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Abstract: UPEK Embedded Fingerprint Sensor Solutions Proven technology UPEK'S PROVEN, EASY-TO-INTEGRATE FINGERPRINT SENSORS ARE THE MOST SECURE AND EASIEST TO USE ON THE MARKET. Proven UPEK's proven silicon , for U.S. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD 12) applications , enabled by UPEK's new Enhanced Image Mode (EIM). Easy to use UPEK's proprietary HD3DTM Sensing technology senses 3-D ridges , repetitive use and ESD. UPEK's SteelCoatTM protective coating delivers added durability when the fingerprint UPEK
tcd50d TCESC4K UPEK TCS4K TCS4K tcd50
Abstract: Integrated Security Device G83-14501 Biometric Keyboard Biometric Keyboard with Integrated UPEK Fingerprint Sensor Main Applications Key Features Rack Mount Systems Airlines Education/Schools Banking Medical Equipment Automotive Equipment POS/POT Office/Data Entry White Box , Biometric keyboard with USB interface Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor TCS1CD from UPEK (ST-Micro) with , Current Input typ.150 mA Biometric Sensor High resolution wide area touch sensor TCS1CD from UPEK Cherry
TCS1CD biometric fingerprint capacitive capacitive fingerprint sensor TouchChip Upek TCS1CD G83-14501LPAUS-2 G83-14501LPAUS-0
Abstract: Integrated Security Devices G83-14401 Biometric Keyboard with Smart Card Reader Biometric Keyboard with Integrated UPEK Fingerprint Sensor and CardMan 3121-Compatible Smart Card Reader Main Applications Key Features Main Part Numbers Rack Mount Systems Airlines Education/Schools Banking , PC/SC smart card reader Capacitive fingerprint sensor TCS1CD from UPEK (ST-Micro) with TouchChip , resolution wide area touch sensor TCS1CD from UPEK (ST-Micro) with TouchChip® technology 256x360 pixel Cherry
biometric biometric sensor circuit datasheet 3121 dpi 510 smart card 3121-C G83-14401LPAUS-2 G83-14401LPAUS-0
Abstract: FingerTIP ID Keyboard G83-14401 /-14501 Technical Data ï'· Number of buttons: 104 = International layout with Windowsâ"¢ keys ï'· Cable length: approx. 1.75 m approx. 5.74 ft ï'· approx. 1190 g (keyboard) approx. 2.62 lbs (keyboard) approx. 1500 g (with packaging) approx. 3.30 lbs (with packaging) G83-14400 Models may vary from the Image shown ï'· Capacitive fingerprint sensor TCS1 from UPEK with TouchChip® technology 256 x 360 pixel ï'· Compatible with UPEK BSAPI Cherry
UPEK TCS1 G83-14401LPBEU-2 G83-14501LPBEU-2
Abstract: Integrated Security Devices M-4200 Series FingerTIP ID Mouse FingerTIP ID Mouse with Optical Sensor for Precise Movements Key Features â'¢ Incorporates UPEK TCS2 TouchChip® sensor â'¢ UPEKâ'™s patented active capacitance sensing technology delivers a higher signal-to-noise ratio than passive sensing â'¢ Protective coating is up to 5 times thicker than other silicon sensors on the market today, improving product durability â'¢ â'¢ Matching on device possible Template on Cherry
Abstract: and enabling authentication services. The reference design utilizes UPEK's TouchStrip fingerprint , the same way as NX2LP. CY4665 - Cypress & UPEK Reference Design for USB Flash Drives (UFD): The CY4665 "Flisk" reference design from Cypress and UPEK provides customers with a turnkey solution for , with both the UPEK TCD42 security ASIC and the NAND flash to provide a secure link to both the PC and Cypress Semiconductor
Samsung K9NCG08U5M K9NCG08U5M K9WBG08U5M k9wbg08 K9WBG nand flash pcb layout design AN64408 CY7C68033 CY7C68034 CY7C68033/CY7C68034
Abstract: Corporation 21F, 88, Sec.1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., Hsichih, Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan, R.O.C. Title uPEK -
0R0402-PAD A2E3 wistron homa SC1U6D3V2KX-GP xtal12mhz SPD-CONN12D-GP-U SC47P50V2JN-3GP 27R2J-1-GP SCD1U16V2ZY-2GP 220R2J-L2-GP 330KR2F-L-GP
Abstract: Hsien 221, Taiwan, R.O.C. uPEK Fingerprint TCS4EA Rev HOMA Sheet 1 SA 1 of 1 -
SC18P50V2JN-1-GP 47KR2F-GP SC22P50V2JN-4GP VDD18 100KR2J-1-GP 330KR2J-L1-GP
