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The Transistor Manual (Japanese) 1993

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Abstract: Junction field effect transistor with shottky barrier gate. Caution The Great Care must be taken in , DATA SHEET HETERO JUNCTION FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR NE42484C NE42484C C to Ku BAND SUPER LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER N-CHANNEL HJ-FET DESCRIPTION PACKAGE DIMENSIONS (Unit : mm) The NE42484C NE42484C is a Hetero Junction FET that utilizes the hetero junction to create high mobility electrons. Its excellent low noise , Japan SYMBOL MIN. © 1993 NE42484C NE42484C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = 25 °C ... NEC

10 pages,
66.64 Kb

transistor k 2843 NE42484C-SL NEC Ga FET marking A NEC Ga FET marking C NEC Ga FET marking L nec gaas fet marking The Transistor Manual Japanese 1993 L to Ku BAND LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER Ga FET marking k C band FET transistor s-parameters NE42484C-T1 2608 surface mount transistor NE42484C NE42484C NE42484C TEXT
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Abstract: Issued July 1993 A15894 A15894 Bar code reading and printing The principles behind bar code reading A , set-up procedure contained in the comprehensive manual supplied with the reader. This reader can be used , of the light that it receives. A dark surface, however, will absorb most of the light. The difference between the reflection and absorption is called contrast. When a pattern of dark bars separated by light spaces is scanned with a light beam, the intensity of the reflected light corresponds to the bar widths ... RS Components

8 pages,
707.98 Kb

inkjet head film small size keymodule PORTABLE SIGNAL WAND hp inkjet printer control codes japanese transistor substitution keymodule binary to dotmatrix decoder CCD MARKING hp inkjet module hp inkjet head The Transistor Manual Japanese 1993 laser barcode reader circuit A15894 japanese transistor manual substitution A15894 Transistor Substitution 1993 A15894 cherry mx A15894 psion A15894 CCD MTBF A15894 cherry mx keymodule A15894 HBCR-8300 A15894 A15894 A15894 TEXT
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Abstract: manual classifies the safety precautions into two categories: and . Indicates that incorrect , such a case. 4) Note that when an error occurs in a relay, triac or transistor output device, the , within the generic environment specifications described in Section 4.1 of this manual. Never use the , PRECAUTIONS Reference · Connect the AC power supply to the dedicated terminals specified in this manual , manual. - Tightening torque should be between 0.5 and 0.8 N·m. · Observe the following items when ... Mitsubishi

476 pages,
11682.24 Kb

mitsubishi melsec FX3U FX2N-32ER The Japanese Transistor Manual 1981 fx2n 8eyt ess FX3U-16M FX3U-232-BD FX3U-128M FX2N-16EX FX3U-80M FX2N 64mr manual FX3U-64M FX3U-32M FX3U-48M TEXT
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Abstract: parasitic transistor into conduction. The electron current subsequently causes a voltage drop in the n-well, further turning on the first transistor. If the product of the current gains is larger than one , through the collector causes a voltage drop across the base-emitter of the second parasitic transistor. In turn, the collector current of the second transistor maintains a forward bias on the base-emitter of the first transistor. If the product of the two transistor gains is greater than unity, the ... Analog Devices

8 pages,
149.29 Kb

What is a TRANSZORB 3 Volt transzorb AD7893-10 AN-311 AN-397 C-111 ED-4701 1N914 HP50822835 SCR Manual, General electric transzorb i-v curve HP5082-2835 diode TRANSISTOR C-111 The Transistor Manual Japanese 1993 HP5082-2835 TEXT
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Abstract: in ue transistor with shottky barrier gate. Caution D is co nt The Great Care , over all the business of both companies. Therefore, although the old company name remains in this , current as of the date this document is issued. Such information, however, is subject to change without , confirm the latest product information with a Renesas Electronics sales office. Also, please pay regular , the use of Renesas Electronics products or technical information described in this document. No ... Renesas Electronics

12 pages,
184.48 Kb

NEC D 586 NE42484C-T1 NE42484 28609 2608 surface mount transistor transistor NEC D 586 NE42484C nec d 882 p transistor transistor NEC D 882 p TEXT
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Abstract: quality grade on the devices and its recommended applications. In this manual, PROM indicates the features common to the one-time PROM products and the EPROM. work /¿PD78218A PD78218A Subseries User's Manual Hardware Volume: IEM-755 IEM-755 78K/II 78K/II Series User's Manual Instruction Volume: IEU-754 IEU-754 (with window) (750mil) The , conditions, refer to the information document "Semiconductor Device Mounting Technology Manual" (IEI-1207 IEI-1207). , DATA SHEET NEC MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT 8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCOMPUTER DESCRIPTION The ... OCR Scan

