TSI148-133 Datasheet

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Tsi148-133CL Tundra Semiconductor PCI/X-to-VME Bridge Original


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Abstract: ) Tsi148-133IL-CED 133 MHz Industrial PBGA 456 N Tsi148-133IY-CED 133 MHz Industrial PBGA 456 Y Tsi148-133EL-CED 133 MHz Extended PBGA 456 N Tsi148-133EL-CED , Tsi148-133xx-CED: PCI-X-to-VME Bridge Features VMEbus Interface: â'¢ Standards supported: â'¢ egacy protocols to protect L existing VME investment â'¢ VME64 Extensions â'¢ 2eVME and 2eSST , Temperature range (-55 °C to 125 °C) â'¢ Ceramic packaging capability Tsi148-133xx-CED #: PCI/X-to-VME DigiKey Electronics Catalog
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Abstract: Count Tsi148-133CL 133 MHz Commercial PBGA 456 Tsi148-133CLY 133 MHz Commercial PBGA 456 Tsi148-133IL 133 MHz Industrial PBGA 456 Tsi148-133ILY 133 MHz , 80A3020_ER001_08 4 Device Errata Applicability Tsi148133CLY Tsi148133ILY "[VME1] 2eSST Tundra Semiconductor
tsi148 TSI148-133IL Tundra TSi148 tsi148 interrupt tsi148 driver nokia 1280 circuit diagram free MA001 148TM REQ64
Abstract: Integrated Device Technology, Inc. 6024 Silver Creek Valley Road, San Jose, CA - 95138 PRODUCT/PROCESS CHANGE NOTICE (PCN) PCN #: A1001-01 Product Affected: Date Effective: Contact: Title: Phone #: Fax #: E-mail: DATE: Apr 2, 2010 TSI148-133CL TSI148-133IL (Package Type: PBGA) MEANS OF DISTINGUISHING CHANGED DEVICES: Product Mark Back Mark Date Code Other Laser Top Mark and IDT logo (Previously Tundra logo) Jul 2, 2010 Mary Vesey Director, Product Assurance (408 Silicon360
66-MH 133-MH IEEE1149
Abstract: full part number. Part Number Frequency Temperature Package Pin Count Tsi148-133CL 133 MHz Commercial PBGA 456 Tsi148-133IL 133 MHz Industrial PBGA 456 Visit Integrated Device Technology
Tsi148-133ILY tsi148-133cly VMEbus and Tsi148 VME64* tsi148 vme bus specification vmebus ARBITRATION
Abstract: Tsi148, please refer to the device by its full part number. Part Number Tsi148-133CL Frequency Integrated Device Technology
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