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TLG113A N/A The Optical Devices Data Book (Japanese) Scan
TLG113AP N/A The Optical Devices Data Book (Japanese) Scan


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Abstract: SEMICONDUCTOR TOSHIBA LED LAMP TO SH IBA (TLG113 A) T e CH n i CA l data TLG113A , TLG113A/TLG114A TLY113A/TLY114A TL0113A/TL0114A TLS113 /TLS114 TLUR113 /TLUR114 TLR113A/TLR114A MAXIMUM , _-_ EIAJ_-_ TOSHIBA 4-6B1A_ Weight : 0.31g PRODUCT NAME TLG113A/TLG114A , _ TO SH IB A CORPORATION TO SHIBA SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA TLG113A/114A, TL0113A/114A , 25°C) 113, 113A SERIES (Colored Transparent Lens) PRODUCT NAME TLG113A TLY113A TL0113A TLS113 -
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TLR113A TLG114A TLR114A TLR113 TLUR114 TLY114A TLG113A/114A TLR113A/114A TLS113/114 TLUR113/114 TLY113A/114A TLD113A/113
Abstract: TOSHIBA TLD 113,TLD 113A,TLD 114,TLD 114A T O S H IB A LED LA M P TLG113A, TLG114A, TL0113A , EMITTING COLOR Green Yellow Orange Red M A T E R IA LS PRODUCT NAME TLG113A/TLG114A TLY113A/TLYU4A , PRODUCT NAME TLG113A/TLG114A TLY113A/TLY114A TL0113A/TL0114A TLS113 /TLS114 TLUR113 /TLUR114 TLR113A , (Ta = 25°C) 113, 113A SE R IES (C o lo re d T r a n s p a r e n t Lens) PRODUCT NAME TLG113A , .TLD 114,TLD 114A IV - IF TLG113A/114A TLY113A/114A FORWARD CURRENT I f (mA) TL0113A/114A -
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TLR114 TLG114 TL0114A TLS114 TLD114A/114 TLG113A/TLG114A TLS113/TLS114
Abstract: TOSHIBA {DISCRETE/OPTO} ^ 9097250 TOSHIBA (DISCRETE/OPTO) »E^'iOTTSSO D01701M S | 99D 17014 DT-m-s») T L G 113A, T L G 114A, T L G 115A GaP GREEN LIGHT EMISSION 5mm DIAMETER(T 13/4') FEATURES: . All Plastic Hold Type. TLG113A TLG11AA TLG115A Creen Transparent Lens Green Lusterless Lens Creen Transparent Lens of DIAMOND Cut Low Drive Current, High Intensity Green Light , Ip-lSmA 3 17 - 0,8 5 - 3 16 - TLG113A Lualnous Intensity TLG114A UNIT -
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TLC115A L0115A
Abstract: TLY114AP TLR123 TLR124 TLR262 TLR113A TLR114A TLR120A TLB116A TLG113A TLG114A TLG113AP TLG114AP 03.1 05 -
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TLG223 TLR223 TLR224 TLS262 TLY124 TLG123A TL016 TLR113AP TLY113AP TLG163 TLG164 TLY163 TLY164 TL0163 TL0164
Abstract: 20 30 â'¢40-85 120 2Chip TLG113A SO 565 17 15 2.1 20 25 â'¢20-75 47 TLG114A 70 565 5 15 , 120 565 8 15 2.1 ) 20 25 4 -20-75 55 TLG113AP 50 565 17 15 2.1 20 25 4 -20 - 75 48 TLG114AP -
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SLP-236C-81 GL5EG47 GL5KG46 MPG5373X MBG5373X MPG5364X ci 555 EBG5334S tlg133a EBG5304S 236B-81 SLP-336A SLP-336B SLP-33SA-51
Abstract: TLR114A TLY114A TLG114A 7 20 30 TLR113A TLY113A TLG113A 8.7 24.0 min. 5mm Case & Anglia Catalog
Abstract: TOSHIBA [1] P ro d u c t Lists [ 1 ] Product Lists 1. LED Lam ps Product name Page Product name Page Product nam e Page TLG102A TLG102AKB TLG 102AKW TLG108A TLG108AKB TLG 108AKW TLG113A TLG113AP TLG114A TLG114AP TLG115A TLG121 TLG122 TLG123A TLG124A TLG133A TLG133AP TLG134A TLG134AP TLG143 TLG143K TLG144 TLG144K TLG145 TLG145K TLG147 TLG147K TLG163 TLG164 TLG181P TLG182P TLG182P (2MA) TLG205 TLG206 TLG207 TLG208 TLG209 TLG210 TLG211 TLG216 129 133 133 129 133 133 135 139 135 139 143 146 146 -
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TLR321 TLO 741 TLR306 TLR308 TLR-313 TLR313 TLG218P TLG220 TLG221 TLG224 TLG226 TLG231
Abstract: TÌ = TOSHIBA {DISCRETE/OPTO} 9097250 TOSHIBA , CONDITION TLG113AP Luminous Intensity., TLG114AP UNIT V PA Peak Emission Wave Length Spectral Line Half Width AA Ta â  25*â'™ C RADIATI0N PATTERN A: TLG113AP B: TLGU4AP 10* 0 II -
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M15098 MS90451-7152 MS25237-387 MS25237-327 ms24515 MS24367-715AS15 TLS113P TLS113Q TLS114P TLS118P TLS123 TLS124
Abstract: TOSHIBA {DISCRETE/OPT0> ~ ^ DE | TOTVESD DQ17017 Q. | 9 097250 T O SHIBA (DISCRETE/OPTO) 99D 17017 DT-Wl-A) TLG I I 3AR, TLG I I 4AR GaP GREEN LIGHT EMISSION PANEL CIRCUIT INDICATOR U nit in tun · C urrent L im iting R e sisto r B u ilt in Type · A ll P la s tic Mold Type TLG113AR: Green T ransparent Lens TLG114AR: Green L u s te rle ss Lens · Capable of D irect D rive w ith C , T IC A L C HARACTERISTICS CHARACTERISTIC Forward C urrent Reverse C urrent TLG113AR Luminous In -
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DG17G1S TL6114AP
Abstract: TOSHIBA -CDISCRETE/0PT03- DE^a^aSO DD17Glb I 3097250 TOSHIBA (DISCRETE/OPTO) 99D 17016 DT: 4I-5) TLG I I 3AQ, TLG I I 4AQ GaP GREEN LIGHT EMISSION Unit in mm PANEL CIRCU IT INDICATOR FEATURES: · All Plastic Mold Type TLG113AQ: Green Transparent Lens TLG114AQ: Green Lusterless Lens · Low Drive Current, High Intensity Green Light Emission Recommended Forward Current: Ip-15^20mA(DC) · All , HARACTERISTICS CHARACTERISTIC Forward Voltage Reverse Current Luminous Intensity TLG113AQ TLG114AQ iv AP AX lF -
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Abstract: ® TLY113AP / 114AP TL0113A P / 114AP T L S 1 1 3 P /U 4 P ® TLG113AP/114A P TLR113AP / 1 14AP E > Z ! ® TLU R 113P/114P TLG113AP/ 114AP TLY113APM 14AP TL0113A P / 114AP TLS113P/114P TLR113A P/114A P -
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