50 pages,
1962.79 Kb

D78P218A iem-5101 8133B listed 236j marking P71 transistor nec k 813 nec prom PD78213 PD78218A uPD78P218AGC-AB8 transistor 0126C UPD78214 IEA-607 iei-1209a 78K/II PD78218A IEM-5532 78K/II PD78218A The Transistor Manual Japanese 1993 78K/II PD78218A IC-2722 78K/II PD78218A IEA-1220 78K/II PD78218A d78p218 78K/II PD78218A 78K/II 78K/II PD78218A PD78P218A TEXT
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Abstract: as the counter is not reset by the power, external, manual, or electromagnetic reset. Ambient , . Manual reset To mechanically reset the counter by manual means. Count-up The point in time or the , residual voltage is the voltage between the output and 0-V lines when the transistor is ON (i.e., the total voltage between both edges of the transistor and diode bridge). Residual voltage (V) When , , otherwise the relay or transistor used for the counter may be damaged. Mounting Although the counter can ... Original

156 pages,
3580.27 Kb

Omron H7CR E6C-CWZ H7CR-B manual The Transistor Manual Japanese 1993 omron e3n omron counter H8CA-SAL OMRON H8PR errors OMRON H8PR 16 omron timer H8CA-s OMRON H8PR Omron E3R E6C-CWZ5C equivalent E6C-CWZ5C omron E3xr-ce4 E3XR-CE4 manual Omron E3XR-CE4 Photoelectric sensor TEXT
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Abstract: 6 16-/8-BIT 16-/8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCOMPUTER DESCRIPTION The /xPD784026 is 78K/II 78K/II+ subseries product. The /iPD784026 is approximately twice as fast as the jiPD78324 subseries, and offers significant , capacity, and an enhanced instruction set. Functions are described in detail in the following user's manuals, which should be read when carrying out design work. /¿PD784026 PD784026 Series User's Manual (Preliminary) Hardware Volume : IEU-850 IEU-850 78K/IV 78K/IV Series User's Manual (Preliminary) Instruction Volume : IEU ... OCR Scan

82 pages,
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16-/8-BIT TEXT
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Abstract: been seeking a philosophy of extending the business and contributing the society with high quality , shipment.The through quality control outputs competitive products. .Mitsubishi Electric has acquired the ISO , product.Putting the quality first, everyone in Mitsubishi Electric is seeking for customer satisfaction through , , design, and shipment have acquired the ISO 9001 Standard Certificate (Certificates from England, Netherlands, Germany, Australia and New Zealand) by 1995. The ISO 9001 is an international quality assurance ... Mitsubishi

253 pages,
3081.32 Kb

THYRISTOR MDT 1692 transistor smd dy 349 transistor SMD MOSFET 2033 SMD EZ 648 MP 10073 The Japanese Transistor Manual 1981 schematic Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier sun hold ras 2410 relay Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier TRANSISTOR SMD MARKING CODE jg transistor SMD marked RNW TEXT
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Abstract: highly depends on the quality of the finished goods or the performance of the machine in use. Zero defect during production is a key criterion for success. The speed of production lines is getting increasingly faster. On the other hand the machines should never fail. But can you trust the result? The necessity for quality inspection and control in any production process is no longer a discussion point. The cost of non quality is much higher than the investment, which pays for itself within a short time. In ... Original

101 pages,
10694.72 Kb

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AMP 07-22-1990 * Low Frequency Model. To see higher order parasitic effects use the * JN4416 JN4416 model in the RF.LIB * *SRC=2N4856 2N4856;JN4856 JN4856;JFETs N;Analog Switch;40V 50mA, Low Ron .MODEL JN4856 JN4856
Spice Models 18/04/2010 47.22 Kb LIB jfet.lib
supply current. Unlike the pnp-bipolar pass transistor found in conventional regulators, the supply voltages of 5V or ±5V-the choice is more limited. You can, however, easily provide the required voltages with a local switching regulator or charge-pump converter. Though 3V designs are beginning to appear across the board, the switch to low voltage is most computers and wireless phones, for example. And, with the increasing demand for small size and
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