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820133-000 TE Connectivity Ltd BOOT MOLDED visit Digikey Buy
82-015G-R TE Connectivity Ltd SENSOR 15PSIG RIBBON W/CONN visit Digikey Buy
820191-1 TE Connectivity Ltd 820191-1 visit Digikey
820148-000 TE Connectivity Ltd BOOT MOLDED ELAST FLUID RESIST visit Digikey Buy
820168-000 TE Connectivity Ltd MOLDED PARTS visit Digikey Buy
82-015G-C TE Connectivity Ltd SENSOR 15PSIG RIBBON W/CONN visit Digikey Buy

TLE 8201 Datasheet

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TLE8201R Infineon Technologies Integrated Smart Power Motor Drivers; Package: PG-DSO-36; I<sub>Peak</sub>: 8.0 A peak for OUT 1.2 ; 6.25 A peak for OUT 7; Inhibit: Y; I<sub>q</sub> (typ): 0.2 uA 2.5 uA; Mounting: SMT; Technology: BCD Original
TLE8201R Demoboard Infineon Technologies Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits, Programmers, Development Systems, BOARD DEMO TLE8201R V1.0 Original

TLE 8201

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50w ultrasonic generator 40khz

Abstract: igbt welding machine scheme defrosting plus 5 and 10W lamps. TLE 8201 OUT1 M Door Lock M Safe Lock M Mirror Fold 3A , Full-Bridges Trilith IC (BTM 7xxx) Full-Bridges (TLE 520xx, TLE 720xx, TLE 82xx) 10A Driver ICs (TLE 718xx) EiceDRIVERTM (6ED003L06xx) Driver ICs (TLE 628xx) Stepper Driver (TLE 472xx) OptiMOSTMT3 (30V ­ 250V) Servo Driver (TLE 420xx) 0,1A M + Half-Bridges NovalithICTM (BTN 7xxx) Multi-Half-Bridges (TLE 841xx, TLE 6208xx, TLE 844xx, TLE 820xx) 1A M 3
Infineon Technologies
50w ultrasonic generator 40khz igbt welding machine scheme 40KHZ ULTRASONIC CLEANER driver CIRCUIT 600V 300A igbt dc to dc boost converter 48v to 230v inverters circuit diagram 3b0565 XE164 XC878 IKCS17F60 98/2000/XP 6ED003L06 SPD04N50C3


Abstract: 742T Number of channels Eight Six No Sixteen Number of channels Four TLE 7231G TLE 7233G 16 TLE 7230G TLE 7232G TLE 7230GS TLE 7232GS TLE 6215G TLE 4226G TLE 6214L TLE 6220GP TLE 6232GP TLE 6230GP TLE 6240GP TLE 6216GP TLE 7230R TLE 6217GP TLE 7230R1 TLE 6228GP , with 3.3V µC Short to GND detection per channel Type TLE 6214L TLE 6215G Green VS [V] ­ ­ VDS(AZ) max. [V] 4.5 . 5.5 6.5 . 40 60 60 ­ TLE 6216GP 4.8 . 32 60
Infineon Technologies
VOLT REGULATOR IC 79XX 742T smd code 724g logic ic 7270 multi point fuel injection 742r B112-H6731-G16-X-7600


Abstract: TLE 4209A (on) (typ.) @ 25°C [] ID(nom) [mA] IL(lim) (min.) [A] TLE 7230R V 8.0 N/A , 210.0 0.5 TLE 7243SL V 8.0 N/A 3.0­5.5 41.0­52.0 1.2 260.0 0.5 TLE 7244SL V 8.0 N/A 3.0­5.5 41.0­52.0 0.8 290.0 0.5 TLE 7231G V 4.0 N/A 3.0­5.5 41.0­52.0 1.0 320.0 0.5 TLE 7233G V 4.0 N/A 3.0­5.5 41.0­52.0 1.0 390.0 0.5 TLE 7237GS V 8.0 2 3.0­5.5 41.0­52.0 0.9 260.0 0.5 TLE 7238GS
Infineon Technologies
GMLAN TLE 4209A tle 8209 TLE8718SA BTS6143D BTS50080-1TMA 12F-1 B124-H9343-G1-X-7600

"sub-d 25" connector

Abstract: TLE 8201 TO O L B R I E F The TLE 8201R Evaluation Board is intended to provide a simple, easy to use tool , documentation and software Besides the TLE 8201R Chip itself, the board also contains a 5V regulator and passive components, e.g. for power supply decoupling. Some functions of the TLE 8201R are available via switches on the board. The TLE 8201R is an Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP) for automotive , to four 5W lamps. TLE 7201R Evaluation Board TLE 8201R Product Features
Infineon Technologies
TLE 8201 TLE 7201R SO-36 B000-H0000-X-X-7600