 VR4181, VR4300 VR4300, VR4305 VR4305, VR4310 VR4310, VR4400 VR4400, VR5000A VR5000A, VR5432, and VR Series are trademarks of NEC Electronics ... Original

444 pages,
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ECMP2 General electric SCR manual GP4M mips16 instruction set PD30181 VR10000 VR4000 VR12000 T4 0660 U10710E VR5432 VR4111 modem SCR Manual, General electric 237 521 02 VR4181TM PD30181 VR4181TM abstract
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Abstract: VR5432 CPU, in addition to the conventional VR Series CPUs, thus increasing the range of embedded ... Original

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VR5432 VR4300 VR4100 VR4000 RX4000 R4300 gets acre VR4000 abstract
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Abstract: DATA SHEET MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT µPD30541 PD30541 TM VR5432 64-/32-BIT 64-/32-BIT MICROPROCESSOR DESCRIPTION The µPD30541 PD30541 (VR5432) is a member of the VR SeriesTM RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer , MIPSTM. The VR5432 employs a 32-bit bus for the system interface and can operate with a protocol , user's manual. Be sure to read the manual before designing. · VR5432 User's Manual (U13751E U13751E , µPD30541 PD30541 INTERNAL BLOCK DIAGRAM VR5432 Fetch unit Instruction cache SysAD bus (32 bits ... Original

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VR5000TM VR4300TM VR4300 U13751E U13504E VR5432 PD30541 64-/32-BIT PD30541 abstract
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Abstract: VR5000A-250 VR5000A-250 VR4400-250 VR4400-250 High-end mid-range digital embedded market VR5000-200 VR5000-200 VR5432-167 VR4400-200 VR4400-200 , major priority. In this field, NEC has released the VR4310 VR4310, VR5000 VR5000, and VR5432. Table 1 lists the , realized using software thanks to the VR5432's support of integer sum-ofproducts and multimedia , VR4121 VR4121 Block Diagram VR4310 VR4310 VR5432 VR5000 VR5000 VR5000A VR5000A 167 MHz 167 MHz 200 MHz 250 , VR43xx/ VR5432/ VR5000 VR5000 Family computing applications that has simultaneously realized a performance ... Original

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microprocessors used in car V850 Dual Voltage Flash V850 instruction set v850/SA1 vr12000 VR4305-80 nec CB-11 VR4101 vr12000-300 CISC Microcontrollers VR4102 NEC VR4310 NEC VR4300 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: OCBW64S , VR5000 VR5000, VR5000A VR5000A, VRC5074 VRC5074, VRC5077 VRC5077, VR5432, VRC5476 VRC5476, VR10000 VR10000, VR12000 VR12000, and VR12000A VR12000A are trademarks of NEC ... Original

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VR4121 vr10000 VR12000A VR4122 VR5500 NEC Semiconductor system controller VRC4171A MIPS64 VRC5077 VR10000 Series NEC VR10000 VR12000 "embedded dram" nec VR4181 VR7701 VR7701 abstract
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Abstract: from NEC in which a DCU is incorporated are currently as follows: · V831, V832 · VR5464 VR5464, VR5432 ... Original

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V850E V832 V831 NB85E IE-70000-CD-IF-A datasheet abstract
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VR43xx Cost/performance optimum VR5000 VR5000 VR5000 VR5000 High performance VR5432
NEC 16/09/1999 5.39 Kb HTM 3264bit.htm
uPD30500B uPD30500B uPD30500B uPD30500B VRC5074 VRC5074 VRC5074 VRC5074 VR5432 High performance uPD30541 uPD30541 uPD30541 uPD30541
NEC 16/09/1999 6.68 Kb HTM vr-v1.htm
VR5432 High performance Device Int. Bus [Bit] Ext. Bus [Bit] No. of Instructions Core ROM [kB] ROM Type Cache [kB] Max. Clock [MHz] Speed Versions Tmin [°C] Tmax [°C] VDD [V] Power cons. [mW] UART Peripherals Pack1 Companionchip I-Cache D-Cache Cache Architecture uPD30541 uPD30541 uPD30541 uPD30541 64 32 MIPS IV + MDMX VR5400 VR5400 VR5400 VR5400 0 NA 32/32 167 167 -10 70 _ t.b.d. NO N-wire 208 PQFP VRC5476 VRC5476 VRC5476 VRC5476 32 kB 32 kB two way set associative
NEC 16/09/1999 5.57 Kb HTM vr5432.htm
NEC 16/09/1999 1.63 Kb HTM altnam31.htm