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ARF44-7419A Texas Instruments 10mw OEM Modem visit Texas Instruments
ARF34-7151A Texas Instruments 50 mW OEM modem visit Texas Instruments
ARF34-7151B Texas Instruments 50 mW OEM modem visit Texas Instruments
AC6PEVM Texas Instruments AC6 Octal Modem ADSL Chipset visit Texas Instruments

TC63 modem

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gsm module

Abstract: RJ12 connector modules MC75, TC65, TC63 and MC55/56. The development kit contains all the necessary parts and , RJ45 power connector 80 pin connector MC75, TC65, TC63 FME antenna connector 3 Volt pins , multiplexed channels etc. All modem status lines are available. A level converter adapts and inverts the V , solder side MC45/55 CCVCC TC63/65/75 CCGND high low low high Fig. 5 Shows the SIM Card , Fig 10 Pin assignment for M1 & M2 M2, 80 pin connector MC75, TC65, TC63 Pin no. 80 79 78 77
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gsm module RJ12 connector Serial DB9 to RJ12 gsm module datasheet TC63 modem siemens modem gsm mc55 DB45/75 DK45/75 RS232 GS203

usb 3g modem circuit

Abstract: 6 pin sim holder pinout the right modem! - a common mistake is to find that your terminal connection is to a modem already , , or combined GSM/GPRS/GPS tracking products using Siemens modem modules. The platform can be powered , second serial port can easily be configured as a null modem connection using a simple slider switch , support the latest range of Siemens modules. 80 way Molex connector to support TC63, TC65, MC75, XT65 , connector, replicating J11 LK11 USB POWER Not fitted J13 80 way Molex connector for TC63
usb 3g modem circuit 6 pin sim holder pinout siemens mc55i mc55i CTS153 siemens TC65 G60-ML