Abstract: AuthenTec AES1711 UPEK TCS1 Vendors Features CASIO UPEK etc. CASIO, etc (many vendors , *Beneath the skin's surface · UPEK TCS1 complies with FIPS201 © Copyright OKI SEMICONDUCTOR 2009 6 OKI Electric Industry
AES2510 circuit diagram for fingerprint sensor ML67Q5250 AuthenTec MK67Q5250 smart card reader hacking circuit
Abstract: keeps card  Choice of Authentec AES 4000 or UPEK TCS1 in plain view of user. fingerprint , , UPEK TCS2 Sensor *Keyboard versions also available in Light Gray. 18.5â' Black USB Keyboard with , keyboard with UPEK TCS1 fingerprint sensor, US 104 position key layout. 'OEM Protector Suite , UPEK TCS1 fingerprint sensor and high performance PCSC smart card reader, US 104 position key layout Cherry Semiconductor
mini 123 card reader pin out upek Fingerprint swipe Sensor G86-61401EUADAA G86-61410EUADAA G86-61411EUADAA
Abstract: Point of Sale / Security SPOS QWERTY BIOMETRIC KEYBOARDS Multifunctional Biometric Keyboard with Enhanced Key Layout and Optional Magnetic Card Reader and Touchpad for Secure POS Applications T e c hnic a l Da t a Fa c t s & Fe a t ure s ï'§ ï'§ ï'§ Integrates UPEK TCS2 TouchChip® Interface Sensor Biometric ï'§ Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0 Save Precious Space Incorporating a Biometric reader, Touch Pad, and MSR into one Compact Keyboard Utilizing one USB Connection ï'§ Full Cherry
CISPR22 G86-62430EUADAA G86-62431EUADAA G86-62460EUADAA G86-62461EUADAA
Abstract: G83-14400/14500 FingerTIP ID Board Host Interface: USB, bus powered device Smart Card Interface: Reads and writes all ISO 7816 cards supports T=0, T=1, I²C (S=8), 2 wire (S=10), 3 wire (S=9) Card connecting unit: approx. 100,000 insertions Smart card speed: 412,903 bps Clock frequency Smartcard: 4.8 MHz Key benefits USB keyboard with fingerprint sensor and PC/SC smart card reader Capacitive fingerprint sensor TCS1CD from UPEK (ST-Micro) with TouchChip® technology 256x360 pixel Smart card Cherry Semiconductor
tcs1c fingerprint sensor i2c specifications capacitive keyboard fingerprint fingerprint i2c G83-14401LPA G83-14501LPA
Abstract: 5 4 3 2 1 GPIO13 +3VSUS U1 27_4 27_4 USBP+_R USBP-_R B2 B1 C2 D4 D3 C1 D2 D1 E4 E2 E1 E3 F4 F2 F1 F3 F5 G5 G3 G1 G2 G4 H1 H2 J1 H3 H4 J2 K1 K2 L1 J3 L2 K3 J4 L3 K4 L4 H5 K5 L5 J5 G6 H6 J6 L6 K6 H7 J7 L7 +3VSUS R1 1.5K_4 A1 A2 B3 A3 C3 C4 B4 E5 D5 A4 +3VSUS UPEK_TCD42A M3_0 C27 B5 C5 , A4 B4 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 H4 J4 K4 L4 M4 U2 UPEK_TCS3C D 10mil RI NG 20mil CP_VOUT , :BD1 1 SR05 Size Date: Document Number Quanta Computer Inc. FINGERPRINT BOARD(UPEK) Wednesday -
fingerprint f8 40MIL 47P4 EADDR16 scck upek fingerprint 01U/100V GRID0R20 EADDR10 EADDR11 EADDR12 GPIO15
Abstract: Corporation 21F, 88, Sec.1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., Hsichih, Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan, R.O.C. Title uPEK -
SC1U10V3KX-3GP wistron homa 914AJ 0R0402 XTAL-12MHZ-15GP 4AJ01 4AJ10 08551-SA
Abstract: A B C D E 1 1 2 2 Dallas10 LS-3401P UPEK Finger Printer Board Schematic TCD42B with TCS3CD Revision: 1.A 3 3 2007-02-28 4 4 Security Classification Issued Date 2006/10/31 Compal Secret Data Deciphered Date 2007/10/31 Title Compal Electronics, Inc. SCHEMATIC, FINGERPRINT/B LS-3401P 4059DV Sheet E THIS SHEET OF ENGINEERING DRAWING IS THE PROPRIETARY PROPERTY OF , ZZZ ZZZ DA600004810 PCB IAKAA LS-3401P REV1 UPEK FP/B DA600004810 EC00A000800 Bezel -
3401P LS-3482P LS-3484P iskaa LS-3483P LS3482p 16V4Z 020173MB004SX10ZX LS-3485P
Abstract: JMICRON JMB368 PAGE 47 Finger Print sensor (UPEK) P.67 Bluetooth PAGE 48 INPUTS OUTPUTS Cherry Semiconductor
G80-3800 G80-3850
Abstract: 38 (port 0) FingerPrinter UPEK TCS3C/TCD42A USBx1 page 38 2 2 PCI-E BUS DMI (port 1 -
JAL22 MEC5035 ECE5028 smsc MEC5035 PR207 SN0608098 BCM5880 JAL21/22 LA-4051P DAA00000R1L 43153431L01 43153431L02 43153431L11
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