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Multi-sensor Bluetooth 5 node for IoT app development

Roki is a wireless multi-sensor node, designed for the evaluation of Bluetooth 5 communication in IoT applications. On-board are: 3-axis accelerometer Combination 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis magnetometer Combination 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope 3-axis magnetometer Barometer And the following can be added: Optical heart rate sensor Ambient light sensor RGB colour sensor Magnetic hall effect ...

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LTM step-down DC/DC µModule

The Power by Linear LTM8002  is a step-down DC/DC µModule

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Toshiba changes the SSD game

Toshiba unveils what it describes as a ‘game-changing’ category of SAS SSDs

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RF signal generators stretch to 6GHz

Rohde & Schwarz introduces the SMB100B analogue RF signal generator

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Industrial monitors have 4K resolution at Amplicon

Amplicon of Brighton has introduced a range of industrial monitors, including high performance Full-HD and 4K displays.  Called Senses Industrial Monitors, that range comprises of SD displays for low-cost, less demanding applications, as well as, both Full-HD and 4K high-end displays. The Full-HD and 4K monitors are available with either resistive touch or 10-point projected ...

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Melexis integrates sensing and motor drive functions

A two chip chip-set incorporating the sense and brushed motor drive functions

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4D Systems has Raspberry Pi displays

4D Systems has announced immediate availability of its gen4-4DPI series of LCD display modules specifically designed to support the Raspberry Pi family of single board computers. The display modules are available for the Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 3, Zero and Zero W with resistive or capacitive touch control options and provide a compact and elegant ...

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This is what a crypto currency mining machine looks like

Coolisys Technologies has announced a line of crypto-mining units, called ‘SuperMiner’. The first of the line, built around a 10nm mining chipset jointly developed by Samsung and Innosilicon, is called ‘AntEater’ and can operate at 17.2T hash/s. “We wanted to push the envelope by developing the AntEater based on a 10nm chip because it was the ...

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Samsung launches 8TB NGSFF SSD

An 8TB  NVMe SSD based on the Next-generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF).

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Rugged LTC RS485 transceiver

The LTC2879X is an extreme temperature, 175°C, ±60V fault tolerant RS485/RS422 transceiver that is engineered to operate in demanding temperature ranges and is 100% tested to specifications at 175°C. Features such as enhanced overvoltage fault protection and extreme electrical overstress protection ensure reliable data communications against the most common threats in electrically noisy environments. The ...

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Triac soft start AF9723 GANG PROGRAMMER Triac soft start ALLEN-BRADLEY RESISTOR Allen-Bradley TCST 2301 diode SL1515 XAPP880 solarex vlx-53 WG320240CX hp2800 arcotronics 402 series capacitors hp2800 TV 955 200 20 2SC1885 CP Clare RELAY vacuum cleaner circuit diagram PF-127-14-25-S IR35207 BACC65 78L05A TXC10 M 60 TRIAC r3bmf5 BACC65 mps 0851 LL53776 diode 1NU CERA-MITE 564c stepping motor EPSON EM - 234 T2D DIODE 48 PLH-1060 SMD MARKING CODE AD0 HP 3070 Tester temperature controller CHB 402 manual HP 3070 Tester 2N6728 TRANSISTOR SMD MARKING CODE 2950CZ GE C20B BGA PACKAGE TOP MARK intel HT1632C BTB16-600CW UNIVERSAL MOTOR SPEED CONTROL CIRCUIT photovoltaic with current transducer TBA 640 compressor DC125E12RAW5 p10nk80zfp equivalent BAR74 EN2267-010A010S Application Note AN1535 Viper20 application FREESCALE Application Note AN1535 74HC74 SG2173P SFE 5.5 MC cross reference zener diodes awm style 2725 SFE 5.5 MC KT3225N40000ECV28ZAA ame25 431b zener diode cross reference FTC S211 diode cross reference Semikron SKB 50/02 a3 TDA93xx SR 4216 D TRANSISTOR Diode ph 4148 nt 101 MICROWAVE thermostat OMRON H3Y-2 TIMER pt4115 NEC 104PW161 G3MB-202PL DA 89 FZH 191 mc1496g GP520A 645-2H Compostar Q3277 philips resistors PR37 2510 connector DB304 Sony d291 Pilz pdz 33144A P008B DIODE NEC JAPAN 780076GK CST-532H aeg rsz 3 HP 5082-2835 107n20n 02n60i oled display 128x64 VT6103L inrush current circuit VT6103l CHN 519 VT6103L EMM5075VU POWERPC E500 instruction set rockwell powerflex 753 wiring diagram STi7110 2SJ302 IRFK4J350 2674M-ADJ K30A06J3 VIPER22A EQUIVALENT diode P2F FMM5822VU FlashPro3 5962R0053801QXC HCF4511BE MURATA NCP18WF104F03RC 1206 footprint IPC SGS-Ates A 7840 Optocoupler mdc 1-2kv FlashPro3 sab 1009 2SC5200 "application notes" XC6206MR ABB Deltapi K series jsw smd code MA1002 digital LED Clock Module STMicroelectronics TRACEABILITY code motherboard canada ices 003 class b ECG zener diode ES4408F 1NA101 SH A 94V-0 26LS31/BEA 13002 hj B1 lenze d-31855 manual H11AV1M 82423TX VEB Keramische Werke STV9306 NAIS BFVCE0072A MPSA94 Conector N macho M81A25GK4GE


