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Abstract: 2004.1 Renesas Transistors/Thyristors/Triacs Status List Topic-High Frequency Silicon Bipolar Transistor "2SC5998 2SC5998" ············································································· 2 Index ···························································································3 to 5 Small Signal Transistors ·································································6 , Silicon Bipolar Transistor " 2SC5998 2SC5998 " Silicon high breakdown voltage process realizes excellent high ... Original

24 pages,
1489.45 Kb

08122B CR3AS-12 2SK3235 2SC1417 HITACHI 08123B 2sc 3050 transistor TRANSISTOR FS10KM TRANSISTOR 131-6 BJ 026 2SC 8050 25aaj 6030v4 HITACHI 08122B transistor h945 transistor 2sc1417 2SC 8550 TRANSISTOR BJ 131-6 6020v4 1002ds TEXT
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Abstract: (V) H5N6002PL H5N6002PL H5N6004PL H5N6004PL FS22SM-12A FS22SM-12A H5N6001P H5N6001P FS10KM-12A FS10VS-12A FS10VS-12A FS7VS-12A FS7VS-12A FS7KM , ) typ/max Package H5N5013CF H5N5013CF FS14KM-10A FS14KM-10A 2SK3234 2SK3234 FS10KM-10A FS5AS-10A FS5AS-10A FS5KM-10A FS5KM-10A 2SK3233 2SK3233 H5N5006DL H5N5006DL H5N5006FM H5N5006FM FS25SM-9A FS25SM-9A FS18KM-9A FS18KM-9A FS14KM-9A FS14KM-9A FS14VS-9A FS14VS-9A FS10KM-9A FS5KM-9A 1-30 VDSS (V , over-heating cut-off function (when Tch 150°C or more, the current is cut off) - The transistor retains its ... Renesas Technology

58 pages,
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HAT3019R h7n1005fm H5N2512LS thyristor Q 720 To220 hat2180 HAT2209WP to3pfm hat2153 HAT1081R immobilizer antenna DIODE H5N H7P1006MD HAT2180RP TRANSISTOR FS10KM HAT2153RJ H7N1009MD TEXT
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