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TX4961 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
TX4961XBG Toshiba TX4961X - TX49 64-Bit TX System RISC Series Microprocessors; CPU COre: TX49 H3; Clock MHz/Max MIPS: 240/312; Inst./Data Cache: 16Kb (4 Way)/16KB (4 Way); TLB: Yes; 1Cycle MAC: Yes; Volts (V): 1.5/3.3; Peripherals: FPU, GPU, GDC, DDR, SDRAMC, DMAC, EBUSC, VIDEO FRAME GRABBER, AC-LINK, CAN, Media-LB, NAND Flash C, I2C, SPI, UART; Companion Chip: Not needed; Package: PBGA-456 Original


Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags
Abstract: SIZE : B2 ATI_p18-2_capri LSI TX4961/TX4964 TX4961XBG -240 / TX4964FG -120 LSI RISC CPU CPU 24bit 4 1600 TX4961XBG-240 TX4964FG-120 CPU 64bit RISC TX49/L4 64bit RISC TX49/H3 240MHz 120MHz DDRSDRAM 512MB SDRAM 4MB - 4085 - 4085 456PBGA 176LQFP / CAN I/F ADC CAN I/F - -
TX4964 TX49 risc 456-PBGA 4085 TX4961/TX4964 240MH 120MH
Abstract: Product Brief TX4961XBG-240 64-bit RISC Processor with Integrated Graphics and Display , www.Toshiba.com/taec 1 TX4961XBG-240 64-bit RISC Processor with Integrated Graphics and Display Controller , the applicable export laws and regulations, is hereby prohibited. TX4961XBG-240 64-bit RISC , The TX4961 is designed for applications that combine general purpose computing with real-time , The TX4961 also integrates a video frame grabber, AC-Link and I2C controllers, various timers and Toshiba
Abstract: /TCS11 19 IC TX4961 TX4962 TX4964 Toshiba
TC90512XBG TC90507XBG TMPA8873 TC94A70FG tb1307fg tb2926hq TLV1022 TLE68TG TLE68CG TLE68DG
Abstract: Information & Entertainment TX4964FG-120 TX4962XBG-120 TX4961XBG-240 64bitRISC TX49/L4 , /S 16 K 86C847I/S 86C408I/S 64 TX4964FG-120 0K TX4961XBG-240 CAN SOP/SDIP/SSOP , 16 TX4961XBG-240 - - 3 ch 2 ch 3 ch 1 ch 8 ch - 6 , (WDR) LSI TX4961 LSI Visconti® LSI 1 TFT , 64-Bit CPU TX4961 TX49 + FPU 240 MHz 32bit DDR bus TX4962 ES Toshiba
TB2926 TB2904 TPD1047F TB9065FG TB2926CHQ TB31371FNG TPD1032F TPD1036F TPD1039F TPD1030F TPD1031AF TPD1044F
Abstract: -300/-333(TX4937) · TMPR4938XBG-300/-333(TX4938) · TX4961XBG-240 · 1.2 TMPR4955BFG , -001 Applicable Products: TMPR4937XBG-300/-333(TX4937), TMPR4938XBG-300/-333(TX4938) TX4961XBG-240, TX4962XBG , -300/-333(TX4937), TMPR4938XBG-300/-333(TX4938) TX4961XBG-240, TX4962XBG-120 Conditions: Usage constraint , ) TX4961XBG-240, TX4962XBG-120 Conditions: When a data cycle generated by a preceding load instruction , -300/-333(TX4938) TX4961XBG-240, TX4962XBG-120 Conditions: When an instruction that affects the TLB Toshiba
BDE0095C tmpr4955bfg-200 BDE0188B Toshiba TX4961XBG R4300 toshiba Nand 224 pin ERT-TX49H3-016 ERT-TX49H3-017 ERT-TX49H3-018 ERT-TX49H3-019 ERT-TX49H3-020
Abstract: TMPR4937XBG-300/-333(TX4937) · TMPR4938XBG-300/-333(TX4938) · TX4961XBG-240 · 1.2 , (TX4937), TMPR4938XBG-300/-333(TX4938) TX4961XBG-240, TX4962XBG-120 : SIO ( "L" ) () Status , : ERT-TX49H3-003 : TMPR4937XBG-300/-333(TX4937), TMPR4938XBG-300/-333(TX4938) TX4961XBG-240, TX4962XBG , ), TMPR4937XBG-300/-333(TX4937), TMPR4938XBG-300/-333(TX4938) TX4961XBG-240, TX4962XBG-120 : (DBE) (DBE , , TMPR4955BFG-200/-300/-333(TX4955B), TMPR4937XBG-300/-333(TX4937), TMPR4938XBG-300/-333(TX4938) TX4961XBG-240 Toshiba
R4000 R4400 R5000 toshiba mlb nand TX49 can XFsz 070116DHQ1 TX49TX49/H3 ERT-TX49H3-001
Abstract: Graphics engine TX4964FG-120 TX4962XBG-120 TX4961XBG-240 64-bit RISC TX49/L4 64-bit RISC , 86CH87R 88CH40I 8K 86C408I/S 4K 64-bit TX4964FG-120 0K TX4961XBG-240 CAN SOP , (bytes) CAN (16 mailboxes) TX4961XBG-240 - - 3 ch 2 ch 3 ch TX4964FG-120 - , : TX4961 TFT LCD for Integrated Instrument Cluster Panel Designed specifically for automotive image , Inputs Multiple Display Outputs 3D Graphics Engine TX4966 TX49/320 MHz Larger eDRAM TX4961 Toshiba
TB31371 TB2946 TB9065 TB31370FNG of TOSHIBA TB2926 ic TC94A70FG data sheet SCE0023B
Abstract: Panel Automotive display IC TX4961 TX4962 TX4964 Car Navigation Speech synthesis and recognition Toshiba
Toshiba TMPA8873 TB1318FG toshiba 8891 tmp*a8873 5252 F led driver TOTX1701 SCE0015B E-28831 SCE0015C
Abstract: mark of Inova Semiconductors GmbH. TX4966XBG-280 [ TX4964FG-120 TX4961XBG-240 64 RISC , cluster Large Size TFT TX4966 TX49 240 MHz 2D Graphic MP TX4961 Mid Size TFT MP Toshiba
TC94A93MFG tc94a92fg TC90105FG TB2915 TC90104FG tc94A96mfg TB2178FG TMPM330FDW TB2955HQ TC94B90FG TMP92FD28AFG
Abstract: . Mass production TX4961 Mass production Toshiba
microtek inverter service manual microtek inverter circuit TC94A99FG TB2926chq equivalent TC94A93 tb2929hq ARM926EJ-STM TLCS-900 TLCS-870 MIPS16 BCE0021H
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