Raystar-0216 Dt : OLED Prospekt Raystar 12-Seiter Englisch Ansicht : OLED Raystar-0216 Dt : OLED Flyer Solomon Feb 2016 Englisch Ansicht : Catalog Solomon - Sunlight readable TFT-Displays Raystar-0216 Dt : OLED Prospekt Raystar 12-Seiter Englisch Ansicht : OLED Flyer Multi Inno 2016 8-Seiter Englisch Ansicht : Catalog Multi-Inno - TFT-Displays Flyer MultiInno ISi50 Englisch Ansicht : Catalog iSi50 - The intelligent standart interface P016-RC0802A1 : Datenblatt:p016-RC0802A1 P017-RC1202A.571865 : Datasheet:p017-RC1202A P018-RC1601A.571869 : Datenblatt:p018-RC1601A P019-RC1601B.571873 : Datasheet:p019-RC1601B P020-RC1601C.571877 : Datasheet:p020-RC1601C P17-RC1602B.571881 : Datenblatt:p17-RC1602B P021-RC1602A.571885 : Datenblatt:p021-RC1602A P023-RC1602B1.571889 : Datasheet:p023-RC1602B1 Spec-RC1602B4.571893 : Datenblatt:spec-RC1602B4 Spec-RC1602B5.571897 : Datasheet:spec-RC1602B5 Grid Eye Datasheet : Grid Eye Datenblatt TATEYAMA Endrich Spezifikation.578579 : TATEYAMA Endrich Specification Grid-Eye Flyer : Grid-Eye Flyer Katalog SEMITEC.490748 : SEMITEC catalog Katalog Tateyama.490750 : Tateyama catalog (44 MB) Katalog Tateyama.578580 : Tateyama catalog (44 MB) Katalog TEWA.490749 : TEWA catalog TEWA Sensoren - Baugruppen.490751 : TEWA Sensors - Assemblies 3 5 RFC350Q-EIW-DBN : Datasheet:3 5 RFC350Q-EIW-DBN 3 5 RFC350Q-EIW-DBS Touch.573831 : Datasheet:3 5 RFC350Q-EIW-DBS Touch 3 5 RFC350Q-EIW-DBC PCAP.573835 : Datasheet:3 5 RFC350Q-EIW-DBC PCAP 4 3 RFE430Q-EIW-DBN.573839 : Datenblatt:4 3 RFE430Q-EIW-DBN 4 3 RFE430Q-EIW-DBS Touch.573843 : Datenblatt:4 3 RFE430Q-EIW-DBS Touch Aavid-Case-Study-Solar-Car : >> Download Full Case Study Aavid-clip-attach-bga : » Download Product Brochure Aavid-Linear-Light-Cooler30W-April2015 : Product Specifications Aavid-LED-Cooling-Solutions-Guide-Luminaire-Type : View a pdf of our Cooling Solutions Guide By Luminaire Type Aavid-XFlow-42-LED Cooler-L100-180-Feb2017 : Product Specifications Aavid-LED-Cooling-Solutions-Guide-Thermal-Performance : Download a printable PDF of the Aavid Cooling Solutions by Thermal Performance Guide AavidSynJet-ZFlow50-MR16-Cooler-20W-February-2015 : Product Specifications AavidLED-Heat-Sink-R150-170 : LED Heatsink R150-170 Spec Sheet AavidLED-Heat-Sink-L100-270 February-2015 : LED Heatsink L100-270 Spec Sheet  Aavid-ZFlow65-Spotlight-Cooler21W-April-2015 : Product Specifications AavidLED-Heat-Sink-L100-180-February-2015 : LED Heatsink L100-180 Spec Sheet  AavidSynJet-ZFlow-75-Spotlight-Cooler-38W-February-2015 : Product Specifications AavidLED-Heat-Sink-R87-60-February-2015 : LED Heatsink R87-60 Spec Sheet AavidR87-60-SynJet-LED-Cooler-February-2015 : Product Specifications AavidWall-Wash-Cooler-82W-Rectangular-Mounting-LED-Heatsink-February-2015 : Wall Wash LED Heatsink 82W – Rect. Mount Spec Sheet Aavid-ZFlow90 Outdoor SynJet-Feb2017 : Product Specifications AavidWall-Wash-Cooler-82W-Round-Mounting-LED-Heatsink-February-2015 : Wall Wash LED Heatsink 82W – Round Mount Spec Sheet AavidSynJet-ZFlow-100-Downlight-Cooler-120-40W-A02-February-2015 : Product Specifications Purchase-specification, -part-a : Purchase Specification, Part A (52.7 KB) Application Note Eye Safety : 眼睛安全性 High-Speed Switching Of IR-LEDs (Part I) : IR-LED 的高速切换(第一部分) Iris Recognition SFH 4780S : 虹膜识别应用中的 SFH 4780S LJ CKBP : Datasheet: LJ CKBP LY CKBP : Datasheet: LY CKBP LCB CRBP : Datasheet: LCB CRBP LUW CRBP : Datasheet: LUW CRBP LB CRBP : Datasheet: LB CRBP LT CQBP : Datasheet: LT CQBP