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Abstract: s TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR b> RoHS COMPLIANCE Features HERA801G - HERA808G 8.0 AMPS. Glass Passivated High Efficient Rectifiers TQ-22QAC â '. ' «ATTI; l:« -
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308G AZA MARKING CODE marking A3 Taiwan semiconductor MARKING BJV T0-220AC L-STH-202 J302G
Abstract: TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR RoHS compliance FRA801G - FRA807G 8.0 AMPS. Glass Passivateci Fast Recovery Rectifiers TQ-22QAC Features MlZ -
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TCA 700 Y TCA 700 v B04G 96-ll 806G diagram MX 94v-0 MIL-STD-202 125UC
Abstract: TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR 25 ©RoHS COMPLIANCE Features MBR735 - MBR7150 7.5 AMPS. Schottky Barrier Rectifiers TQ-22QAC A-M â Aa< 4 Plastic material used carries Underwriters Laboratory' Classifications 94V-0 â t- Mela I silicon rectifier. majority carrier conduction Low power loss, hgh officicncy â t- High current capability, tow for/.-ard voltage drop High surge capability -f- For use in low voltage, high frequency inverters, frae wheeling, and polarity preleclbn applications -
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iza marking TQ-220AC MIL-STD-750 S755-VR M3R74G
Abstract: grams 2 J2L o o 3 1 Non-Isolated Package TQ-22QAC joe 275 (â¡Â«MAX («>) I -, AS WOL n 00 -
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SESA-1502-A UL94V-0 MIL-STD-202E SESA-1502-B SPR150-156
Abstract: E TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR MUR820 - MUR860 8.0 AMPS. Glass Passivated Super Fast Rectifiers RoHS COMPLIANCE TQ-22QAC J 12Z 1Î1 TTTZTi aS Features -> '> < > Hig h offlclon cy. Low VF Hig h cu rreni capabil ity High reliability Hig h su rg e cu rrent cs paPi lily For use in low vollage. high frequency inventor. free wheeling, and polarity protection application. Green compound with suffix "O f on packing codc & prefix `Gp on datccodc. k in M echanical Data_ -i'> Cases -
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Abstract: TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR FRA801G - FRA807G 8 .0 A M P S . RoHS C O M P L IA N C E Glass Passivated Fast Recovery Rectifiers TQ-22QAC 1Û5 . 1 7 5 f1 .1 1 ) .OCi=%1.40> Features G la s s p a 5 s iv a te d c h i p ju n c tio n . H ig h e ffic ie n c y , L o w V F H ig h c u r r e n t c a p a b ility .1 M l dr. im p i-T , w fif. n .« O il. am .ita c < ? > . M 3 i l ej-V a ,. -
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